We have gathered the top finds over the web of the gifts that begin with the letter F check them all below for your reference.

Time to make the list of who has been naughty or nice and do some shopping for gifts. If your giftee’s name starts with the letter F, then giving them gifts that start with the same letter would be an amazing idea!

You can buy anything under the sun but do remember that your gift reflects your personality. If you put some time and thought into your gift it would show how much you appreciate your giftee and your gift would most likely be appreciated or even reciprocated.

F is for fish and flags and furniture. Here is our list of gifts the begin with the letter F! Click on each section to jump on the group of gifts.

  1. Fabulous Children’s Toys and Gifts
  2. Fantastic Books for Kids
  3. Foods and Candies to Munch On
  4. Faultless Tools, Gadgets and Hobbies
  5. Fancy Gifts for the Home and Garden
  6. Fab Gifts for the Kitchen and Dining
  7. Fashion and Jewelry Gifts
  8. Fig Products That I Personally Love
  9. Other Fascinating Gifts That Begin With The Letter F

Fabulous Children's Toys and Gifts That Begin With The Letter F

During the holiday season, kids are the ones who come first in terms of gift-giving. The children enjoy the holiday season the most because they know that their aunts, uncles, and especially their moms and dads have something special just for them. If you have a child to surprise this coming holiday season but are clueless on what to give then you need to check out our list of the toys to play with that begin with the letter F.

Fisher Price Toys

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Nothing beats learning through playing!  Of course, we always have small children on our list of giftees and we can never think of any toy that could beat a Fisher-Price toy.  For the small minds who start to wander and learn, there’s an age-specific Fisher-Price Toy for him or her.  These toys are vividly colored, ergonomically designed for the smallest hands to grip, and are made of safe materials that could assure any parent and caregiver out there.

Fiddle / Fidget Set

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Fidget sets or fiddle sets are a set of toys that have no particular purpose. They have long, stretchy and bendable parts that are just there to be fiddled and fumbled with. These fiddle toys are just too cute and so fiddle-able. These are perfect for older children, teens, and even as a supply to the office, as these can relieve stress.

Friendly Loom Lotta Loops

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This toy loom lets children craft super colorful potholders. Perfect for little aspiring weavers or those who are champions in the kitchen. The potholders are super easy to craft (thus the name Friendly Looms) and they look super nice, they can even be given as a gift!

Fire Truck Tent

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Want a grand pretend toy? This fire truck tent is the ultimate toy a little fireman-to-be should have. This fire truck tent can accommodate up to four little kids, making it a superb interactive toy, which promotes social skills, imagination, and teamwork. Want to make it an even more superb experience?

Fireman Costume

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If you want to give your little giftee a bit more out of his fireman tent (mentioned above) you should also get them a fireman costume, too! This fireman costume is just perfect in every little way with its super cool coat, hat, and even the hose accessory! Great imagination-boosting toy for boys.

Friendship Bracelet Maker

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This friendship bracelet maker lets your little girl make super cute and colorful friendship bracelets. This set contains the weaving loom and fourteen vibrant precut threads. There is also a handy dandy app to download for guides in making the best friendship bracelet ever! With this, she will not only make bracelets but also friends, too!

Fishing Game

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A classic toy that never dies! The fishing game is a machine where little fishes open their mouth in random and two or more players compete who gets the most fish. If you are born in the ’90s then you have experienced playing with this. Now, the fishing game is even more fun as this toy is huge. A great game to entertain little kids without having to resort to a phone, tablet or TV.

Fidget Spinners

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Who would have thought a toy that has only one motion, and that is spinning, can be so popular? Fidget spinners have been known to entertain and relieve stress in both children and adults. If you want simple, compact toy gifts that begin with the letter F, then fidget spinners are your best bet.

Fingerlings Interactive Glitter Monkey Toy

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It is a glitter monkey! It is a monkey that grabs your finger! Fingerlings move and interact with you, and they are just so darn cute! Fingerlings are perfect for little girls who like cute and dainty stuff, like this little monkey. Fingerlings glitter monkey also makes beautiful monkey gifts!


