We hope this list of gifts that begin with the letter H is going to help you out in picking your gifts!

Happy, festive, and blessed are the common feel during the holiday season. We usually look forward to celebrating these glorious festivities not only because of the family get-together, scrumptious food but most especially because of the gifts that we would give out to our beloved friends and relatives. Some people do make a lot of preparations, some start at the beginning of the year while the others do some last-minute shopping. Either way, as long as you know your recipient well, you can go from there and explore.

For those of you who have not yet finished your holiday shopping yet better stick around and check out our top finds. See our list of gifts that begin with H below for your reference.

  1. Hearty Foods and Candies To Give and Share
  2. Handsome Toys to Play With the Kids
  3. Happy Books to Read to Children
  4. Heavenly Gizmos and Gadget Gifts
  5. Harry Potter Stuff Anyone Will Like
  6. Helpful Kitchen and Dining Stuff
  7. Home and Garden Ideas
  8. Humble Fashion and Accessory Gift Ideas
  9. Other Heavy-Hitting Gifts

Hearty Foods and Candies To Give and Share

Eating a meal together is one of the highlights of a relationship. We usually share some delicious dishes as a token of our appreciation to the host. And we know that food tastes better when you dine with your family so for sure any food item would taste better than before. Check out our top favorites of foods and candy gifts that begin with the letter H.

Hammond's Pigs and Taters Candy

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Chocolate and bacon is one of the pairings that gathered traction in the past years. Who would have thought that this unlikely duo would become so popular? This unusual treat is what Hammond’s Pigs and Taters Chocolate Bar is all about. Milk chocolate, with bits of bacon and potato chips embedded inside. Delicious and surprisingly vegetarian, as the “bacon” is plant-based.

Hand-Harvested Artisanal Honey

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Artisan honey is more expensive than supermarket-type honey for a reason! They are tastier and much more nutritious than their more commercial counterparts because they haven’t gone through too much processing. One of my favorites is manuka honey, which is called “king of honey” for its benefits for health.

Haribo Piratos

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Have you ever heard of black salty licorice? Well, you can taste it too with Haribo Piratos. They taste weird at first then they start becoming delicious after a few pieces. Vegetarians also rave about this candy because it is vegan.

Haw Flakes Candy

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These sweet and sour paper-thin candies are so popular in Asian countries! They taste a bit weird at first then become addictive after a few pieces. This candy is BIG for Asian kids in the ‘90s so if they are a ‘90s Asian child, they will love this.

Hot Chocolate Gift Sampler Set

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Who does not love hot choco? These hot chocolate drinks are perfect on cold rainy days or just as a part of a midnight snack! This hot choco sampler set has eleven flavors in it which is just the most perfect gift they can share (or not).

Hershey's Nuggets Set

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Everybody loves chocolate! And everyone loves variety, so do not just stop on a Hershey’s Bar, get them this large pack of different flavored chocolates! This pack contains dark chocolate, milk chocolates, and milk chocolates with almonds. This is also gluten-free and Kosher, perfect for most people.

Hokkaido Cheese Mochi

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If you have even been to Japan, you would know that mochi is one of the most flavorful snacks there is. This cheese mochi has a light delicate flavor on the outside and a rich flavor on the inside! Perfect for Japanophiles, those who love Japanese Animes, or just those who like cheese. Aritgatou gozaimasu!

Hot Honey

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Have you ever had spicy honey? The sweetness of the honey goes so beautifully with the hotness of the pepper, making a nice symphony of sweet and spicy that goes perfectly with bread, pizza, or meat!

Hunter's Reserve Summer Sausages

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For the person who loves meat, these sausages from Hunter’s Reserve will be amazing. This set of sausages combine four different exotic sausages: bison, wild boar, elk, and venison, plus one pork sausage. This gift idea is packed with protein, and they taste great too. This is perfect for hunters, too.

Hippy Dippy Green Hot Sauce

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For those who love dipping sauces, you can get the Hippy Dippy Green Hot Sauce. It is a unique blend of avocado and kiwi, mixed with tomatoes and hot peppers! This is a great addition to chips, fish sticks, or falafels! Delicious and healthy, too!

