A gift is given to someone to make the recipient happy as a favor, a token of appreciation or simply just because. Gifts are usually given whenever there is a special event and most especially during the holiday season. Most importantly gifts that you give can reflect how much you know the person, how much time you have given thought about it and how much you are willing to spend just to give someone some good vibes and cheers. We all have different styles in gift giving, just like what they said: different strokes for different folks! Since the holiday season is coming real quick, we have gathered gifts that begin with E for your eyes only! See our favorite picks from the list below. These are also perfect for birthdays!

1. E-bags

Make travelling and sorting your stuff easier with these one of a kind e-bags.  E-bags is a company that sell travel luggage and other products such as purses, bags of all kind and more.  eBags Portage Toiletry Kit is great to keep all your essential toiletries intact.  If a cross body type of bag is your thing then you should check out the Terrace mini bag which is cross body bag that is suitable for the essentials you need without the bulkiness of a regular bag.  The eBags Savvy Laptop Tote is not your usual laptop bag because it looks like a stunning shoulder bag but with great partition and encasement inside.  Each of these eBags comes in different colors to choose from plus the materials are made of durable yet lightweight materials that would be perfect for your next travel!

Food and Dishes

Edible Gifts that Begin with the letter E

Holidays call for festivities and gift giving. The scent of your home is some alluring that it already gives you a feeling of warmness and brings instant cheers to your heart. The letter stands for exciting gastronomical experience that you are about to enjoy this coming holiday season. If you are the type of giver who prefers to give scrumptious treats such as food as a gift then you need to check out our prepared list below for the gifts that begin with E.

  1. Edam Cheese. Any cheese lover would be delighted to receive one for sure!
  2. Edamame
  3. Egg Tarts
  4. Elderberries are black berries that are seen mostly during summer season. They are usually cooked to make tasty jam!
  5. Elephant Ears. These are easy to make snacks that you can make. This will be loved by the kids and the kids at heart.
  6. Empire Apples. The empire apples are the apple that are often used in cooking. It is also tasty when eaten raw.
  7. Empress Chicken Wing
  8. Enchiladas
  9. English Muffin

11. Earmuffs

Earmuffs are very essential for those who live in cold areas.  Winter is coming soon so you need to gather all your things that will keep you warm and cozy all through out.  Earmuffs also come in different styles and designs it can be a simple and minimal as you like or even a luxurious looking too.  Check out these earmuffs for your reference to get the best pair for you or your favorite snuggle buddy to keep their ears warm, cozy and frost free!

12. Earrings

Nothing beats the glamour and fashion that a pair of earrings give to a woman.  With come in different sizes, colors and design.  There is always a pair of earrings for every occasion.  Some do prefer the pair of earrings made gold or silver so that they can wear it anytime and anywhere but some people also prefer the pair of earrings made of polymer clay with cute designs and colorful decors.  There’s also a pair of earrings with precious gems such as diamonds or birth stones.  You can never get wrong with a pair of earrings with preserved flowers on it for these give a different aura every time you wear it.

Candy and Other Sweet Treats

Candies and other sweet treats are delectable especially after eating a nauseating supper! If you have a sweetie who has a sweet tooth and would love to have some munchies then you need to check out the list we have for you that share the same first letter which is E.

  1. Easter Crème Eggs
  2. Eclipse Sugar Free Gum
  3. Eiffel Bon Bons
  4. El Almendro Soft Almond Turron
  5. El Artesano Marzipan Shapes
  6. El Pinatero Pinata Candy Mix
  7. Endluge Atkins Chocolate Candies. The Endulge Atkins chocolate candies would be the perfect gift for your friend or loved one who has a sweet tooth but at the same time is trying to watch what he or she eats. This chocolate is sugar free and is low on carbohydrates.
  8. Egg hunt by Disney
  9. Extra Sour Chewy Kosher Candy
  10. Extreme Fresch Power Mints

Electronics, Gadgets and Accessories

Gadget Gifts That Begin With the Letter E

It has been known to many that technology plays a significant role in our lives nowadays. Without these electronics and gadgets around us we do feel empty and non-functional sometimes. So, if you have a tech-savvy friend, relative or significant other whom you would like to surprise then the best gift for your giftee would be some electronics or gadgets. Check out our prepared listing below for your reference.