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Fingerboard! It is a skateboard for your fingers! Fingerbaording, one known as a skilless toy, has proven otherwise. There are many videos of people pulling some superb stunts that were just once seen on real skateboards. Everybody now knows fingerboarding requires some practice!

Fantastic Books for Kids

Books are powerful tools to sharpen one’s mind, especially in children. We are now in the era of everything digital and the joy of reading a book is nearing extinction. Promote the habit of reading a book by gifting your child an interesting book to read and explore. See our great deals of books for kids that begin with F on the list provided.

First Little Readers Parent Pack

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First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level is a book collection of twenty-five storybooks, each with simple, short, and repetitive words to make children confident in their reading skills. This book compilation has tons of content, which will make them busy for months.


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This is a photo storybook of a young boy who goes to the beach every day to collect stuff that washes ashore, until one day, he discovers a barnacle-encrusted camera with tons of photos to share. This book tells readers to appreciate the magic in everyday objects and to appreciate life altogether.

From Head to Toe Board Book

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From Head to Toe Board Book is an amazing board book that encourages children to stomp their feet, wiggle their toes, jump or raise their hands. Basically, this book tells children to become active. With tablets and computers and electronic devices entertaining the young ones today, keeping active is one of the hardest things to do and this book just encourages them to do that!

Freddie the Frog Flying His Frisbe

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Do you want to hear a story of a frog learning how to play frisbee with the help of a firefighter friend? This is what Freddie the Frog Flying his Frisbee is all about. The problem is flying a frisbee requires hands, and Freddie the Frog does not have the, How will he do it?

Funny Faces Sticker Fun

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This Funny Faces Sticker Fun is a sticker book where you mix and match different parts of the face on blank heads on the page. This fun activity book will sure to get those creative juices going as they create custom faces their little minds tell them. A lady with fangs and round eyes? Yes! A robot with an eyepatch and blonde flowing hair? Yes again! Super fun!

Frog on a Log?

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This fun book tells the story of animals and where they sit. The Frog on a Log? book is for children who are just starting to read. With simple word use and rhyming that will remind you of Dr. Suess books, Frog on a Log? will surely be a favorite bedtime book for the little ones!

Foods and Candies to Munch On

F is for food and that is food to eat and share! Food tastes better when eaten with family and friends! You can show that you care by giving your family and friends some delectable and scrumptious food that you can all enjoy!

Also, snacking is one of the favorite past times of most people. Whether young or old, snacking on candies has been a popular leisure time since it’s convenient and easier to be satisfied. If you have a recipient who has a sweet tooth for candies then you need to check out our top finds below.

Flipz Pretzels

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Flipz is for those who are going to flip over pretzels. These dark chocolate-filled pretzels are sure to bring your sugar level up and your cravings for pretzels down.

Fiber One Chocolate Bars

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With only 90 calories per bar, Fiber One chocolate bar is great for women and dieters who want to eat chocolates and sweets without being guilty of the calories!

Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

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These are amazing! If you ever wondered what astronauts have for dessert, this is it These freeze-dried ice cream packs are real ice cream dried and frozen and packed in air-tight containers. They taste chalky and sweet and crumbly, typical of what astronauts eat. If your giftee wants to become an astronaut someday, maybe you should get them one of these to cement the dream!

Ferrero Rocher Collection

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Fererro Rocher is known for its super delicious chocolate truffles. This collection combines all three chocolate truffle flavors they have:

  • Rocher, the original, hazelnut flavored milk chocolate,
  • Rafello, the white chocolates
  • Rodnoir, the dark chocolates

Since Fererro Rocher is known to be a romantic chocolate gift, this is perfect as a gift from a lover. This does not mean people who have no romantic intentions cannot give it as a gift, though!

Ferrara Gummi Sharks

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Gummi worms, gummi bears… gummi.. sharks?

These gummi sharks look super cool! The bluish-green hue on top and the white bottom says the color was also considered when making these cute gummi sharks! These gummi sharks are a perfect treat to children who love dangerously delicious snacks. This is great eaten as a movie snack or just whenever you feel like it, really.

