If you are looking for gifts that begin with the letter D, then you are in luck! We compiled some of the most delectable, delicious, dainty, dapper, and dashing gifts.

Who doesn’t love to be surprised especially with a gift or two? A gift is a token of love. It is a kind gesture that shows how much you care and how thoughtful you are as a person. We all have different styles in gift-giving, some like it in an elaborate fashion like giving tons of gifts for a special occasion and some of us would like to keep it simple, just one gift is enough.

Anywho, here is our list of gifts that begin with the letter D, you can check out our great finds below to help you out on your quest. Just click on your preferred group:

  1. Delicious Food Candies and Sweet Gifts
  2. Desirable Toys and Playthings for Children
  3. Dandy Fine Children’s Books
  4. Dapper Fashion and Accessories
  5. Dashing Kitchen and Dining Tools and Equipment
  6. Dazzling Home and Garden Gift Ideas
  7. Daring Gadgets and Hobby Materials
  8. Other Dynamic Gifts That Begin With D

Delectable Food Candies and Sweet Gifts That Start With D

Candies are one of the favorite basket fillers of all time. Simply because it is cheaper and at the same time, the giftee is sure that it will be liked by the recipient. There are a variety of choices to choose from over the web but we have gathered and listed down the favorite picks that we have just for you. These candies are not just scrumptious and delicious they all share the same denominator too and that is all of which begins with the letter D.

Ding Dongs

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If you have a sweet-toothed friend just like me, then I would definitely suggest some ding dongs as a gift.  The luscious creamy filling on this Ding Dongs is just heavenly and would sweep you off your seat.  Any Ding Dongs lover would certainly agree with me with this one for sure!  You can also get the frozen Ding Dong sandwiches if you would gift them instantly but if you would wait for a while then we do strongly suggest for you consider this box of Ding Dongs as a great gift surprise!

Dr. John's Sugar Free Hard Candies

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If you’re conscious about a child’s intake of sugars, then you might find that a sugar-free candy like Dr. John’s is a great alternative.  This pack of classic hard fruit candy contains Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, Kosher, and low-calorie, this candy will be good for almost any type of diet there is… unless you are on a water-only diet.

Dum Dums Lollipops

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Lollipops! hard candy on a stick! If your kiddo likes these candies then a great gift that begins with “D” would be Dumdums. They also sound quite funny to hear. What’s more important is these candies are so tasty and have been making this kind of candies ins 1924.

Dove Colcolate Bars

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The classic Dove Chocolate Bars! Milk chocolates have always been associated as dating gifts from guys to girls, but just about anyone loves chocolates, not just the ladies! Dove chocolate bars are quite popular because they taste really good! Although, you should not confuse it with the soap bar of the same brand.

Donuts (or Donettes)

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Donuts! Cartoon police eat hundreds of these in a day and the reason why is obvious: they’re so tasty! You can get your own mini donuts via Hostess Donettes. They are also apparently a classic treat as lots of people scream nostalgia whenever they eat these. They are delicious!

Dried Mangoes

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Dried mangoes are the best dried fruit ever! The natural sugars in the mangoes are so concentrated and they make eating the fruit so much fun! If you even have problems with the kids eating fruit, you should try getting them dried mangoes and you will never have a problem.

Durian Chewy Candy

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Durian, the king of fruits. Durian is so stinky that they are not allowed in airports, ships and other public transport. Many people hate it but many love the taste too. If you want something really different, then this chewy durian candy would be the perfect unique “D” gift. This can be a source of laughs too.

Dunkaroos Cookies

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This cookie makes a comeback from the ’90s! Dunkaroos are a brand of cookies, chips and breakfast cereals that made waves before. now you can eat them again. These cookies are just plain vanilla cookies, but there is a dipping frosting that it so heavenly. I love these when I was a child and now, I still do!

Day of the Dead Skull Lollipops

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These skull lollipops are inspired by Dia De Los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) of Mexico. It is like the Mexican Halloween. Super colorful and quite scary too.

