This list of gifts that begin with the letter E is made with people who are looking for birthday and Christmas presents in mind. Come check it out.

A gift is given to someone to make the recipient happy as a favor, a token of appreciation, or simply just because. Gifts are usually given whenever there is a special event and most especially during the holiday season. Most importantly gifts that you give can reflect how much you know the person, how much time you have given thought about it, and how much you are willing to spend just to give someone some good vibes and cheers.

We all have different styles in gift-giving. Just like what they said: different strokes for different folks! Since the holiday season is coming real quick, we have gathered gifts that begin with E!


  1. Energetic Candy and Other Sweet Treats
  2. Eclectic Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry
  3. Electronics, Gadgets, and Accessories
  4. Exceptional Gifts for the Kitchen and Dining
  5. Enjoyable Gifts for the Home and Garden
  6. Entertaining Kid’s Toys and Playthings
  7. Educational Books for Kids
  8. Other Extraordinary Gifts that Begin with the Letter E

Energetic Candy and Other Sweet Treats

Holidays call for festivities and gift-giving. The scent of your home is some alluring that it already gives you a feeling of warmness and brings instant cheers to your heart. The letter stands for an exciting gastronomical experience that you are about to enjoy this coming holiday season.

On the other hand, candies and other sweet treats are delectable especially after eating a nauseating supper!

If you are the type of giver who prefers to give scrumptious treats such as food as a gift then you need to check out our prepared list below for the gifts that begin with the letter E.

Edam Cheese (Whole Ball)

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Imagine receiving a huge ball of cheese as a gift! Any cheese lover will just swoon over! Cheese is just an unusual gift and that will be a huge plus if the person loves them. Any cheese lover would be delighted to receive one for sure!

Elderberry Jam

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Elderberries are black berries that are seen mostly during the summer season. They are usually cooked to make tasty jam!

Elephant & Earl Grey Tea and Mug Set

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E is for elephant and E is for Earl Grey Tea, too! This is a  2-in-1 “E” gift idea!

This set comes with a super cute and colorful elephant mug, which is a perfect gift for elephant lovers. There is also an additional three earl grey tea bags, just the most delicious tea ever. This complete breakfast tea gift bag is vegan-friendly and completely KOsher. Super nice!

Endulge Treat Chocolate Coconut Bar

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The Endulge chocolate bars would be the perfect gift for your friend or loved one who has a sweet tooth but at the same time is trying to watch what he or she eats. This chocolate is sugar-free and is low on carbohydrates.

Eat My Nuts Trail Mix

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Feeling low on energy while on a hike, and you and I are alone? Eat my nuts!

Really. This Eat My Nuts gives double meaning to a whole new level. This is quite funny and a bit sleazy but it does not go further than that. If you have a close friend or a girlfiend wjo likes snacks, Eat My Nuts is a perfect gag gift you can give.

Everlasting Gobstopper

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If you ever have watched WIlly Wonka, the everlasting Gobstopper is a candy that does not reduce in size or lose flavor, intended for children with very little money. It was still in the experimental phase, though.

In reality, our Everlasting Gobstopper is a jawbreaker candy that has different flavors inside. basically like a multi-layer hard candy! These candies are so unique and flavorful, both adults and children will have so much fun eating them.

Empowermints (You Can Do It!)

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Empowermints Candies are a tin of strong mints that helps you give a boost of confidence when willpower waivers. This tin features the famous and iconic Rosie the Riveter saying “You Can Do It!”. These feminine empowerment mints are super fun and help you regain self-composure and optimism. If everything fails, well at least you have nice breath.

eFrutti Gummy Sea Critters

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Do you like gummy candies but the regular gummy bears and worms are getting boring? You should get this box of eFrutti Gummy Sea Critters! The gummy candies come in different shapes and sizes, including seahorse, fish, and starfish! These are quite delicious too, as eFrutti is known to make really good gummies.

Exploding Bon Bons

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People who have watched harry Potter would identify these immediately! In the book, Exploding Bonbons are a candy sold in Honeydukes which exploded into different flavors when eaten. Ronald Wealy is a fan of this candy!

In our own muggle world, Exploding Bonbons are small white bonbons with a hint of pineapple and coconut inside. To mimic the explosion in the wizarding world, crackling candy is inside, making little fizzles and pops as you get to the fruity flavor inside. Super delish candy. Thank you, Honeydukes!


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Imagine this: super soft, chewy caramel, and as you chew on it, you get flooded with melty milk chocolate. Heaven. This is what Cadbury Eclairs is. If you know someone how has a sweet tooth, do not deprive them of this piece of heaven on earth!

Eclectic Fashion, Accessories and Jewelry

Clothes, headwear, does, jewelry and accessories. The most exciting gifts ever are wearables, but you have to know the giftee’s sizes and style preferences. If you are looking for wearable items that start with the letter E, here are some of the best.