French Burnt Peanuts

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French burnt peanuts are so delicious! These are usually sold at the treats shop in carnivals or fares, but now we can also get them online and send the love as gifts! These candy-coated peanuts are gluten-free vegan and Kosher, so many people can eat it! Super nutty and super sweet!

Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy

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Another carnival candy that we enjoyed as kids is cotton candy. No worries, Fluffy Stuff has our backs! Fluffy Stuff brings in three fun colored cotton candies, the colors we used to love eating while walking in the fare or carnivals. Pink, yellow and blue… they just taste the same, though.

Fire Noodles from Korea

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Instant fried noodles! They are delicious but sometimes you need a bit of kick. How about a whole lot of kicks?

Fire Noodles originated in Korea, where the regular instant fried noodles have a super hot paste added into it. The result is something so hot, it will make you sweat! Fire Noodles come in mild, medium, very hot, and extremely hot. But to be honest, even the mild one is already too hot for me.

Fizzing Whizzbies

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Those who love Harry Potter would recognize these right away! Fizzing Whizzbees are the candy of the wizarding world. They are sherbet balls that would cause a person who sucked on them to float a few inches off the ground.

In our own muggle world, Fizzing Whizzies are milk chocolates with crackling candy inside. While they are delicious, they do not make anyone levitate for a short period of time.

Fat Bomb Snack Cup (Keto Friendly)

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Anyone on keto is not allowed to have sugar in their food. Or a lot of carbohydrates for that matter. The snacking solution? Keto fat bombs! Keto fat bombs make use of artificial sugar and lots and lots of fat to bring in the favor! These keto fat bombs come in different flavors, including peanut butter, mint, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, caramel, and lemon ice drop. Super delicious and good for keto!

Faultless Tools, Gadgets and Hobbies

Click here, click there, clicking everywhere. Technology has become part of our lives and our smartphones and gadgets have taken over us for quite some time. We see people consumed most of their time holding their phones and browsing pages until the wee hours at night. Electronics and gadgets are the perfect gift ideas for the tech-savvy buddy that you have.

In another part of this section, hobbies are the best form of using time wisely and productively. If you have a friend, a relative, or a loved one who has a certain hobby, you can show your support to him or her by gifting a tool for his or her hobby. Check out our great finds on the list below to help you out on your quest in finding the perfect gifts that begin with the letter F.

Flopping Fish Toy

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This is a lot of fun! This hyper-realistic toy fish flops and struggles, much like a real fish out of water. Use it to prank people, play with animals, or just to entertain babies! Cats are especially susceptible to this amazing little gizmo, as well as small dogs. Want a few hours of fun and laughter in the house? This flopping fish will give that!

Floating Speakers

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These floating speakers look so sci-fi! If your giftee is someone who appreciates science, someone who loves sci-fi (movies or novels) or is a music geek, then this is the perfect electronic gadget you can gift them! The floating speakers are so unreal that people who see them won’t be able to resist picking it up and checking how it works. (Hint: it uses magnets!)

Flux Capacitor Set

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Have you ever watched Back to the Future? The Flux Capacitor is the blinking gizmo in the show that allows the car to time travel. Now, this Flux Capacitor here does not allow time travel, but it looks super cool anyway. Perfect gift for older generation geeks.

Fishing Rod Kit (or Fishoaky)

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Maybe it is time to get them a new hobby? Or maybe their old fishing rod is broken it needs replacement?

This fishing rod set is going to be a catalyst for a new hobby! This set contains a complete telescoping rod, lures, hooks, and a carrying bag. This set is perfect for children and novice fishers alike. This set is made by Fishoaky, which incidentally begins with the letter F too!

Foodie Dice

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This tool is for someone who cannot decide what to eat for dinner! Just roll the dice and see what you want to eat. Great gift for the kitchen. This is also a perfect gag gift for the girlfriends and wives who always say “you decide” or “I don’t know” when asked by their lovers where they want to eat. Or for guys too. I don’t know, indecisiveness isn’t gender-specific.

