Looking for gifts that begin with the letter J? Look at this list of gift ideas!

Holidays are coming really soon, decorations are everywhere, jingles are being played and some are already done with their shopping. Speaking of shopping, have you prepared your list already? If you are not yet ready with your list or your shopping then you are in luck because we have prepared a list of gifts that begin with the letter J.

Here is our list of gifts. Click on each and it will take you to some gift suggestions!

  1. Jiggish Toys to Play With
  2. Jocular Books for Kids
  3. Juicy Food and Candies
  4. Jelly About Everything
  5. Just Electronics and Gadgets
  6. Jaunty Fashion Gift Ideas
  7. Jewelry that Begin with the Letter J
  8. Jazzy Home, Kitchen and Dining Stuff
  9. Other Justifiable Gift Ideas

Jiggish Toys to Play With

Kids will always be kids. They love to toss and turn, play and play even more. If you have kiddos on your list as recipients of your holiday gifts then you need to check out our top finds of toys to play with on the list below for your reference.

Jump Rope

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Classic! Jump ropes make great physical activity fun! In fact, a minute of jump roping burns more calories than running. If you want to keep your child physically fit, a jump rope is the best toy to give!

Jigsaw Puzzles

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Jigsaw Puzzles are great! They sharpen one’s special recognition, memory, and pattern recognition! If you’re giving a gift to a child, choose the ones with large pieces and colorful photos to build! One cool Jigsaw puzzle I found is this nice Jaguar jigsaw puzzle because jaguar is also a thing that begins with the letter J.

Jamba Juice Smoothie Maker

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Technically this is a real juice maker but is a simplified design that can let kids make their own smoothies easily with little adult supervision needed.


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Jack-in-the-Boxes are kind of a mixed bag. Some kids are terrified of them, some are really happy the thing comes out of the box. If your giftee is one of the latter, get them this gift! To lessen the chances of this toy becoming scary, you can also get one of this Curious George Jack-in-the-Box, because let’s face it… clown=scary, monkey=fun!

Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Set

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Dress-up playsets are usually made of paper so that the paper dresses can be folded into the dolls. Not this dress-up set though! Joey Magnetic Dress-Up Set makes use of the magic of magnets so you can dress up the doll.

Jungle Gym

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Jungle Gyms are a great playset for children with many friends. This keeps a child and his friends happy and active and social! This jungle gym does need a large area to play at and will most likely need a backyard set up. Fun!

Jenga Classic Game

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It is Jenga! Nobody needs an introduction to Jenga, as anyone had at one point had real, friendly fun with these little blocks. Jenga is a great toy for older children and adults.

Jumbo Inflatable Dice

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They are huge dice made of plastic and air! You and your children can decide how you play with them. Whether it is for an even more fun game of Snake and Ladders or as a fun beach ball, this huge set of inflatable dice is something fun and memorable for the kiddos.

Jumbo Slime Kit

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Jumbo Slime Kit is a make-your-own kit that lets you create your own gooey, sticky, and super fun slime. You can create a large slime or lots of small slimes. Your choice! They also glow in the dark which makes it even more fun.

Jocular Books for Kids

If adults are fond of reading so are the kids. There are tons of good reads in the market that are entertaining and educational at the same time for the kids. We have narrowed it down and created a list of the top reads that you can give as a gift to your favorite rascal this coming holiday season.

Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves

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Jack Black is a youngster who turned into a hero after he discovers a plot to wreck his father’s airship, but he was swept overboard before he can warn anyone.

Jacob’s Tree

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Children will be able to relate to Jacob who is small and can’t seem to do the things he wants to do. Little did he know that he is in for a great surprise after the long winter!

Johnny and the Dead

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Johnny has the ability to see dead people, but he sees them just like normal people which makes him a one-of-a-kind kid!

Juicy Food and Candies

Food is one of the best gifts ever. It gives some added spice to your existing gift or can be given as a gift alone. If you have a sweet tooth buddy or a kid to please this coming holiday season, gifting some candies to munch is such a great idea. Please see our list of favorite picks of candies to munch below.