Estee Lauder the Best of Mini Pleasures Gift Set

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For those who love perfume, we strongly recommend this Estee Lauder gift set.  This Estee Lauder the best of the mini Pleasures gift set is a collection of the best scents of Estee Lauder Pleasures, you can enjoy a different scent as you like with this complete gift set.  This mini Pleasures gift set of Estee Lauder comes in five pieces which are just perfect for you to try and see which Estee Lauder Pleasures would be your favorite!


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Earmuffs are very essential for those who live in cold areas.  Winter is coming soon so you need to gather all the things that will keep you warm and cozy all throughout.  Earmuffs also come in different styles and design it can be a simple and minimal as you like or even luxurious looking too.  Check out these earmuffs for your reference to get the best pair for you or your favorite snuggle buddy to keep their ears warm, cozy, and frost-free!


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Nothing beats the glamour and fashion that a pair of earrings give to a woman.  With comes in different sizes, colors, and designs.  There is always a pair of earrings for every occasion.  Some do prefer the pair of earrings made of gold or silver so that they can wear it anytime and anywhere but some people also prefer the pair of earrings made of polymer clay with cute designs and colorful decors.  There’s also a pair of earrings with precious gems such as diamonds or birthstones.  You can never get wrong with a pair of earrings with preserved flowers on them for these give a different aura every time you wear it.

Emergency Underpants

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This gag gift is also serious! This set of three emergency underpants will be a source of laughs among friends. However, this can also save you whenever you overly trust a fart and code brown strikes.

Extra Fries Shirt

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Exercise? I thought you said extra fries!

This funny statement shirt would be the best gift for those who love to eat and hate to lift! or just those who like funny shirts. This shirt has sizes for both men and women and they come in different colors!

Emerald Earrings

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Emerald looks so darn fine with its shiny green hue. Couple it with the daintiness of these dangle earrings and you have something that the giftee will love and appreciate! This pair of emerald dangle earrings in their cute art deco style will surely be perfect for teens and young women. Great as a gift to a girlfriend or to girl friends.

Envelope Necklace

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This dainty little envelope necklace is so unique! If your giftee is someone who collects one-of-a-kind accessories, then this envelope necklace is one piece of jewelry she will appreciate! These also come in a really cute gift box, so you do not have to wrap it up!

Eagle Feather Pendant

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Oh, I want to say this was made from a real eagle feather, but it is not. This is just modeled after the Wedge-Tailed Eagle feather. However, this still looks so fantastic and will look nice with Native American outfits. This necklace will surely be a hit among young women, as well as guys who are of Native American descent.

Elk Shirt

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This simple shirt shows a silhouette of an elk, one of the mightiest members of the deer family. This elk shirt is perfect for those who love the wilderness, as well as those who love hunting! This comfy shirt should be given during camping or while on a picnic in the woods. Superb.

Letter E Necklace

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If I can recommend just one piece of jewelry, then this letter E necklace would be what I’d say you buy. Alphabet necklaces are just fabulous. This letter E necklace is in cursive and is super dainty, making it a great gift for daughters and as bridesmaid gifts. Can also be a cute gift for a girlfriend or wife.

Electronics, Gadgets and Accessories

It has been known to many that technology plays a significant role in our lives nowadays. Without these electronics and gadgets around us, we do feel empty and non-functional sometimes. So, if you have a tech-savvy friend, relative, or significant other whom you would like to surprise then the best gift for your giftee would be some electronics or gadgets. Check out our prepared listing below for your reference.

Echo Dot

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Echo is the perfect gift for the music lover friend that you have on your list.  Echo by Amazon gives you the hands-free voice control for your playlist whether it be in Prime Music, Tune In, iHeart Radio, and Amazon music.  Echo is also Bluetooth enabled so that means you can also stream from your devices such as with Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes.  All you have to do is to speak out about what you want to play and Echo would take care of your music needs!

Electric Toothbrush

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If that special giftee of yours is the lazy type, you can get them this electric toothbrush and tell them “so you do not have to be lazy in brushing”. But seriously, an electric toothbrush is miles better than a regular one because this can reach surfaces nothing else can! Flossing should still come afterwards, though.

Emergency Sleeping Bag

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People who camp a lot can benefit from bringing an emergency sleeping bag with them. It can rain and destroy the current sleeping bag or someone can tag along and they forgot you are spending the night in the woods. Aside from this, this emergency sleeping bag can be used as a banket, a makeshift tent, or just as a pillow. Rock that camping, dude!