Foot Massager

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People who use their feet a lot (like, um, walking and running) will love this! This foot massager will relieve the tension and stress and massage tired aching feet. This awesome gadget has six massage heads with eighteen rotating massager nodes and a heating function, which makes it super soothing to use after a hard day’s work. While it is perfect for people with day jobs, this is also a great idea for people who are into sports like running, boxing or swimming.

Fitbit Charge

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Being health-conscious in this age of preservatives, technology, and unhealthy lifestyle and choices is a must!  You can gift someone a push to be healthier with this Fitbit Charge.  This Fitbit Charge is a health tracker right at your wrist!

The Fitbit Charge can measure the calories that the wearer has burnt all day; track distances and steps accomplished and even give the wearer a better understanding of your level of fitness for you to improve and be better than ever! You can even track your text and calls and even your calendar through its OLED display. The Fitbit Charge is one of the best gifts that you could give to your loved ones and friends.

Football Throwing Game

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This is a stand with a few holes and a scoring system where people can throw footballs right into them. Loads of fun. Perfect toy for backyard, lawn, or pool area, as well as a practice tool for football coaches. This football throwing game would be great for pool parties and children’s birthdays.

Fart Machine

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It is a plain, harmless prank toy! The fart machine is a remote-controlled sound machine that gives 15 different fart sounds when the remote is pressed from 100 feet. This funny toy will give them hours of fun pulling funny pranks on everyone on the house.

Fancy Gifts for the Home and Garden

There are many things you can gift to a person, and many of them are stuff they can use for the home and garden. Here are some of the fanciest and most fabulous home and garden gifts that begin with the letter F.

Floating Water Lanterns

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Add some distinct drama and glow to your garden or even to your shadiest pool with these floating water lanterns.  These floating water lanterns make any dark place beautifully glow.  Actually, these floating water lanterns would be perfect for someone who is trying to propose.  There’s a water lily design; wooden lanterns and a lot more to choose from.  These floating water lanterns would be perfect also for birthdays, anniversaries, and any special occasion that you want to make your garden and pool look bright and extra special.

Funky Curtains

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When we say curtains, often we think of plainly colored curtains that we use to have at home but we have found some interesting funky curtains that would bring a different glow to your home and to your recipient’s den.  From abstract paintings to a different view such as the beach, the forest, or a lakeside view these funky curtains could bring you to places every time you wake up and get to see them.  These funky curtains brighten anyone’s day as they see it grace the room whether it be in the bedroom or in the living room.

Fruit Slice Pillows

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A geeky living room or bedroom needs an equally geeky pillow! How about these fruit pillows? Hugging these fruity pillows makes you look like you are holding a gigantic slice of fruit. These pillows have high Instagrammability and Facebook-sharability. These pillows come in orange, watermelon, kiwi, and lime flavors… um, patterns.

Facebook Like Sign Pillow

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Do you know someone who is addicted to Facebook? Get them this Facebook Like Sign Pillow! It even has a notification button. This is a super comfy pillow that will cradle their heads as they scroll through their Facebook feed.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Fiddle leaf figs are one of the most beautiful house plants ever! These plants can grow up to ten feet, but you can trim them to look bushier and lusher. The leaves of the fiddle leaf fig look artificial, but I assure you this potted plant is real. The fruits of the fiddle leaf fig aren’t edible though.

Firefly Bonsai Tree

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This is one of the most elegant bedroom décor I have ever seen in a long time! This whimsical tree looks plain when not plugged in, but when it is turned on, a hundred little bulbs illuminate the tips and the middle of its branches, giving it a magical look! This tree would be perf on the nightstand of a little girl or a young woman’s bedroom.

Firepit for the Garden

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A fire is one of the coolest and most beautiful addition a garden can have. It gives the garden a campsite-like feel and that makes it an attractive place to sit and just have a conversation with someone special. The problem is fires are dangerous. The solution is this super cool firepit that will contain the fire but will still give that warm illumination! What’s even cooler is this firepit has stars and moons as holes in its sides, lending the same shapes of lights all around the yard.

