Looking for inspiration for gifts that begin with the letter I? We prepared a list for you!

Gifts are the highlights of any event there is. If you would carefully observe any special occasion whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, or even Christmas. We always get excited when we receive a gift especially when we get to the part when it’s time to open the gifts. So to ensure that you will make your recipient happy and even more surprised than ever, you need to know the likes and interests of your giftee to get the perfect gift.

If your giftee has a name that starts with the letter I, then it could be great to give a gift that begins with the same letter! Check out our top finds of gifts that begin with the letter I. You can scroll down below or click on the subsections of this long list!

  1. Impeccable Food and Candy Gifts
  2. Imagination-Boosting Toys for Children (and the Kid-at-Heart Too!)
  3. Invaluable Books for Kids
  4. Incredible Fashion and Accessories
  5. Immaculate Gadgets and Hobby Gifts
  6. Irreplaceable Kitchen and Dining Gifts
  7. Important Home and Garden Gifts
  8. Other Incredible Gifts That Begin With the Letter I

Impeccable Food and Candy Gifts that Start with the Letter I

Munching, snacking, eating, we just can’t seem to get enough of it!  The holiday season is equivalent to having a bountiful table to share with friends and family. Our tummies enjoy feasts not only because the food served is delicious but simply because we love to eat with family and all the people we love.

If you have a friend, relative, or a significant other who has a sweet tooth and great love for candies then you need to check out our favorite picks of candies to munch on the list provided below. These all start with the letter I.

Insects Lollipops

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Creepy and crawly and delicious! Have you ever seen lollipops with insects frozen inside? This is what these insect lollipops are. You have tasty candy with an edible (and very real) cooked insects inside. The result is a treat with a nice crunch texture when you get into the middle. It is also worth mentioning that insects pack protein more than chicken or beef, too.

Ireland Classic Gift Box Set

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Ireland is known for its lush landscapes and Medieval castles, but one of my favorites is the food and beer! If you want your giftee to get a taste of Ireland, you get them this Irish gift basket, which contains Kerrygold Dubliner, Irish Green Wax Mature Cheddar, Irish Mustard by Lakeshore, Follain Irish Jam, Irish Shortbread, Dublin Morning Tea, Bewley’s Irish Creme Coffee, Butler’s Chocolate Bar, and Colleen’s Famous Chocolate Peppermints.

Italian Gourmet Meats Sampler

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Aside from the assortment of decadent wines and pasta, Italy also has the best meats. If you want your giftee to sample the best Italian meats without buying them a plane ticket, this Italian meat sampler from Carnivore Club is the thing you need. This set contains Salame Di Manzo , Nduja, Chorizo, Sopressata Dolce, and Uncured Pepperoni. This set is perfect when paired with cheeses and wines which are also found in Italy.

Italian Cheeses Set

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Who mentions Italy without mentioning cheese? This set of Italian cheese goes well with me meat mentioned above. This set contains Toma Piedmontese, Piave Vecchio, Mountain Gorgonzola and Pecorino Toscano, all delicious and just divine. This is perfect for cheese lovers or just those who can’t get enough of Italy.

Ice Chips Peppermint Candy

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Ice Chips is a brand of mint candy that does not have sugar. This makes these candies perfect for diabetics and those who are watching their sugar intake. Ice Chips come in different flavors, but my personal favorite would be the peppermint favor. The tin box that comes with the candy is also a good choice to give this as a gift because they can just refill it when it runs out.

Ice Breakers Sours

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Ice Breakers Sours are sugar-free breath mints that come in different sour fruit flavors. This is for people who cannot stand the taste of plain mint candies. Like the Ice Chips above, they come in a tin box (round one this time) so they are reusable when the candy runs out.

Iced Tea Candy

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Got an iced tea lover? This pack of iced tea-flavored candies is just for them! These Bali’s Classic Iced Tea candies will give them a jolt of tea flavor… and a bit of caffeine whenever they pop them into their mouth.

I Should Have Not Put That In My Mouth Candies

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This funny little mint tin is actually just ordinary, a relabeled tin of mints. This mint tin is great as a dirty little joke gift to a lover or as a funny gag gift to friends and co-workers. In any way, the hilarious photo of a sad woman printed on the candy box will make anyone laugh.