Eargasm, The High Fidelity Earplugs

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Let’s say you are talking to your friend at a train station and you cannot hear each other because of the noise. You can truck through the noise and try to understand them or just plug in these high fidelity earplugs from Eargasm. These earplugs do not block out all noises, it just blocks out high decibel noises. This nifty piece of equipment basically lets you filter noise from the sounds you want to hear! Superb.


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If your special someone loves music, then these wireless earbuds would be an awesome pick! These earbuds are so portable and travel proof. It can supply music for more than six hours and is waterproof under a meter deep water for 30 minutes! This would also be a great camping gift if you ask me!

Exceptional Kitchen and Dining Gifts that Begin with the Letter E

The kitchen can be a great inspiration for gifts too. Many cutesy and nifty gadgets and tools online are for the kitchen, so if your giftee is someone who enjoys cooking, baking, or eating, then you should check out our picks for you.

Espresso Machine

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Espresso is coffee who drank coffee! You can be your special someone’s very own barista, making the most perfect cup of espresso for them. This gift is so beautiful because it is super useful, it looks super gorgeous at the kitchen counter, and let’s face it, almost everybody loves coffee. This would be a perfect anniversary gift, housewarming gift, or just a birthday gift for someone who loves coffee.

Espresso Cups

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Whenever there is an espresso machine, there should also be espresso cups! The most gorgeous coffee cups are not opaque, they are made of see-through glass! Just like this item right over here! This crystal espresso cup set comes in two, so a couple can have a beautiful coffee date using these gorg espresso cups.

Egg Slicer

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Few things in the kitchen are satisfying to do and watch: slicing a piece of cucumber, breaking green beans, shredding the meat into smaller pieces, and slicing an egg into perfect little spheres. Using this egg slicer is very satisfying indeed! This is perfect for those with OCD and want things to be perfect in the kitchen.

Egg Pan

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A morning greeted by a perfect sunny-side-up egg is a good morning. If you want your breakfast cooking to go up a notch in level, you should get one of these egg pans. They are basically frying pans with built-in egg rings that will help you make perfectly cooked, delicious, and divinely shaped fried eggs. This pan can cook up four in one go, so it is a time saver, too!

Empanada Press

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Cooking empanada can be quite a challenge. If you close the dough too loosely and the delicious fillings can just spill in the oil, wasting delicious meat, eggs, and veggies. The solution is this nifty empanada press, which closes dough perfectly. If you are like me who likes empanada a perfect lunette shape, no openings on the side and absolutely delicious, get one of these.

Elephant Wine Holder

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Have you ever seen a drunk elephant? No? Then here it is: an elephant drinking wine and looking kinda drunk.

This elephant wine holder looks so charming and funny. This decorative piece should be left alone on the kitchen counter to enjoy its liquor. Just admire it from afar!

Emoji Waffle Maker

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If you know someone who is addicted to social media, then this Emoji Waffle Maker would be a great addition to their kitchen gadgets. This makes super cute pancakes that showcase seven different Facebook emojis. This is just what someone who is engrossed with Facebook and Instagram need.

Enjoyable Gifts for the Home and Garden

Aside from the kitchen, you can also give gifts for the home and garden! Things like decors for the living room, patio, and garden can be presented as gifts, as well as plants, gadgets, and electronics. Here are some of my picks for home and garden gifts the begin with the letter E.

Essential Oils and Diffuser Set

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A clean-smelling home is an inviting one! You can achieve that clean smell with the help of essential oils! Getting clean-smelling essential oils like bamboo or citrus helps freshen the room’s smell. On the other hand, getting mint or lavender can clear the mind and relax the body.

Eiffel Tower Side Table

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This side table is so much fun! From the bottom, you can see that it is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, but at the top, it flattens and becomes a side table. This curious piece of furniture is perfect for the biggest fan of Paris.

E Cork Holder Monogram

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This letter E cork holder monogram looks plain. However, this becomes more and more pretty once the corks start piling up. This decor is perfect for those who have a wine bar. It shows how many wines you have uncorked! I am not sure, though if it is a good thing or not.

Eagle Garden Solar Light

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If you have a large garden, then you know the problem: illumination at night. Electric illumination can be dangerous outdoors and it can be quite expensive too. The solution is a solar light that stores energy from the sun and uses the same stores to illuminate the garden at night. This eagle-shaped solar light looks so pretty! It can even double as a vermin deterrent during the daytime!

Eagle Steel Silhouette

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This eale decoration shows everyone your burning love for your freedom! The unique design of this decoration comes to life in the daytime when the sun hits it in full. The rustic design is a welcome sight in a small yard.

Entertaining Kid's Toys and Playthings

Playing is the favorite activity of every child. To encourage more time to explore, it would be fun to give your child a toy that would be age-appropriate. Check out our top finds of toys and gifts that begin with the letter E.

