Looking for gifts that begin with the letter K? Here is a list of what you can give!

Not all people are lucky to have ample time to list their recipients and do some shopping soon. Some are caught up in last-minute shopping sprees due to their hectic work schedule. If you are not yet done with your shopping and would like to have some help on what kind of gift to give to your special someone, then you can give them a gift that starts with the same letter as their name.

If you think it is a great idea, then you need to stick around and see our top fabulous finds of gifts that begin with K from the list below.

  1. Krispy Foods and Kandies
  2. Kooky Toys for Children and the Kids at Heart
  3. Knockout Children’s Books
  4. Kingly Fashion and Accessories Fit for Royalty
  5. Kinetic Gadgets and Hobbies
  6. Kitchen & Home Gifts
  7. Others Gifts that Begin with the Letter K

Krispy Foods and Kandies that Begin with the Letter K

Something to eat and share is one of the great gifts that you can offer as a gift. Your foodie relative or significant other would be delighted to receive your delicious treats to offer as a gift this coming holiday season. Candies and sweets can boost our mood when these sweets touch our taste buds. If you have a friend, child, relative, or significant other who has a big love for candies and sweets then giving such as a gift would be a huge hit Feel free to see our handpicked favorites below.

Kashi Chewy Granola Bars

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This would be perfect for the dieters but just can’t live without some sweets. These tasty granola bars are satisfying without having a guilty feeling afterward.

Keto Chocolate Chip Snacks

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Keto is a diet that restricts carbs and sugar intake by increasing fat and protein. That means cookies are out of the table… or is it? Keto enthusiasts can stop missing desserts and start eating them again without breaking the ketogenic process by eating these keto chocolate chip cookies! These cookies are made from the low carb alternatives of sugar and flout so it is virtually carb-free! Delicious!

KitKat Sake Flavor

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Who would have known KitKat has so many flavors? Among the weird KitKat flavors, sake is one best! It does taste a bit like sake and white chocolate. Sweet and bitter with a bit of alcohol kick! This is perfect for the people who love their drunks and those who love unique sweets!

Kobe Beef Jerky

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Do you know Kobe beef? Kobe is one of the most expensive beef in world, made from cows raised by high standards in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. Now imagine rich, fatty, high-quality beef, dried into jerky! YUM! Kobe beef is one of the most luxurious jerkies out there, only for the best people out there.

Kopi Luwak

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Kopi Luwak is special! It is coffee beans taken from the poop of Civet (or Luwak), a type of bearcat from Southeast Asia. It is said that the digestive enzyme of the animal adds a bit of richness and flavor to the coffee beans. This can be given to the most snobbish coffee drinker there is or just as a gag gift to a coffee lover. Because let’s face it, it is wild poop coffee.

Kale Chips

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Some people never outgrow their dislike for fresh vegetables. Luckily there are vegetable chips! One of the most unique snack vegetable chips is kale, and kale is also one of the most nutritious foods!

Ketchup Candy Canes

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These look like ordinary candy canes, but they hide a cool secret: they taste like ketchup! Super fun to eat or super gross… depending on how you like the condiment. This makes these a gag gift for those who like ketchup and an interesting treat for those who love it!

Korean Malang Cow Fresh Milk Candy

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These are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious! They are soft and fluffy, like little clouds of deliciousness that do not stick to your teeth. If you want a nice Korean gift idea, then Cow Malang is the way to go.

Korean Snacks Gift Sampler Set

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If you know someone who went to Korea, then you have probably heard that the snacks there are super fun! If they are missing Korean Treat, then you can give them this bundle of delicious snacks from Korea! This bundle has forty (!) different kinds, so this would last a long time. (Or just a couple of weekends, it really depends on the person.) This gift idea is perfect for Korean friends who are missing home, for college or as a care package for people drafted in the military.

Kooky Toys for Children and the Kids at Heart

Toys are one of the favorite things of the kids in this world. They treat their toys like treasures because these toys give them enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment that makes their childhood more colorful and memorable. If you are looking for the best toy for your child or a friend’s child, ensure that you will pick out the toy that is age-appropriate for your recipient and that it would check to give benefits to the child as well. Some toys are not just there to play with but also helps in cognitive development, life skills enhancement, and a lot more.


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Let the kids be kids just for once!  Some parents are overdoing it by giving their kids only the heavy educational materials without the fun.  Kids will only be kids once so let them enjoy!  This kaleidoscope will let the child in your list explore the wonders through imagination and mesmerizing.  Kaleidoscope is a Greek word that says beautiful to see, so this holiday gives the gift of beauty and charm to your kids through this kaleidoscope.

Kanoodle Genius

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Kanoodle Genius is a colorful 3D puzzle game that is perfect for any person, regardless of age. What it is basically a game that teases your special and critical thinking skills by challenging you to fit the pieces inside the case, flat without leaving any spaces. When you are done with the flat space challenge, the game amps the difficulty by making you use the same pieces to stack vertical figures, a pyramid for example. Many people love this toy set, even the adults!