It’s Happy Bunny Breath Mints

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Another funny mint tin is this It’s Happy Bunny mint candy. The box says, “since you already suck all the time” makes this gift idea perfect for co-workers and friends. Maybe even wives and girlfriends, for a dirty inside joke.

Iced Gem Biscuits

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These are divine! Iced gem biscuits are small pieces of biscuits with a bit of hard frosting on top. They look like little pieces of colorful jewelry. People who grew up in the ‘90s would remember eating these and would give them a nostalgia trip.

Imagination-Boosting Toys for Children (and the Kid-at-Heart Too!)

Toys are everything for kids. They just have tons of energy and they always ensure to give playing time. Since kids enjoy playing too much, toys to play with are a huge hit for children. See our list of top toys to play with on the list below for your reference.

Ironing Board Toy

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It is a pretend house chore toy set! This ironing board toy set includes iron and the ironing board, plus a small sprayer, too. This is great for pretend games with the parents or with friends.

Introductory Robotics Kit

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Have you ever wondered how is it like to build a real robot from scratch? You can experience that with this Introductory Robotics Kit! This kit lets you build a bristle bot, which crawls around a flat surface, using its buzzing bristles. This robotics kit is great for kiddos who love science and the little tykes who are fascinated with robots.

Incognito Party Game

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Incognito is a fun party game for friends, family, and co-workers. This game might be a little too hard for younger children, but older children have enough life experience to have fun with this! This game will teach everyone teamwork, creativity, and humor.

It's in the Bag!

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It’s in the Bag! is a mix of charades and guessing games. The mix is a surprisingly fun and addictive party game, for kids and adults. This would be a great way to pass the time with friends and family or with co-workers.

Imaginarium Play Table

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This wooden playset features a train and animals on the table. Inside one of the drawers is a jigsaw puzzle, and on the other is a set of toy blocks! This is an awesome multiple toy set in one and will net hours of fun and entertainment for the little ones.

Infantino Baby Teepee

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The Infantino grow-with-me teepee is a teepee-like play tent for little babies. They can crawl, walk-in and play inside the tent, even sleep in it! Inside the tent is a mobile made of four cute plush toys, which also play nice, soothing music.


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Illustory is a storybook-making set where children can publish their very own book! This helps children love literature and helps them become more creative. This book even has its own “About the Author” section where your child can post their own photo and write a small biography!

Interactive Human Body

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Has your child ever said they wanted to be a doctor someday? If they did then this interactive human body is just the best toy to give! This toy shows a whole human body, which can be tripped to muscles, internal organs, and skeleton! This game has sixty pieces that they can assemble and disassemble when they want.

Ice Cream Making Kit for Kids

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This kit lets the children make real ice cream while playing! This children’s ice cream toy kit is basically a simplified ice cream maker. Just put ice and salt plus the ice cream mix that comes with the set and stir for five minutes. Your children will love making ice cream for themselves and their friends and for you, of course.

Invaluable Books for Kids

Encouraging kids to read is a good thing to practice. If you have a child who is fond of reading books then an interesting book to read would be the perfect gift for your recipient. Ensure that you will pick out the book that would entice your child’s imagination even more and be beneficial at the same time. Since learning is not only gained from school, other life skills are achievable from playing or reading books.

If Animals Kissed Good Night

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This book shows an illustration of how animals kiss their young, if animals did kissed goodnight. The book also gives us a cute little poem that gives the little children warm fuzzy fillings.

I Love You, Stinky Face

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In the book, a child asked his mom, “If I smelled so much that people called me Stinky Face, would you still love me?” and then proceeds to ask if his mother would still love him he was a plethora of different things. I Love You, Stinky Face is a story about a parent’s unconditional love.

I Just Forgot (A Little Critter Book)

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This cute little storybook tells the story of a groundhog who kept forgetting things. Whether it is closing the faucet to putting on rainboots, the little groundhog just keeps forgetting. This book is a nice story to teach children about responsibility!