Fairy Garden Solar Light

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The problem with a huge garden is illumination. Regular electric cables can be quite dangerous outside, as well as expensive. The solution is a solar light, which stores power from the sun and then uses it to illuminate itself free of cost at night. As a gift starting in F, a fairy solar light will fit the requirement. This fairy solar light here looks so magical and mysterious, especially when it is illuminating your beautiful garden in the evening.

Folding Camping Chair

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Those who love the great outdoor have one point or another, needed a chair in one of their activities outside. If you give them this set of two folding camping chairs, you are sure your gift will be put to good use! Folding chairs are not only useful in camping or fishing, these are also the best ever in backyards, as furniture in the area.

Flamingo Garden Décor

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Flamingoes are one of the most majestic birds that ever existed! With their unique lively pink color and the way they hold up one foot when resting, flamingoes will be loved by lots of people. If your giftee loves flamingoes, then this classic flaming garden décor will surely please them.  This set of flamingo decorations come in four pieces and two different poses. Perfect for those with yards and even more so if that yard has a pond!

Fab Gifts for the Kitchen and Dining

Some kitchen and dining stuff are just too cute and too useful. Cute and useful kitchen stuff make great gifts. Here are some gifts you can give for one’s dining, kitchen counter, sink, and cooking area.

Fountain Fondue Pot Set

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Make weekends or parties at home even more fun and exciting with this Fountain Fondue Pot set!  Excite your taste buds as well as your guests and let them enjoy the luxury of having a fondue party at the comfort of your home.  This Fountain Fondue Pot Set features a perfect way to melt your favorite dip whether it be chocolate or cheese or any food that you prefer to make a fondue of and dip all your favorite snacks on it too.  It comes with four forks for easy drizzling and dipping all you want!


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Frydaddy is an electric deep fryer.

Fried foods are always delicious! That extra fat in the food helps us taste the textures and the composition of the food. If your giftee is someone who love French fries, fried chicken wings or fish fingers, you can get them Frydaddy. Of course, you can also cook them French fries, fried chicken or fish fish fingers while you are at it, as they are also things that begin with the letter F.

French Press

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Aside from drip coffee makers, there is another type of coffee maker, which is the French press. French press coffee makers force water into the coffee grounds, where they come out of the other side as delicious coffee. French press is the more sophisticated way of making coffee, as it gives the coffee a better flavor. This French press coffee maker by Kitchen Supreme are quite sturdy, which is what you want because French presses typically break due to extreme pressure.

Food Scale

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If your giftee is watching their weight or is into fitness, then a food scale will help tremendously in achieving their goals. Weighing food is the best way to determine their macronutrient intake and this food scale from Megawise if one of the best there is! This food scale is lightweight and waterproof and most importantly, it looks beautiful.

Food Processor

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This is one of the best kitchen gifts ever! Food processors can be of great use in the kitchen, especially if your giftee bakes (for those beautiful ground nuts), is into fitness (blending fruits and ice into a smoothie), or those who just love coffee (because freshly ground coffee is the best). This food processor will do almost any grinding, crushing, and powdering jobs. Superb gift idea for the kitchen!

Fashion and Jewelry Gifts that Begin with the Letter F

Clothes, accessories, and jewelry are so much appreciated gifts as long as you know the receiver’s size and style preferences. Here are a few of our top picks of wearables that start with the letter F.

Freeman Facial Mask

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F is for facial mask, and F is for Freeman, too! This is a 2-in-1 gift idea that begins with the letter F.

Beauty is something most people value, and the most beautiful part of the body is the face. Those who want to take care of their face will find facial masks (the face cleansing ones, not the viral protection) a great way to clean and energize the face. Freeman’s facial masks come in four different variants, each gives a different effect and experience:

  • 1X Cucumber Peel-Off Gel Mask
  • 1X Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask
  • 1X Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub
  • 1X Avocado + Oatmeal Clay Mask

Flip Flops

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Flip flops are the comfiest footwear ever! Whether it is the beach or just outside in the garden patio, flip-flops will reign supreme overshoes in giving comfortable protection. There are so many flip-flops out there, so get them a unique set like Reef! Reef flip flops have a small bottle opener at the sole, giving both arch support and a nifty surprise gadget underneath the footwear!