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Doll

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The Kindi Kids Doll is a piece of interactive doll that wobbles its head and eats its snack. The large glittery eyes look like it is talking to you! Perf for little girls who like to play pretend mommy, tea party or school.

Khet Laser Game

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The Khet Laser Game is a super fun board game puzzle where you set up chess-like pieces. The pieces have mirrors that reflect the game’s Sphynx laser. The winner is determined who traps the opponent’s king. The game sounds very chess-like, but believe me, it is more fun and more challenging than the traditional board game.

Killer Whale Plush

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If your giftee is a little baby, then a “k” gift idea you can give is a killer whale plush! Super cute and super soft, this will be their favorite bedtime cuddle buddy.

Kinetic Sand

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Kinetic sand is so much fun! Even adults would have fun shaping and destroying and building it again. Is it dry? Is it wet? Nobody really knows. The sand looks like it has a mind of its own! It is so much satisfying to play with, especially when setting it up to a certain shape then taking a plastic knife toy and chopping it to neat pieces.

Kitchen Science Kit

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Kidz Labs! Kitchen Science Kit! However, you call it, it is still fits the “gifts that begin with the letter K” bill. Anywho, the Kitchen Science Kit is a set of six different STEM activities, each requiring an ingredient you can find in the kitchen. Lemon? Check. Use it to make electricity! Vinegar? Check! Use it to write invisible messages on a piece of paper! The set is so much fun and will keep you and your little tykes busy for hours.

KnuckleStrutz Knuckle Bots

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Knucklebots are a construction set where you can piece together a bunch of screw-like parts (lots of them) to form robots, cars, and structures. While the toy set gives you samples, your imagination is the limit with these! These are perfect STEM toys for little boys.

Kitchen Play Set

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Little girls who love to play pretend would be happy to receive a kitchen playset. Choose the ones with lots of different parts, and maybe with a cute play oven, too! Something like this playset! So fun and your kiddo can bring in friends.

Knockout Children’s Books

Reading books is such a good habit to practice especially for kids. Giving your child a book as a holiday gift this coming gift-giving season is such a worthy idea after all! Imagine the beautiful stories that need to be read and the journey that your child can take through reading a very good book is priceless. Check out our great finds under this category to help you out with your query.

King Midas and the Golden Touch

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This book has an interesting illustration, it’s like going into an art gallery with every turn of the page.

Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story

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The story is short and the drawings inside are eye-catchy which is perfect for small kids to catch their attention and interest.

Kite Flying

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This book will show how a family can work together to achieve a goal such as making a huge dragon kite.

Koala Claire’s Busy Day

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Have you ever been forced by your parents to take an afternoon nap? This is the plight of Koala Claire in the book, “Koala Claire’s Busy Day”. This book shows Claire’s efforts to avoid sleeping. This is a great bedtime book, so this makes the perfect gift idea for parents and their little children.

Kangaroo Pouch

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Kangaroo Pouch is a cute little storybook about how gestational surrogacy works. This book is vetted by doctors and child psychiatrists, so you are sure it is going to be child-friendly. Perfect for children of surrogate parents, as well as the children of gay couples.

Kinetic Gadgets and Hobbies

Electronics and gadgets are not only for the tech-savvy friend that you have since technology is all around us, but each of us also needs a device or two in our daily lives. Gifting an electronics or gadgets or a device accessory is one of the economical gifts that anyone would appreciate. See our top finds under this category. We have prepared this list of gadget gifts that begin with the letter K just for you.

Kindle Fire

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The techy friend that you have on your list deserves some love this holiday season through this Kindle Fire HD.

This Kindle Fire HD 8 is more than just an eBook reader, it is an all-around gadget that would let you stay connected to your social media and more.  This is a 16GB device with expandable storage of up to 256 GB.  The Kindle Fire HD 8 has the most vibrant display of its kind with sound and crisp quality for your music and sounds enjoyment!

Kodak PixPro Friendly Zoom Camera

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Take the priceless shots of your life to capture the moments that you cherish with this Kodak Pixpro friendly zoom camera.  This Kodak camera is very handy and can capture the joyous moments that you love!  This camera has 16mp with four times digital zoom.  You can even remove the red-eye from this camera as well before printing it out.  This camera is user-friendly and easy to learn, even your least techy friend would certainly enjoy this!


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It is a keg and a refrigerator in one! It is a kegerator! This is perfect for a man cave! A modern beer keg that keeps the beer aerated and cold so that it tastes full-bodied and delicious. Flat beer no more! Surely the boys would be regular visitors if there is always a fresh, cold batch of beer around.


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Modern kites are so much fun! Take this one for example. Take this beautiful hexagon lotus kite for example. It has an unconventional shape. When it flies up in the sky, it looks a pixelated video game graphic! Just amazing.