I am a Bunny

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I am a Bunny is a cute little storybook about how a bunny lives its life in the forest and how this little creature appreciates a simple life. The illustrations are super stunning. This is a classic storybook that entertained generations and generations to come. Perfect if your young one is obsessed with bunnies and rabbits.

If I Give a Mouse a Cookie

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This cute illustration book tells the story of a pressing question: Would you give a mouse cookie if it came knocking on your door? This funny little book is going to be a favorite of your little tyke.

Incredible Fashion and Accessories

If you want to give clothes and jewelry or accessories, you should be well informed of their sizes and style. When you do, these gifts will be one of the best they ever get!

Introverting Shirt

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Does your giftee like to be alone? Is he an introvert? You should get them this funny shirt of a turtle hiding in its shell and saying, “I’m Introverting”. It is a funny way of saying you know them and understand that alone time is precious to them.

I Hate Mornings Shirt

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Do you know someone who is always grumpy in the morning? This shirt that says “I hate morning people, and mornings, and people” with a frowning cat drinking coffee, will say what they always have in mind every morning! Perfect for the introverted guys and girls as well as people who love coffee.

Italian Purse

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When you have a lady on your list and you want to have an astounding gift to surprise her, well we strongly suggest an Italian purse as a gift.  Check out our great finds from Etsy and for sure you would find something for your muse.  Italy is known for their great quality products when it comes to purses and bags.  You can choose an eye catchy design for every occasion and wow the love of your life on your anniversary or on her birthday or just because!

Indicolite Ring

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Indicolites look so stunning! These green-colored gemstones are gorgeous and will look great in any dressy outfit. Get a young lady an indicolite ring as a symbol of affection and love.

Letter I Necklace

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An alphabet necklace is one of the best pieces of jewelry you can give when you are looking for gifts that begin with the letter I. This letter I necklace is delicate looking and pretty, making it perfect for little girls and young women.

Infinity Necklace

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If you do not want to give them a letter I necklace, you can give them an infinity sign necklace as a sign of your love (romantic or friendly or familial) this is also perfect for the ladies!

Infinity Dress

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An infinity dress is one of the best dresses around! They can be worn countless times because you can change the style and the look by just changing how you wear them! Choose something bold and classic, like red or black.

Immaculate Gadgets and Hobby Gifts that Begin with the Letter I

Electronics and gadgets are like common commodities nowadays. We just can’t seem to live without our smartphones and gadgets. Since gadgets and technology make our lives easier, gifting your loved one some electronics or gadgets would be great!

Spending our free time may see our personality and moreover our interests in life. Some people do have interesting hobbies that they practice and they use this to spend their free time wisely to gain more skills in life or just because. In order to show how much you care and support your recipient’s hobbies in life, you can surprise your giftee by giving a tool for his or her hobbies.

See our prepared list below to help you out on your quest in finding the perfect gifts that begin with the letter I.

Infinity Orb

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Infinity Orbs are floating little spheres of speakers on a piece of plate. They are super curious, floating without any wires and sticks to prop it up. Hint, it uses magnets to float.

Inflatable Raft

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When swimming is one of your favorite pastimes, then lounging in the pool is one of your favorite hobbies for sure.  You can enjoy the pool some more with this inflatable raft.  You can sunbathe and relax while lounging on this inflatable raft.  This would be great for indoor pools and even on the beach.  You can choose from a variety of designs.  And these inflatable rafts can also carry adults too.

Igloo Cooler

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Heavy-duty coolers are one of the best gifts if your giftee likes to go on picnics or hold barbecues in the backyard. Imagine having a cool beer and soft drinks every time! Igloo Coolers are one of the sturdiest coolers around!


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Instax is a camera that lets you instantly print photos that you like! This piece of Fuji Film Instax is pink and perfect for girls who like pretty stuff. This is the most perfect thing you can give to teenage and tween girls.

Irreplaceable Kitchen and Dining Gifts

The kitchen and dining areas are also great places to find inspiration on what to give as a gift. Many cute and useful things are found in the kitchen!

Iced Tea Maker

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Who would have thought that there is an iced tea maker? This looks like a coffee maker but is taller and has a brewer slot. You can use tea bags or loose tea to make your iced tea and add other flavors and fruits and other herbs! This is a nice gift during the summer months so they can enjoy cool beverages while resting under a tree or on the porch to beat the heat. Perfect gift idea for couples who just got married or as a housewarming gift.

