Surprises are phenomenal! Who doesn’t love to be surprised especially with a gift or two? A gift is a token of love. It is a kind gesture that shows how much you care and how thoughtful you are as a person. We all have different styles in gift giving, some like it in an elaborate fashion like giving tons of gifts for a special occasion and some of us would like to keep it simple, just one gift is enough. Anyway, you can have it your way as you like it. What matters is you have put thought and time on the gift that you give. If you want ideas for gifts that begin with the letter D, you can check out our great finds below to help you out on your quest.

1. Dangling Earrings

Let the love of your life bedazzle you all over again with her charm and grace and an added touch of sparklers with these pairs of dangling earrings.  These dangling earrings are phenomenal and would certainly make her look charming than ever.  There is a piece of dangling earrings for every occasion and get to choose her favorite shade or color to add some personal touch to your gift!  You can choose the right length for her ears or even the material used such as gold or silver that would definitely suit her well.

2. Danskin Apparel

When it comes to form and fashion, nothing beats Danskin apparel!  You can reward yourself for a job well done this month or even this week with a new pair of sweat pants from Danskin apparel.  You can also upgrade your office attire or even your inner garments with a Danskin styled garment for every size and style.  From yoga pants, to active wear and office slacks there is a Danskin Apparel for you!  You can also gift this to your favorite gym buddy or to your favorite office co-worker too.

Toys and Playthings for Children

D is for December. December calls for gift giving and the happiest recipients of these gifts are mostly the kids. They are all looking forward to the holiday season because they know tons of surprises would be given to them. If you are eyeing to give your child or a friend’s child a dashing gift this holiday season then you need to check out our cool finds that all begins with the letter D.

  1. Dado Cubes
  2. Dash Suit
  3. Deglingos Activity Plush Toy
  4. Design and Drill Activity Center
  5. Design Your Own Real Soccer Ball Kit
  6. Digital Recording Lab
  7. Diggin Paddle Pass
  8. Diggin Skuut Balance Bike
  9. Disguise Link Sword
  10. Disgusting Science Activity KIt
  11. D&L Co Stomp Rockets
  12. DK Publishing My Little Color Library
  13. DK Publishing Very Silly Sentences Game
  14. Doll House
  15. Dowling Magnets Wonder board Fun-With-Letters
  16. DS Games
  17. Dress Up Dolls
  18. Desk and Easel
  19. Duck Hunter Game s-l1600[1]

Children’s Books

Playing is fun and entertaining but there is another way to enjoy and that is through reading. Children should be taught the benefits of reading a book especially in this era when everything is accessible with just a click of a hand. E-books are all over the place but the joys of opening and reading a real book is priceless. Check out our fad finds of children’s books that would rock your child’s world on this holiday season.

  1. D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths
  2. Dear Zoo
  3. Derek the Dragon and Princess Dayna
  4. Dinosaur Dance!
  5. Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja
  6. Disney Bunnies Thumper and the Noisy Ducky
  7. Doggies (Boynton on Board)
  8. Double Down: Diary of a Wimpy Kid#11
  9. Dr. Seuss’ Beginner Book Collection
  10. Dragons Love Tacos
  11. Duck and Goose : It’s time for Christmas

Candies To Munch On!

Delicious Gifts That Start With D

Candies are one of the favorite basket fillers of all time. Simply because it is cheaper and at the same time, the giftee is sure that it will be liked by the recipient. There are a variety of choices to choose from over the web but we have gathered and listed down the favorite picks that we have just for you. These candies are not just scrumptious and d-elicious they all share the same denominator too and that is all of which begins with the letter D.

  1. Dr. John’s Sugar free Hard Candies
  2. Dairy Milk Chocolates
  3. Dentyne Gum
  4. Dime Bars
  5. Divinity Bars
  6. Dots
  7. Double Mint gum
  8. Dove Chocolate
  9. Dubble Bubble Gum
  10. Duck Candies
  11. Dum Dums Pops

44. Ding Dongs

If you have a sweet toothed friend just like me, then I would definitely suggest some ding dongs as a gift.  The luscious creamy filling on this Ding Dongs is just heavenly and would sweep you off your seat.  Any Ding Dongs lover would certainly agree on me with this one for sure!  You can also get the frozen Ding Dong sandwiches if you would gift it instantly but if you would wait for a while then we do strongly suggest for you to consider this box of Ding Dongs as a great gift surprise!

Gadgets, Accessories and Hobby Materials

The millennial life is full of technology. Everything comes easier with just a push of a button. The value of the phone from calling has evolved so much that we can’t live without our smart phones now. IN line with this, there are many gadgets that are made and designed to help us in our daily grind. If you are looking for a gadget as a gift this coming gift giving season but is clueless on which one to pick then you need to check out our gadget list below to help you out.

  1. Darth Vader Helmet USB Car Charger
  2. Dance Basic Tutorials
  3. Darts Set
  4. Das Keyboard Gaming Sling
  5. Das Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard
  6. Dashboard Camera
  7. Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Backpack
  8. Death Star Bluetooth Speaker
  9. Digital Camera
  10. Discovery RC Quadcopter with HD Camera
  11. Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse
  12. Division Zero 47W Mouse Pads
  13. Drawing Kits
  14. Doctor Who Tardis 4 Port USB Hub
  15. Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver
  16. DIY Guitar Pick Punch
  17. Dodgeball
  18. Dominoes
  19. Dosh City Map Colony Wallet
  20. Drivemocion LED Car Sign
  21. Duo Bone Conducting Underwater MP3 Player

65. Donut Maker

Donuts are one of the favorite snacks of all time but instead of buying preservative packed donuts in the market, why not make your very own donuts with this donut maker.  This donut maker can make the cutest and most delicious donuts in the planet!  You can surprise your baking prodigy friend on your list or your family member who is trying to keep healthier ingredients while still enjoying the usual food that we love.  This donut maker from Baby cakes is a surefire best gift ever for your donut loving recipient this coming holiday season!

Movies and TV Shows

Movie Gifts that Begin With the Letter D

Tag your favorite movie buddy and grab some of your favorite gourmet popcorn and get ready for the best movie marathon ever! Prepare yourselves because we have handpicked the best movies which begins with the letter D.

  1. daddy-day-careDaddy Day Care
  2. Daddy Tran: a life in 3-D
  3. Damsels in Distress
  4. Daredevil
  5. Darkest Hour
  6. Dark Knight Rises
  7. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  8. Day of the Dead 2: Contagium
  9. Deadpool
  10. Dear John
  11. Divergent
  12. Dorian Gray
  13. Dracula Untold
  14. Dream Girls
  15. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax
  16. Dumb & Dumber

82. Drawers with Driftwood Handles

If you are looking for a practical gift for your most favorite person then this set of drawers with driftwood handles would be the best storage solution and gift idea for you!  This set of drawers is a versatile drawer with a sense of sophistication because of its woven design that would make sorting stuff in the room easier.  This set of drawers with driftwood handles comes in a fifteen inch by twenty four with drawer stops to prevent accidents caused by easily removed drawers.   You can surprise your friend who got hitched recently or your buddy who just bought a house.  This would be a charming surprise that would certainly be used and not just stored in the garage!