  1. Ecandy Aluminum Desktop Stand for iPhone
  2. Eddard Stark Mobile Case
  3. Electric beard shaver
  4. Element 12000mAh 400A Jump starter and Power Bank
  5. Elite Gaming Headset
  6. Embroidery Machine. This embroidery machine would come in handy for your recipient who loves to do some embroidery creations by hands. This will make his or her work easier and faster.
  7. Exclusive Star Trek Phaser Remote Replica

30. Echo Dot by Amazon

Echo is the perfect gift for the music lover friend that you have on your list.  Echo by Amazon gives you the hands-free voice control for you playlist whether it be in Prime music, Tune In, iHeart Radio and Amazon music.  Echo is also Bluetooth enabled so that means you can also stream from your device such as with that of Spotify, Pandora and iTunes.  All you have to do is to speak out what you want to play and Echo would take care of your music needs!

Films to Watch

Watching movies is one of our favorite ways to use our past time. If you want to give your favorite movie buddy a gift this coming holiday season, nothing would be more suitable but to give him or her a film that you would both enjoy. You can watch it together and scream your hearts out. Choose the film genre that both of you are into so you can have a great movie marathon this holiday season.

  1. Easy A
  2. Eat, Pray, Love
  3. Ed TV
  4. Elysium
  5. Encounters at the End of the World
  6. Endless Love
  7. Entangled
  8. Entourage
  9. Epic
  10. Erin Brockovich

Books to Read

A healthy mind needs to read all the time. I know that we all have that one friend who zones out everyone when he or she started reading a book. For the book lover who just can’t get enough of one book, giving your friend a new book to read this coming holiday season would be the best gift ever! Check out our top finds of fine books to read that all begin with the letter E.

  1. Easter Island
  2. Easy Prey
  3. Edward Trencom’s Nose
  4. Eighty Days
  5. Eleanor & Park
  6. Eleven Minutes
  7. Ella Enchanted

Books for Kids

Children should be encouraged to read more instead of spending so much time on their smart phones or other gadgets. Gone are the days when children are kept quiet by reading an interesting book. Although now we have eBooks that they can read on their iPads or EBook readers but hey nothing is fancier and more satisfying than to read a physical book. This coming holiday season, surprise your kid, niece or nephew with an interesting book to read instead!

  1. Elf: A Short Story of a Tall Tale
  2. Elf Tales for Kids
  3. Elves and the Shoemaker
  4. Elmo’s First Book of Colors
  5. Elora, The One-Winged Fairy: And The Last Baby Giggle
  6. Emperor’s New Clothes
  7. Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus
  8. Emperors of China!
  9. Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book


57. Estee Lauder the Best of Mini Pleasures Gift Set

For those who love perfume, we strongly recommend this Estee Lauder gift set.  This Estee Lauder the best of mini Pleasures gift set is a collection of the best scents of Estee Lauder Pleasures, you can enjoy a different scent as you like with this complete gift set.  This mini Pleasures gift set of Estee Lauder comes in five pieces which is just perfect for you to try and see which Estee Lauder Pleasures would be your favorite!  This set contains individually boxed Estée Lauder Pleasures Fraiche, Estée Lauder Pleasures Pop Eau De Parfum, Estée Lauder Pleasures Bloom Eau De Parfum, Estée Lauder Pleasures Intense and Estée Lauder Pleasures Eau Dearfum.

Toys and Playthings!

Playing is the favorite activity of every child. To encourage more time to explore, it would be fun to give your child a toy that would be age appropriate. Check out our top finds of toys that begin with the letter E.

  1. Early Explorer – Maple Wood Building Blocks
  2. Eagle Eye Game
  3. Easy Bake Oven
  4. Eco Truck
  5. Ed, Edd and Eddy
  6. Edge Puzzle
  7. Edushape Small Sensory Balls
  8. Eeboo Pre-School Lotto Game
  9. Egg Stack Up Puzzles
  10. Eggling – Crack & Grow
  11. Elc Huge Farm Animals Puzzle
  12. Electric Guitar
  13. Electronic Snap Circuits
  14. Elf on the Shelf
  15. Etch a Sketch
  16. Expanding Ball
  17. Excavation Kit
  18. Ezy Roller