Etch a Sketch

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It is an Etch-a-Sketch! Those who were kids in the ’90s to early 2000’s would recognize it and bring in nostalgia. However, if you are gifting this to someone who has never played with one before, this is a really good idea. This will bring loads of fun without relying on cellphones or tablets. This is a classic toy that will always be relevant.

Easy Bake Oven Bundle

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Easy Bake Oven is an actual real child-safe oven where he can cake cookies and other treats using the easy bake mix. If your kid is dreaming of becoming a baker or a pastry chef, then getting them one of these will certainly make their day.

This superb toy will bring loads of fun (and food!) for the whole family. Parental supervision while they play and make the treats is encouraged.

Elephant Plush

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PLush toys are probably the safest toys you can give infants. They are soft, large, and cute. This elephant plush toy is no exemption. Play with your kid so they develop speech and interaction skills!

Exploding Kittens

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Exploding kittens is for people who like explosions and kittens! This game is kind of Russian roulette with cats. You draw cards until you draw an exploding kitten and you are out of the game. However, you can avoid explosions with some cards that you have drawn like a laser pointer or catnip. The last person standing wins the game.

This game is perfect for the whole family. It also improves a child’s intellect as the brain is exercised in creating a strategy to win.

Escape the Room Cursed Doll House

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In Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse, players can explore a dollhouse that is full of mystery. Players must solve the puzzled in five different rooms, in search of a way to escape.

This game is one for older children! If they are an avid fan of escape the room games, then this would be an amazing gift idea.

Expanding Ball

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This fun little ball is so curious! With just a little tug, the ball expands and it contracts just as easily. It is so colorful, too.

Egg Matching Toy

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It is like a matching hole and sort out toys but with eggs! This egg matching toy helps a child recognize twelve different kinds of shapes. This also helps with hand-eye coordination, as well as fine motor skills. Superb toy for children 3 years old and below.

Earthworms Toy Set

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This earthworm toy set is not only cute and colorful, it also helps children grasp the concept of length measurement! Super cute. Parents should supervise play, though as these worms are small. For ages three and up.

Educational Books for Kids

Children should be encouraged to read more instead of spending so much time on their smartphones or other gadgets. Gone are the days when children are kept quiet by reading an interesting book. Although now we have eBooks that they can read on their iPads or EBook readers. Hey, nothing is fancier and more satisfying than reading a physical book. This coming holiday season, surprise your kid, niece, or nephew with an interesting book to read instead!

Elves and the Shoemaker

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This is a classic story! The shoemaker gives a staving elf food and in turn, they make the most quality shoes that make the shoemaker rich. This is an adorably illustrated book that shows that compassion and kindness are always rewarded.

Elmo Imagines - Sesame Street Paint with Water Activity Book

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Elmo Imagines is a paint-with-water activity book. All you need is a paintbrush and some water and the activity book gets color as you brush it with a wet paintbrush!

Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book

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The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book is a science experiment book for children.  With this book, a few household items can become dozens of amazing and dazzling science experiments. With this book, some of life’s most important mysteries are answered, like:

  • Is it possible to blow up a balloon without actually blowing into it?
  • What is inside coins?
  • Can a magnet ever be “turned off”?
  • Do toilets always flush in the same direction?
  • Can a swimming pool be cleaned with just the breath of one person?

This cool science book is not just for kids!

Other Extraordinary Gifts that Begin With the Letter E

If you are looking for more, then here are some of the best “E” gifts that we cannot place somewhere else in the groups.


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Make traveling and sorting your stuff easier with this one-of-a-kind e-bags.  E-bags is a company that sells travel luggage and other products such as purses, bags of all kinds, and more.  eBags Portage Toiletry Kit is great to keep all your essential toiletries intact.  If a cross-body type of bag is your thing then you should check out the Terrace mini bag which is a crossbody bag that is suitable for the essentials you need without the bulkiness of a regular bag.  The eBags Savvy Laptop Tote is not your usual laptop bag because it looks like a stunning shoulder bag but with a great partition and encasement inside.  Each of these eBags comes in different colors to choose from plus the materials are made of durable yet lightweight materials that would be perfect for your next travel!

Extraordinary Chickens

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This funny coffee table book illustrates the most extraordinary chickens, from the most colorful to the funniest looking! Chicken lovers will instantly fall in love with this gift idea!

Eucalyptus Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs are so relaxing! You can have cinnamon to clear the mind, lavender for softer skin and these eucalyptus bath bombs will help relax the mind and energize the skin! These are so very easy to use too, just set up the batch and drop it in the water!

Epilator Set

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If a woman is conscious about body hair, then tell her to not shave but use an epilator. Epilators pull hair from the roots up, so hair does not come back immediately. It is like an at-home waxing session. Ouchies and all.

Watch her turn from the bearded lady to a Greek goddess!

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