Handsome Toys to Play With the Kids

Toys are play buddies that children love with all their hearts. Playing is a fun way of learning and you can encourage your child to enjoy life while developing life skills by playing with quality toys that are age-appropriate. This coming holiday season, give a child a toy to play with to make the holidays be full of bliss and enjoyment. The list below will show you the best toys to play with for children, see them all here.

Honeysticks Crayons

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The Honeysticks Crayons are pure beeswax crayons with food-grade pigments. This is great for kids with parents who worry about their kids ingesting toxic materials, or just those who like their stuff nature friendly. The chubby crayons are great for young kids who are just starting to hold pens and can be used with a fist grip.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

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Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippo is a cute multiplayer game for kids where the players control the mouth of the hippos and compete to chomp the most marbles until they are all gone. This super fun game is a great sensory play for young children, seeing different colors and textures, as well as a great way to have fun with the family.


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This is a family guessing game where you put on a headband and connect a card to it. You guess what is on the card. This is basically a more fun version of the game “What am I?”. This is a great fun toy for the whole family. Family bonding time!


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Hexbug is a brand of robotic insects! There are a lot of Hexbug you can choose from, but the most interesting is this scorpion Hexbug! This toy just screams fun and is great for young boys and girls who love bugs and little crawling critters in the garden.

Hyperdash Extreme

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Hyperdash Extreme is a game where you pick up moving targets with the picker included in the game package. This game is specially made for the visually impaired, as the targets light up and sound off.


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Hoppers is a logic puzzle game with forty different problems and solutions. It is a classic peg solitaire with a fun froggy twist! The game strengthens a child’s sequential reasoning skills as well as critical thinking skills.

Hide and Seek Safari

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This cute monkey looks so innocent, but it has a trick up its sleeves. Have someone hide it and you can locate it using the scanner it comes with the toy set. This makes hours of fun hiding and scanning the animal for potential locations. This also presents a great opportunity for parents to come and play with their children!

Happy Books to Read to Children

Kids can take their holiday break as time off from school but learning should never stop. Although during this period they would prefer not to see their school books for sure, you should encourage them to see other books instead.

Kids can learn even outside the school textbooks by reading interesting children’s books. These children’s books are filled with life lessons that they can use and would be instilled in their hearts and minds.

Check out the list provided below and pick out your favorite educational book gifts that begin with the letter H.

Hands Are Not for Hitting

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This beautifully illustrated book tells children that violence is never ok and your hands are made to help and enrich others, not harm them.

Happy Hippo, Angry Duck

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Happy Hippo, Angry Duck is a little book for kids teaching the different types of emotions and moods. This book illustrates them all along with cute captions that rhyme and burst with humor.

Have You Seen My Dinosaur?

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Have You Seen My Dinosaur? is a funny book about a kid who played hide and seeks with his pet dinosaur and found it was hard to find the reptilian. Aside from the adorable illustration, the book has fun Dr. Suess-style words and rhymes that children will love to read.

How Full Is Your Bucket?

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How Full is Your Bucket? is a book about filling a bucket, a metaphor for doing positive actions throughout the day and refraining from doing negative ones.


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Hug-opotamus is a fantastic book that encourages the kids to love the body they’re in. This is especially crucial as many teenagers suffer from body insecurity and it is really good to start them young to be confident whatever body type they have.

Heavenly Gizmos and Gadget Gifts that Begin with the Letter H

Smartphones, tablets, GPS, laptops and other gadgets are now basically an extension of our pair of hands in our daily living. We can’t seem to function well when one is out or broken. In line with this, since the holiday is just around the corner an electronics gadgets and accessories are very much in demand since we are living in a technology-enhanced era already. A tech-savvy significant other would certainly give you more brownie points if you would give a gift under this category, for sure! See our hand-picked items that are guaranteed to wow your recipient.

Hand Crank Radio and Charger

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Have you ever been in a situation that you badly need your phone but there is no electricity insight, and it is nighttime? The answer to this very particular problem is a hand crank charger and radio. This nifty piece of the gadget has a tiny generator that turns raw mechanical energy (your physical effort) into electricity. This is amazing! You get to charge your phone and have a workout at the same time. This also has a radio function, for entertainment in exchange for sweaty arms.