Jackfruit Chip

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Have you ever watched the Disney Movie Raya? Raya was packing jackfruit jerky as an everyday food. Jackfruit jerky? Gross. Jackfruit chips? Yes! Jackfruit chips are not like the jerked version! With chips, the sweetness of the fruit is preserved, plus it is crunchy! This jackfruit chip is something people from Asian countries would love, especially the Filipinos! Delish!

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

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If you have someone who loves meat, then Jerky would be their candy! Jack Link’s is one of the best jerkies around, and this is my personal favorite! Jerky is a great gift idea for those who are bodybuilding because of the amount of protein it packs! Also great for cowboys, hunters, and outdoorsmen!

Jaw Busters or Jawbreakers

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Jaw Busters or more commonly called Jawbreakers are a type of hard candy that is super hard! Your jaw can break if you try to bite it! This candy is meant to be sucked on until it disappears in your mouth. This pack of jawbreakers is five pounds, enough for candy-sucking for a very long time!

Juicy Fruit Gum

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“Times like these you need Juicy Fruit Gum!”, says the old Juicy Fruit slogan. Juicy Fruit is a super soft bubblegum that is tastes like melted sugar. Yum! Juicy Fruit is super popular used to be super popular in the Philippines in the ‘90’s, so if your giftee is a Filipino, then this would make a great Pinoy gift idea.

Jujyfruits Chewy Candy

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These are chewy gummy candies that look like small bits of fruit, and they taste like fruits too! The colorful little gummies make great snacks for kids who like fruity, sweet food.

Japanese Stick Type Snacks Sampler Set

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Japanese stick snacks or more commonly known for the Japanese term umaibo are small stick-shaped crispy snacks that have different tastes, ranging from sweet to salty and to the bland-but-umami kind of taste. Each snack is individually packed with cute Japanese character prints, like Doraemon or Mojacko on the side. This is perfect for the Japanophile or the person who traveled to Japan and loved it.


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Jarritos is like the Coca-cola of Mexico! This delicious fizzy drink is the best tasting ever, with different flavors that will rival Mirinda or Fanta! Jarritos has rare flavors like Tamarind or Guava. Perfect gift for Mexicans, those who cannot get enough of Mexico, or just those who love fizzy drinks.


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Jujubes are chewy little cylinders of candies. They are fruity and delicious. People who love chewy fruit candies like Fruit-Tella will love Jujubes. Perfect gifts for small children!

Jelly About Everything

Jelly! Jelly snacks, jellyfish! Jelly begins with the letter J, so here are some gifts that begin with jelly–

Jelly Belly

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Jelly Belly is one of the jellybeans to introduce weird flavors like meat or spices flavor. If you have tasted a jellybean that tastes different and not so sweet, you are sure it is from Jelly Belly. Of course, the traditional sweet jellybeans are there!

Jellyfish Plush Toys

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If you want a soft toy that is something clearly unique and cute, a jellyfish plush is a thing you are looking for! Who would have thought something gooey and icky in real life can be a cute little plush?

Jellyfish (A Day in the Life: Sea Animals)

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This little book features how jellyfishes live in the sea and what different kinds of jellyfishes there are. Super fascinating information, for people who love sea life.

Jelly Cups Snacks

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Delicious, is what I’d say. These little jelly snacks conveniently come in small cups, which makes them perfect for the kids and of course adults who are kids at heart! Personally, I have fond memories sucking on these little treats!

Jelly Nail Polish

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Jelly Nail Polis are of Japanese origin: These look like little jellies on your finger after they have set. The appearance of being shiny and squishy is just an illusion, though. These harden your nails and stay on for a long time. They are a step of from the regular nail polish.

Just Electronics and Gadgets

The tech-savvy friend that you have would appreciate any form of technology, accessory or gadget as a gift. In this era, it’s easy to find a gadget, electronic or accessories for these gadgets that we already have since technology has been part of our system already. See our favorite picks that you would find interesting as well.