Ice Cream Maker

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Nothing beats the happiness and refreshment that ice cream brings!  Well, having ice cream is fun and fulfilling but it is expensive to have it anytime that we want.  And most ice cream brands are full of preservatives too.  You can make your own ice cream at home especially when long weekends are here.  You can gift happiness to your family by bringing home this ice cream maker.  You can make your very own ice cream from scratch and from the freshest ingredients that you could think of.  Enjoy the comfort of having refreshing ice cream anytime that you want with your very own ice cream maker.

Immersion Hand Blender

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Immersion Hand Blenders are handheld kitchen devices that can replace bulky blenders in the kitchen counter. This set also has a food processor attachment, further replacing the bulky food processors and freeing up precious counter space. Like any other kitchen appliances, these immersion blenders are perfect for new couples and those who are celebrating a new home.

Instant Pot

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Join the Instant Pot bandwagon! Instant Pot has become quite popular in the United States as of late because of its versatile utility in the kitchen. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, sous vide, sauté pan, sterilizer, yogurt maker, food warmer, cake baker, and steamer in one!

Important Home and Garden Gifts

Another place to get gift inspirations for an alphabet gift idea is the rest of the house! Here are some gifts that begin with the letter I, which you can find in the home and the garden!

iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

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Have you ever seen those round vacuum cleaners that run roam around the floor, picking up dirt and dust? One of the biggest brands in robot vacuum cleaners in iRobot! The best thing about iRobot is that they are programmable, only sweeping and vacuuming on specified times.

Ionizer (Air Purifier)

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Breathing fresh air is such a luxury nowadays with all the pollution apparent in our society.  I remember the movie Lorax where in people go crazy over the bottle of fresh air.  Well, an ionizer can help in transforming hard air into a breathable and refreshing vibe.  This ionizer can also help when humidity strikes in and makes it hard to breathe especially for those who have asthma or other lung problems.  You can gift the gift of comfort with this ionizer.

Incense Sticks

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A great-smelling room is an inviting room! You can make any room super fragrant with these incense sticks. This set of sticks include the following aroma: Lavender, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Vanilla and Rose. The set also includes a super fashionable incense holder, so you do not have to prop the gift item on a bottle.

Incense Sticks Hold

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The incense stick holder in the gift idea above is just plain wood (but quite fashionable) so if you want to see something super quirky and cute, try this frog incense stick! Super adorbs. Perfect gift for frog lovers, too!

Indoor Plants I

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Indoor Plants are great! They spruce (pun intended) the house, purify the air, and gives a bit of something beautiful and calming to look at! One good plant you can grow indoors is the fiddle leaf fig! You can grow it as tall and as bushy as you want. The leaves of the fiddle leaf fig are beautiful. Get indoor plants for gifts that begin with the letter I.

Infinity Wall Sign

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An infinity sign looks great on a wall! It looks so balanced, and the inclusion of names denotes everlasting love and devotion! This gift idea is great for couples, of any age.

Other Important Gifts that Begin with the Letter I

Looking for more gift ideas? These start with I too, but we cannot fit in the groups above.


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Ikigai is the middle ground between what you love, what you are good at, what you can get paid for, and what benefits other people. This small middle ground is your happiness, a reason for living. The book of the same name, Ikigai, interviews old people in Japan who achieved Ikigai. A good read for everyone, but this is best for young professionals.

Insulated Lunch Box

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People who love carrying lunch to work or school would love this gift idea! This insulated lunch box will keep food warm, even if they are late for their meal! Get one that is stylish, like this insulated lunch box, which can be carried on the shoulder!

Icosoku Brainteaser Puzzle

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Icosoku is like a Rubik’s cube sudoku and domino all in one piece of puzzle! This is great for those who are getting bored with the regular sudoku or Rubik’s cube and for those who love unusual pieces of toys.

Ice Skates

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A nice new hobby would be great! Ice skating was once only available during winter but now ice-skating rinks are everywhere! Pick the sturdiest ones, luke this pick, so they can use it for a long time.

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