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A trusty portable hammock is what every outdoorsman needs! Imagine after a long hike, setting up a hammock under the trees and taking a nap. Heaven! This hammock is also perfect just for the backyard, under the big tree your grandpa planted when he was a kid, and just chilling.

Home Repair Kit

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The handypeople would love to fix things in their house or in a friend’s house. A home repair kit would be the most suitable gift for the handyman.

Herobeam Lantern and Flashlight

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The Herobeam is a high-lumen flashlight that also doubles as a lantern. Like the hand crank radio above, this gift idea would be perfect for those who love the great outdoors.

Hip Flask

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A hip flask is like a handbag to the ladies! A man who loves his alcoholic drinks does not have to be embarrassed while carrying his liquor anymore! Pick the ones that are wrapped in beautiful leather or wood for that beautiful, classic look.


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Those who exercise regularly need water bottles. Hydroflask is one of the best when it comes to water bottles. Hydroflask is super durable and airtight. This water bottle has been tested for dropping and wear and tear and has satisfactory results. Not to mention the beautiful simple look of this item.

Heat-Changing Mug

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One of my favorite heat-transforming mugs is the morning mug, where the mug looks sleepy at first but turns into a happy, alert little thing after you pour piping hot coffee into it. This is great for coffee lovers and those who are cranky in the morning. Or both.

Harry Potter Stuff Anyone Will Like

H is for Harry Potter! Ang Hermione Granger and Hagrid and Hogwarts and Hufflepuff! There are a lot of “H” things in the Potterverse, and you can get lots of gifts that start with H here!

Harry Potter Illuminating Wand

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Have you ever wanted to be a wizard? Even though Hagrid never came barging at the door and telling us we are wizards, we can still own a replica of his wand. 11 inches, holly and phoenix tailfeather, nice and supple. This wand lights up when the button is pressed, so those who own it can play pretend with the spell, Lumos. Or Avada Kedavra, if evil is their game.

Hedwig Backpack

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This is too cute! The Hedwig Backpack is a white faux leather bag made in the likeness of Harry Potter’s snowy white owl. Although this cute backpack cannot deliver letters, it can carry school supplies, makeup kits even small books. Perfect for little girls who love Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Cookbook

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The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook lets children and adults cook Harry Potter inspired food, from savory to desserts. This book boasts 150 recipes that will fill the kitchen and the dining table with magic. It has recipes from Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory to Treacle Tarts! This book will entice kids who are interested in Harry Potter to become interested in cooking, too!

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

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Although this is not a real Hogwarts acceptance letter (if it were real, an owl would deliver it and not Amazon) a guy can dream! This officially licensed merchandise looks so much like the acceptance letter in the Harry Potter movies. The package lets you make ten different letters that you can send to your friends or just hoard for yourself!

Hogwarts House Banners

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Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw. The Hogwarts House Banners package has all four house banners plus a bigger Hogwarts banner. This is great for decorating a Potterhead’s room, or just as a gift by itself.

Hermione Granger’s Handbag

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This replica of Hermione Granger’s handbag in the movies looks so cool! Although this replica is not enchanted with the undetectable extension charm like the real one, it can still store some small things like coins and makeup. This is a useful Harry Potter gift idea for women.

Hufflepuff Tapestry

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Hufflepuff, the house of the loyal and unyielding gets some love with this tapestry. Like the house banners, this letter H gift idea is a great item to decorate a Potterhead’s room, or can be given just as itself as a present.

Helpful Kitchen and Dining Stuff

If you want useful gifts, look in the kitchen! Lots of cute and useful stuff are found in the kitchen and there will always be a useful tool or gadget that will make cooking and baking and serving food easier! Here are some awesome kitchen and dining gifts that begin with the letter H.

Hotpot Stove

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Have you ever had shabu-shabu? This is the Japanese term for “bubble-bubble” which describes the boiling of meat veggies in delicious broth. Hotpot is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy a meal, and it is fun cooking on the table with your friends too! Super fun and super healthy gift idea for one’s kitchen.

Hotdog Roller

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If you have ever been to the hotdog stands in the fares or carnivals then you have seen one of the rollers that cook the hotdogs slowly and evenly. What’s good is a miniature version like this is now available. You can roll hotdogs and watch the little ones look at it amazed while waiting for the hotdog to cook to perfection.