Jabra Bluetooth Headset

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Driving and answering the phone is a NO-NO!  Eyes should be on the road and the phone should be just resting on the dashboard.  Sometimes some phone calls just can’t wait and that is why Bluetooth headsets were born.  This gives the driver hands-free access to answer or take calls while driving or even while walking or jogging.  This Jabra Bluetooth headset is by far the leading brand of its kind.  It gives the wearer exceptional sound quality with assured clear sound for great conversations even while doing other tasks at the same time.  This Jabra Bluetooth headset can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time as well which can run up to nine hours of talk time too.  Flexible ear gels are there to provide the wearer the maximum comfort that they deserve.

JBL Clip Speakers

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JBL speakers are the best when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, so get them this portable Bluetooth speaker! This clamps on a bag or a belt buckle, making this perfect for those who like to go on campings and those who travel a lot.


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Want to give something retro? Get them a mini jukebox! It is a little jukebox you can put on a countertop, and you do not need to put money in it! The retro look is just the most beautiful thing this radio can give you.

Jaybird Run

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If your giftee is someone who runs regularly, then a pair of earbuds would be a great gift! The Jaybird Run is one of the best earbuds for running. It is wireless, so no tangled cables. It is waterproof, so sweat won’t damage it.

Jaunty Fashion Gift Ideas

Clothes, clothes, clothes! Fashion is always a great gift, provided that you know the size and style of the giftee. Here are some fashion gifts that begin with the letter J (except jewelry, because I made another section for it).


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Winter season is coming, and we all know that it is jacket and sweater season once more!  If you are thinking of a practical gift to give, then we would recommend gifting a very nice and cozy jacket.  Jackets come in different designs and materials to choose from.  Check out the various selections that would greatly suggest the personality and likes of your recipient.

Jack of Hearts Shirt

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If you know someone who likes to play cards (or just someone who acts like a prince) then the Jack of Hearts shirt is one perfect gift that reflects their personality! Personally, I like the white-colored Jack of hearts shirt!

Jumpsuit Rompers

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Jumpsuit rompers are a type of loungewear, typically a pair of loose and soft blouse and shorts, worn on casual days. A young woman will love how these jumpsuit rompers look and feel, and this might turn out to become one of her favorite outfits ever!


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Jeans and leggings combined is called jeggings! Jeggings combine the comfort and softness of leggings and the style of jeans! This outfit has become really trendy among older teenagers, so if you have a teenage woman who would love to have both comforts and style, jeggings would be a great gift!

Jewelry Gifts that Begin with the Letter J

Since jewelry starts with J, all jewelry are gifts that begin with the letter J!

Ladies just love jewelry whether it be a ring, bracelet, or necklace, there is always that jewelry that fits the mood and style that she has.  If you have a lady love on your list or even a co-worker that you want to surprise then we do suggest some dazzling jewelry as a gift idea.  Check out the fantastic designs from the list, they have handmade, with monograms or names etched too. The possibilities are endless!

Jewelry Organizer

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If she has too many pieces of jewelry, then you want to look at jewelry organizers. Pick a jewelry organizer with a nice, rustic, and classic look, as opposed to the modern appearance. The classic jewelry box look does not go out of style!

Jewelry Making Kit for Teens

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For the young teenage girls who like pretty stuff, then a jewelry-making kit is one that will make their eyes pop! This jewelry-making kit will help them make bracelets and necklaces that are both colorful and shiny! The girls are surely going to have fun making jewelry.

Jade Anklet

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Jade is such a wonderful gemstone. When adorning a piece of jewelry, the beautiful green color will complement almost any color of skin but will look most especially great on tanned and chocolate-colored skin. Get a jade anklet for your giftee and they will love it!

Jasper Ring

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Aside from jade, jasper is also a good gemstone! A jasper ring will be one of their best-looking jewelry. Pick the simpler, classic ones over the intricate designs.