Dilithium Crystal Candy Tin

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If you are looking for “D” gifts and they are a Trekkie, then these Dilithium Crystal Mints are the ones you are looking for. Whether you’re meeting Mudd’s Women or transporting the Federation ambassador to Eminiar VII, these genuine pink peppermint Dilithium Crystals keep your breath fusion-fresh. After all the Dilithium is all gone, you can still reuse the super fine tin by refilling it with more mints or just about any other candy!

Desirable Toys and Playthings for Children

D is for December. December calls for gift giving and the happiest recipients of these gifts are mostly the kids. They are all looking forward to the holiday season because they know tons of surprises would be given to them. If you are eyeing to give your child or a friend’s child a dashing gift this holiday season then you need to check out our cool finds that all begin with the letter D.

Dinosaur Eggs

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This huge dinosaur egg is like an archeology activity set. Basically, you break down the egg, revealing twelve different dinosaur toys inside. This perfect little piece of toy would be a great activity session with parents or older siblings.

Don't Break the Ice Board Game

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Don’t Break the Ice is a board game that is played by two to four kids. You have to tap down the ice blocks and the person who lets Philip the penguin fall down loses! This fun board game would be a great sensory and motor skills game for children.

Don't Rock the Boat

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This is a super fun game that does not include dice or counting. All you have to do is put the pirates, one by one until all pirates are in the ship or the ship falls over. This is a great way to develop the fine motor skills and communication of children! If you want a playset that start with with the letter D, then this is a good one!

Desserts Chef Toy Set

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If a child likes to play pretend cooking, then a dessert toy set would be a great addition to her toys. This set includes 1x Double-Layer Cheese Cake, 1x Heart-Shaped Cake, 2x Cupcake, 3x Donut, 2x Cookie, 1x Popsicle, 2x Ice Cream, 1x Macaron. This toy set is what you need to play pretend patisserie or desserts restaurant.

Dope or Nope

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Dope or Nope is a fun family game where you create inventions out of combining different parts of everyday items. The family can unleash creativity and wholesome humor by creating limitless items and products. Dope or Nope contains 265 Product cards, 50 buyer cards, 30 dope cards and 60-second hourglass. This game can be played in three different modes like classic mode, dope vote and dope or die mode.

Design & Drill Sets

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This electronic toy functions like a weaker drill! This drill spins clockwise and counter-clockwise and the inside mechanism can be opened and observed for those who are curious about how it works!

Doggy Bubble Blower

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It is a blue little dog that blows bubbles! How is that for fun? This doggy bubble blower emits cute little music when pressed to bubble. No need to blow into it, just press the button and enjoy the magic!

Disgusting Science Kit

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Disgusting Science is a super fun little science kit that lets children discover what grows in their bodies and the functions of bodily wastes. This activity set is going to make the kids go “ew’ and “yuck” but the fun will never cease! The kit lets you make stinky intestine, slimy snot, fake blood, and friendly molds and bacteria! The kit includes petri dishes, magnifier, cotton swabs, gelatin, sugar, baking yeast, red and green coloring, rubber balloon, and a plastic bag.

Disney Dress Up Doll

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A little girl’s childhood is not complete if she has not played with dolls! With this Disney Princess Dress Up Dolls Set, she can get to play with paper dolls that have dresses that can be swapped and changed!

Dandy Fine Children’s Books

Playing is fun and entertaining but there is another way to enjoy and that is through reading. Children should be taught the benefits of reading a book especially in this era when everything is accessible with just a click of a hand. E-books are all over the place but the joys of opening and reading a real book is priceless. Check out our fad finds of children’s books that would rock your child’s world on this holiday season.

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book

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Dear Zoo is a flap book that will entertain little children. The flaps in the books are of different sizes and are located in different places in the pages of the books, giving the little ones incentives to explore the book in its full. The book still has words, tho so parents, join in on the book reading!

Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja

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This cute storybook is for children ages eight and above. This tells the story of a scrawny little boy who was recruited to become a real ninja.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #11: Double Down

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The Diary of A Wimpy Kid series of books tells the story of a kid’s daily struggles at grade school. This book series is award-winning and children, as well as parents, will find this book quite hilarious. This book is a great bedtime storybook that parents can read aloud to thier child.

Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection

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Dr. Suess inspures us all. You do not need a vast vocab to make a bestseller. In fact, the book, “Green Eggs and Ham” only has 50 different words in total. Super cool huh? But lets get back to this “Beginner Book Collection” this book collection includes The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop and Fox in Socks. If you want to introduce the young ones into easy reading, then Dr. Suess is your guy!

Doggies (Counting Book)

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The Doggies Book is a little book that lets children learn counting by illustrating cute doggies and their different kinds of barks. Super cute. Perfect for children 1-3 years old.

Dinosaur Dance

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The blue Stegosaurus goes shimmy shimmy shake,
The red Brontosaurus goes quivery quake.

That is a super fun excerpt from the book “Dinosaur Dance”. Not only a child can be entertained by the colors of the dinosaurs, he can also learn about what kinds of dinosaurs lived before. You can also encourage the child to mimic the ways the dinosaurs danced throughout the book! The book is so cute and so much fun!

Dapper Fashion and Accessories

Clothes, accessories, jewelry… if you are looking into gifting on a more personal note, this is a great idea to start with. If you know the sizing preferences of a person, a gift of shirts and pants, and dresses can make a person’s day brighter. If you do not know the size preference of your giftee, you can stick to jewelry and accessories.

Here are some of the most dapper gifts that start with the letter D.

D Alphabet Necklace

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If you are looking into gifting a “D” jewelry, then nothing else comes better than a dainty alphabet necklace. This is especially true if your special giftee’s name starts with the letter D. This special D gold necklace is in cursive and is small and delicate which makes it a really nice gift to bridesmaids, a daughter or even a mother.

Dangling Earrings

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Let the love of your life bedazzle you all over again with her charm and grace and an added touch of sparklers with these pairs of dangling earrings.  These dangling earrings are phenomenal and would certainly make her look charming than ever.  There is a piece of dangling earrings for every occasion and get to choose her favorite shade or color to add some personal touch to your gift!  You can choose the right length for her ears or even the material used such as gold or silver that would definitely suit her well.

Deez Nuts Socks

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Deez Nuts! This meme made its way to the socks without interrupting a conversation. It used to describe the nuts of a guy, but now that it is on colorful socks, they are noting but honest, wholesome fun. Just kidding, of course.

Daisy Girly Retro Apron

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Retro aprons are flirty, cute, and feminine and if you have someone who is just as flirty, cute, and feminine, then you want to give them this retro apron with a beautiful daisy print.  It looks like a fit and flare dress and will make any woman look so sexy! The only thing missing is a bob or a rosette hairstyle and a pair of high heels!

Dioptase RIng

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Dioptase looks so pretty! They are much cheaper than emeralds but just as pretty. If you want to gift a precious stone that starts with the letter D, a dioptase will surely be something unique as it is one of the less popular stones out there.

Doge Space Shirt

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To the moon! Whether you like Elon Musk or not, it is no argument that Doge the meme is super cute and funny! This shirt has an illustration of doge wearing a space suit, which can be appropriate for those who believe in Doge Coin or just those who find Doge funny.

Da Vinci Drums Shirt

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This Da Vinci drummer shirt looks so awesome! Illustrated on the shirt is Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man playing the drums! This is the most perfect gift for someone who loves playing the drums or someone who is an actual drummer of a band.

Dashing Kitchen and Dining Tools and Equipment

The kitchen has lots of potentials when it comes to giving gifts. Giftees who are celebrating a house blessing, who likes to cooks or bake will appreciate kitchen and dining gifts. The counter especially can handle tons of cute gifts, ranging from decorations to tools and kitchen equipment. We will show you our top picks for kitchen gift ideas that start with D.

Dia De Los Muertos Salt and Pepper Shaker

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Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead is an important Mexican event, akin to American Halloween. The festive skull colors are nothing to be afraid of, and the Mexicans love these. This salt and pepper shaker would be an appreciated gift idea for a Mexican, especially on the day of the dead.