Honey Dispenser

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This looks so gorgeous! The crystal hive design of this honey dispenser looks so classy and high art, it will look like you have lots of money. Of course, having honey whenever you need is also important.

Herb and Spices Set

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No dish is going to be tasty without the help of herbs and spices! This herb and spices set features a rotating holder so you can find the herb you need in an instant. This set also comes with a full year of free refills, making this an ideal “H” gift for housewarming and for those who are just starting a new home.

Herb Garden for Kitchen

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This is really pretty! This herb garden set lets you set up herbs right inside your kitchen, on the counter. No need to look for a sunny spot, because this has a built in grow light. I can already imagine the convenience of having a fresh batch of basil anytime I need it!

Home and Garden Gifts that Begin with the Letter H

If you cannot find a giftable gadget in the kitchen, you can also look into the other parts of the house, especially in the living room or in the garden! Here are some ideas for letter H home and garden gift ideas.

Hippo Candy Holder

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Super cute! This hippo candy holder lets you put candy inside its mouth! Do not worry, it will not close its mouth while you take candy from it. This hippo gift can also be used as a trinket holder, holding different small items like keys, makeup, coins, or even jewelry. A super cute item that can be used in every part of the house.

Hanging Planters

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Those with green thumbs with small space gardens usually have the dilemma of where to place their precious little plants. The solution is to hang them! These hanging planters look so boho, that it will fit a rustic patio or balcony.


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The problem with winter is that the air has too little humidity that the skin becomes dry and itchy. The solution is a humidifier that adds a bit of water droplets in the air, making it more comfortable. Goodbye cracked lips and itchy skin!

Hanging Lounge Chair

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Chilling in the patio or porch with this hanging lounge chair while talking to your friend is a great way to kill time! Give your giftee a chance to experience this simple pleasure by getting them a hanging lounge chair!

Humble Fashion and Accessory Gift Ideas

If you know the size and preference in style of your giftee, then you can get them wearable gifts. Here are some ideas on what accessories, clothes, and jewelry begin with the letter H.

Honey Opal Ring

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This beautiful piece of jewelry has a honey opal ring in it! Opals usually has a white shiny gleam to it, but this honey opal is a translucent yellow, which makes it quite unusual. This is great for the ladies who love gemstones or those who love anything yellow!

Hematite Ring

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The darkness of this ring is just stunning! Hematite rings are said to absorb stress and negative aura from the wearer, then break the energy into something neutral. This is a perfect piece of jewelry to wear during meditation. If you do not believe this, that is okay, as it is still a gorgeous pitch-black ring.

H Necklace

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Like always, a piece of alphabet jewelry is the best necklace when giving an alphabet gift. This letter H jewelry looks so delicate and pretty, which makes it perfect for little girls with names that start with the letter H.

Hedgehog Shirt

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This shirt has a cool retro print of a hedgehog, which makes it great for people who have pet hedgehogs or those who just love hedgehogs in general.

Hawaiian Shirts

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These floral shirts are not for everybody! The guy must be confident and sure of himself to pull off such an awesome piece of clothing. Get him one of the tiny floral prints, instead of the loud large ones. They look better.

Other Heavy-Hitting Gifts that Begin with the Letter H

Looking for more? Here are more gifts that begin with the letter H, but we can’t fit somewhere else in the list!

Human Organ Box Lunch Box

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Those who still go to school or those who go to an office and bring their own food would love this! The Human Organ Lunch Box looks like the human organ transport cases we see on TV! Bring this to work and watch as your friends get stunned as you take out a large heart… of artichoke.

Hand Cream Gift Set

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During this time when we are always washing our hands and sanitizing with rubbing alcohol, our hands can get dry. The solution is applying hand cream to bring back the moisture and suppleness of the skin. This gift box contains three different variants of hand sanitizer, which makes it perfect for sharing or hoarding.


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It is a musical instrument! Harmonicas do not really need an introduction, since almost everyone has seen one. However, not everyone had the pleasure to play one, so if your giftee is someone who wants to try new things, get them a high-quality harmonica to play with!

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