Letter J Necklace

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Another great piece of jewelry would be an alphabet necklace. You should choose the cursive letters, with a small size and silver, so the jewelry will compliment a young woman’s neck.

Jupiter Necklace

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One of the most interesting necklaces is planet jewelry, and the best is Jupiter! This Jupiter necklace is made in the likeness of how NASA shows the appearance of the planet. This would make a great gift for space geeks and those who just love science.

Jazzy Home, Kitchen and Dining Stuff

If you need more inspiration for gifts that begin with the letter J, you can always look around the house! You will find that the most useful and pretty presents are things around the living room, bathroom, kitchen and garden!

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

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Nothing beats the freshly brewed scent of coffee in the morning.  Coffee is such a wondrous beverage for the coffee drinker, but brewing may take some time and it would be nice to have freshly ground coffee occasionally.  For the coffee lover on your list, we strongly recommend this Java Presse Coffee Grinder as a gift idea.  This would certainly put a wow on your recipient’s face when gifted.  This Java Presse Coffee Grinder is perfect for grinding espresso or even a coarse ground French press.  This coffee grinder has over 15 settings that give you full control with every grind.

Java Blend Coffee Maker

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Do you know what any kitchen needs? A coffee maker! The best coffeemaker ever is the Java Blend Coffee Maker, which efficiently makes java for a great morning meal!

Jerky Gun

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Ever fancied having freshly dried jerky in the kitchen whenever you feel like chewing meat? You can with a Jerky Gun! The best part of a jerk gun is that you can also make sausages and hotdogs! Amazing piece of kitchen equipment.

Juicing Machine

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For those who are looking into adding fresh fruit and veggies into their diet, one of the better choices in achieving it is via juicing. This masticating juicer lets you juice veggies and fruits with less waste. Since the pulp is almost dry, you can use those for making veggie cakes. The most fun part of juicing is the mixing and matching of different fruits and veggies, each result in a different taste!

Jam and Jelly Maker

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People who have a sweet tooth will be delighted that there is kitchen equipment that lets you make your own blend of jams and jellies.  Just imagine your own jams and jellies all the time! Perfect for people who like sweets and for those who love breakfast.

Jar Opener

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Is your giftee an old person? Someone who already lacks the necessary grip strength to open jars? A jar opener would be a thoughtful gift you can give. No more asking other people to open jars of jellies, pickles, or sugar! Just clamp and turn!

Jupiter Neon Sign

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Neon signs look super cool! People who like space will surely appreciate this neon Jupiter sign! This would look great in a bedroom wall or at a coffee corner in the kitchen, if they have that!

Jungle Animals Wall Clock

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If your child likes animals, then a great wall clock to give is this jungle animal clock from lions to tigers to hippos, this beautiful clock will add a touch of awesomeness in a child’s bedroom.

Jade Money Tree

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A jade tree is considered lucky, so if you are looking into giving a decorative gift idea, then take a look at jade money plants! They can place it on business counters to attract abundance.

Other Justifiable Gift Ideas that Begin with the Letter J

Looking for more gifts that begin with the letter J? Here are some ideas that do not fit in the other groups above.

Juggling Learning Kit

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Got someone who is bored at home during the pandemic? A juggling learning kit is one nice gift! This set includes juggling scarves and an instructional DVD, so they can learn how to juggle in no time!

Joke Book

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For the kids and the kids at heart, nothing beats a funny joke book to gear up their joke bank even more!  This joke book is entitled laugh out loud is a best seller at Amazon’s.  This is filled with clean jokes that is safe for kids to read.  This joke book is suitable for kids aged seven up to twelve years old.

Joy of Painting

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Bob Ross is a gift to humanity! His Joy of Painting series captured the hearts of people with his soothing voice and kind demeanor. This gift idea, The Joy of Painting is a set of ten DVD’s that shows Bob Ross painting and giving instructions and encouragement while demonstrating how to paint. Perfect for both people who are starting to learn how to pain and people who have lost their love for art. Remember, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents!

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