Donut Maker

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Donuts are one of the favorite snacks of all time but instead of buying preservative packed donuts in the market, why not make your very own donuts with this donut maker.  This donut maker can make the cutest and most delicious donuts on the planet!  You can surprise your baking prodigy friend on your list or your family member who is trying to keep healthier ingredients while still enjoying the usual food that we love.  This donut maker from Babycakes is a surefire best gift ever for your donut-loving recipient this coming holiday season!

Dinosaur Ladle

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Super cute! The Nessie Ladle Set features the loch ness monster (although we will call it a dinosaur for this purpose) as a set of ladle and colander. This cute little dino and her mom will help you cook the perfect dish, whether it is soup, stew, or pasta. The ladle set is 100% food-safe, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. Resistant to boiling water, too!

Dinosaur Meat Cuts Cutting Board

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like if humans raised dinosaurs for meat? This illustrated chopping board shows the meat cuts of a dinosaur in a funny and cute manner. This is just the perfect gift for dinosaur fans, as well as those who are butchers as a profession.

Dogs Fridge Magnets

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If someone likes dogs (like me!) then they would appreciate receiving these super cute and funny dog fridge magnets. Inside this set are several see-through glass fridge magnets, each one with a different dog wearing human clothing. Get magnets that show a pug wearing a swimmer’s cap, a dalmatian being a badass in a leather jacket, or a Yorkie wearing a loud, yellow summer dress and hat.

Dino Claws Meat Shredder

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Dinosaur lovers unite! This is the third dino gift on this list. This set of dinosaur meat shredders are super fun, and it looks like a tyrannosaurus is mincing your meat for you. I approve of this because I love pulled pork and this makes it easier and exctig to make the dish.

Dragon Steam Diverter for Pressure Cookers

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While cooking with a pressure cooker can be so time-saving and easier, it can also be dangerous. Whenever you release the valve, super hot steam can come out and damage your face and your eyes. The solution? A steam diverter. A better solution? This super awesome dragon steam diverter. You can now divert the steam away from your beautiful mug and into a wall or a nearby window. It is so much fun to look at too, as you watch a dragon breathe out steam. What an amazing gift for dragon lovers. Super fun!

Dazzling Home and Garden Gift Ideas

Aside from the kitchen, the home and garden can also be a great source of inspiration when it comes to gifting. Giving home decors and machines and garden gifts are greatly appreciated during housewarming and even birthdays. If you want to give a gifts for the house, check these gift ideas.

Double Entendre Children's Books

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These are so funny! The Double Entendre books are seemingly children’s books with funny adult humor. These are very safe to be added under the coffee table because children who would read them will never get the jokes and adults who read them will enjoy the fact that it just goes over the children’s heads. One of my favorite books in this genre is “Peter Pitched a Tent” which is a funny story of how fast the guy, well, pitches a tent.

Dessicant Throw Pillow

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Warning: Do not eat. Does this sound familiar? We always find these inside our chip bags, handbags and just about anything that gets destroyed when wet. But that is it really? What happens when you eat it? But I digress. This dessicant throw pillow is like a huge version of one of the most annoying things you can find inside a food bag. Now you are sure yu cannot eat it.

Donut Pillow

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What looks yummy and sweet but is inedible and soft? A donut pillow of course! Donut lovers will find these super cute. This donut pillow is perfect for the bedroom, cradling your head as you off to dreamland dreaming of sweet confections. This donut pillow is not just for the bedroom, though. They can also be a cute addition to a living room or gaming room. Just about any room as long as there is a geek in the house.

"Do What You Love" Neon Sign

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This sign says “Do what you love” in bright neon colors. This is a gentle reminder of pursuing happiness in everything that you do and not minding what others might say. This neon sign would be just perfect on a work studio, photo studio, coffee counter or garage.

Dia De Los Muertos Ceramic Coasters

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The Day of the Dead is such a colorful and beautiful holiday. If you have a Mexican friend and this occasion is approaching, you can get them these coasters. Super festive and not so scary!