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Fedoras look super cool whenever you are wearing formal or semi-formal attire. Just do not go wearing them when you are inside a building or in a casual outfit. You will get funny looks and maybe some sniggers.

Flower Necklace

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Flowers are so pretty, and flower jewelry, even better! This flower necklace is so dainty and pretty and they come n different gemstone pieces, so you can choose by color or by their birthstone.

Flower Stud Earrings

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Another flower jewelry that you can give is earrings. It is the same as the flower necklace above, so delicate and beautiful and you can customize the gemstone in the center of each earring. Mix and match it with the necklace above.

Forget-Me-Not Flower Necklace

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Forget-me-nots are so dainty and beautiful! Preserving them inside a piece of glass and then turning that piece of glass into a piece of pendant not only look so cool but also a reminder of the beauty of nature. Actual flower jewelry is just so cool!

Figs! Figs! Figs!

I friggin’ love figs! They are my personal favorite fruit, and so I would like to add a small section for fig products, because figs are fruits that begin with the letter F.

Fig Jam Spread

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Figs are super sweet and are the most delicious fruit ever. They rot easily, though, so fig jams are the next best thing. This jar of fig preserves tastes like honey and caramel and are best eaten with cheese, bread and maybe some ale.

Fig Cookies (Figgies and Jammies)

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If your giftee is someone who loves snacking and are an avid fan of figs (like me) then you should get them this fig bar, which is a whole wheat cookie with fig jams inside. These are great convenience snack for both kids and adults. This brand of fig bars are vegan, Kosher and grain free, perfect for those who have a special diet.

Fig Snack Preserves

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Dried figs are so delicious! Drying concentrates the natural sugars in fruits and figs are not an exemption. Dried figs have a nice concentrated honey and caramel flavor and some have a bit of tartness in them. Delicious!

Fig Fruit Bar

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For those who are into sports, running out of energy is something as common as coming home from a workout. A fruit bar helps, and an even better option would be a fig bar! This fig bar is a serving of fruit in a chewy, delicious mix. This energy snack is also Kosher, grain-free and vegan like the fig cookies above. Also perfect for those who have a special diet.

Other Fascinating Gifts That Begin With The Letter F

First Aid Kit

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A decent home should always have a first aid kit! Accidents are always bound to happen even how well you injury-proof the house. This 140-piece first aid kit is a great gift for the home and is a reminder to the recipient that you care about their safety and health.

F Monogram Towels

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If you want to gift something a bit personal, get one of these “F” monogram towels. These absorbent towels are nice and supple to the touch. Just the perfect gift for those who are active in the gym, run or do triathlon. It just feels like it came from a five-star hotel!

Fortnite Backpack

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One of the most popular video games of all time is Fortnite, especially among young teenagers. If your giftee is someone who is addicted to the game, a Fortnite Backpack will sure win their smile. You are sure they will use this backpack in school and whenever they go out with their friends. Sure, they will outgrow loving the game, but will never forget how they felt when they received this superb backpack.


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Liquor helps people warm up on winter days but carrying a whole bottle of rum all the time will give you funny looks from the people around you. You can carry that tasty, warming liquid inside a flask! Choose flasks that are wrapped in leather, maybe black or red or brown. Stick to the classics. This super stylish flask would be the best gift any liquor drinker can receive.

Floating Flashlight

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This flashlight is no ordinary flashlight. It is super bright, and it is waterproofing f and it floats in water! For added convenience, this flashlight also clips on a backpack or belt loop or keychain! This flashlight would be a great camping gift, as well as a gift for people who work at night.

Firefly String Lights

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These are so stunning! The firefly string light lights will surely turn the mood of a room from plain and boring into a magical and romantic one. Add a bit of photo, like in the image and it will make any wall super cute. This package includes 30-foot fairy lights, 15 mini clothespins, and batteries. The bulbs are made to last, guaranteeing over 45,000 hours of burning time.

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