Dragonfly Solar Lantern

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Having a dark garden isn’t fun and if it is a huge one, lighting with electric bulbs can be difficult, not to mention expensive. The solution is solar garden lights. The better solution is getting one of these dragonfly solar light bulbs! These are solar-powered, so you do not have to recharge it manually. All you have to do is leave it where it is and it will charge up during the day and illuminate your pathway at night. Perfect dragonfly gift idea.

Dragonfly String Lights

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If you do not want the lamp on the ground, then you can get one of these solar-powered string lights! These work the same as the dragonfly lamps I mentioned earlier, but these come in string light form. This makes the garden so romantic!


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A fragrant home is a relaxing and inviting one! One of the ways to keep the room smelling fresh and clean would be to use a diffuser to distribute droplets of essential oil and water in the room. Choose the clean, fresh smells like bamboo, fresh linen, citrus or rainforest.

Drawer With Driftwood Handle

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If you are looking for a practical gift for your most favorite person then this set of drawers with driftwood handles would be the best storage solution and gift idea for you!  This set of drawers is a versatile drawer with a sense of sophistication because of its woven design that would make sorting stuff in the room easier.  This set of drawers with driftwood handles comes in a fifteen-inch by twenty-four with drawer stops to prevent accidents caused by easily removed drawers.   You can surprise your friend who got hitched recently or your buddy who just bought a house.  This would be a charming surprise that would certainly be used and not just stored in the garage!

Daring Gadgets, Accessories and Hobby Materials

The millennial life is full of technology. Everything comes easier with just a push of a button. The value of the phone from calling has evolved so much that we can’t live without our smartphones now. In line with this, there are many gadgets that are made and designed to help us in our daily grind. If you are looking for a gadget as a gift this coming gift-giving season but are clueless on which one to pick then you need to check out our gadget list below to help you out.

Darth Vader Helmet Voice Changer

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A helmet gadget! This changes your voice into the ones of Darth Vader’s, in its raspy and menacing style. The buttons on the side let you produce the pre-recorded sounds, as well as his unnerving breathing sound. Perfect for kids who like Star Wars.

Darts Set

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Ah darts! The ultimate bar game. This dartboard set contains a high-contrast dartboard (with moveable number rings) and six sharp dart pins. Perfect for those with lots of friends who hang over to drink and party.

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

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This super cool death star floats on its dock while you play your favorite songs on it! This incredible piece of tech will always ging to be the starter piece for conversation and an object of curiosity. Hint: it uses magnets to float.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

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This is the Sonic Screwdriver used by the 12th Dr. Who. This touch-controlled piece of gadget is just the thing any Dr. Who lover wants.

Drawing Kit

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If you know someone who loves to draw, then this is the hobby kit for them! This superb kit contains 24-Colored Pencils, 24-Oil Pastels, 24-Watercolor Cakes, 3×8 Well palettes, 2-Drawing Pads, 1-Coloring Book, 2-Sketch Pencils, 2-Paint Brushes, 10-Sandpaper Block, 1-Pencil Sharpener, 1- Ruler, 1-Eraser, 1-Wooden Art Box and 60 crayons. Just the thing a kid interested in drawing would like to receive.

Other Dynamic Gifts That Begin With D

Looking for more gift ideas that start with the letter D? Here are some movies, books and other stuff that do not fit into the categories we mentioned above.

Dumb and Dumber Poster

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A funny poster about the movie! The movie itself is in Netflix, but a poster can be a great gift for anyone who loves comedy gold.

Dolce & Gabbana for Men

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A guy who smells nice is sexy! This superb cologne is a classic and D&G is a long-time manufacturer of superb colognes. Your guy will remember you whenever he spritzes on this cologne on his neck! It is like kissing you!

Dove Gift Set

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This is a relatively cheap gift for someone who likes relaxing gifts. This would also be good for gift exchanges duting Christmas parties at teh office. This complete set set includes the body wash, bubble bath, bath bombs and whipped body cream plus a bonus loofah.

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