Kingly Fashion and Accessories Fit for Royalty

If you know the size and style of the person you would want to give to,  then gifts of fashion, clothes, and accessories are a great gift idea. If your giftee’s name starts with a K, then here are fashion gifts that begin with the letter k.

King of Hearts Shirt

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Got a hubby or boyfriend you want to give a shirt to? A king of hearts shirt would be a great gift! I love the classic look of the Bicycle-style card art on a white shirt, but with a modern twist (the shades).

Kitty Astronaut Shirt

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Got cute? This shirt has it! This super fun shirt of an astronaut cat is colorful, mesmerizing, and just too cute! The cheeseburger ship is perfect. *chef’s kiss*

This shirt is perfect for space lovers and cat lovers alike! The neutral design makes it a great gift for men, women, and children!

K Necklace

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When giving an alphabet gift, an alphabet necklace would be an excellent choice for gifts that begin with the letter K! Choose a necklace that is written in cursive so that it looks so creative.

Kermit the Frog Shirt

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Who would have thought that muppets can look cute on a shirt that is meant for adults? This minimalistic Kermit the Frog shirt straddles in between cute and geeky and fun. The pop-art Kermit shirt is perfect for both men and women with fun personalities, artists, children of the 60’s or any of the above!

Knight Knitted Beanie

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Brrr! Is it cold in here or is the knight beanie you are wearing just too cool? Anywho, a knitted knight beanie is just so cool with its medieval-style construction! It even has a detachable jaw protector! While it is super nice, always remember that it will not protect you from arrows, bashes to the head, and dragons. It will protect you from the cold and unfashionable winter hats, though.


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If you have a Japanophile friend or someone who just cannot get enough of Japan after a visit, then a kimono would be a super nice Japan gift idea. While a kimono is typically a female garment, you can also give a male variation, called Yukata. But let’s call both kimono for the argument of both being gifts that start with the letter K, shall we?

Koala Beanie

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The babies also get their own beanie! This koala beanie looks too cute, and I’d imagine it will double its cuteness once it is perched on a baby’s tiny little head. There is a different size for different baby sizes, I might even fit a small adult’s noggin.

Kangaroo Kigurumi (for kids)

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Kigurumi are cute animal-shaped pajamas. Kigurumi starts with K. Kangaroo starts with K! So, a double “K gift” would be a kangaroo kigurumi. Super cute, especially on children!

Kangaroo Kigurumi (for adults)

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It is so cute, that adults can even join the fun! You can buy kangaroo kigurumi for the whole family!

Kitchen & Home Gifts that Begin with the Letter K

One of the easier choices is to find something useful in the house. There will be a letter k equivalent of each. Here are some ideas of items that start with the letter K that you can give as a present.

Keurig K250 SIngle Serve Brewing System

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The coffee lover friend that you have would enjoy this gift because freshly brewed coffee can be served at the comfort of their homes with the Keurig K520 brewing system.

Keurig KOLD Drink Maker

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Your soda pop fanatic significant other would be delighted to have his very own carbonated drink maker this holiday season.

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

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Cold weather deserve some fuzzy and warm cup of cappuccino that is freshly brewed at home.  This Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte system will give you the cup of latte and cappuccino even when it is bed weather and there is no way you would go out just to take a sip at Starbucks!  Surprise your coffee lover friend or family with this wonderful gift idea that would certainly take one’s jaw to drop in excitement.

Koolatron Personal Desktop Fridge

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Imagine having your very own personal fridge machine right at your office desk? Well, with the Koolatron vending fridge that dream would come true! You can store up to five drinks inside and have a drink anytime you want.

KitchenAid 17-piece Set

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The homemaker deserves some new gadgets in her fortress. And as we all know, the great home maker is a wonderful cook and tasty food needs a tedious preparation before the results would come out great.  This kitchen aid 17-piece tools and gadget set is the perfect gift for the cook in your list or the charming home maker who deserves only the best!  This kitchen aid tools are one of the finest of its kind that would certainly give the user easier tasks in the kitchen.  It’s like rendering a helping hand to your favorite munch maker on your list!

Knight Wine Bottle Holder

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M’lady, here is your wine. This knight wine holder will valiantly hold your bottled drunks while you are not drinking them.

Karaoke with Disco

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Singing is so much fun, even if you cannot really sing. What’s even more fun is singing in this karaoke machine complete with disco lights. Now that is a party! This gift idea does not guarantee the avoidance of a croaking frog voice and breaking glass windows though.

Key Holder

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This magnetic key and mail shelf is just innovative! Instead of using nails and pegs, it uses magnets to hold your keys in place! The cute cloud design is just so amusing.

King Kong Poster Vintage Poster

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For those who liked the old movies, then an old style movie poster would be a great gift idea! King Kong is one of the best classic movies, so a poster would look super nice, especially on man caves!

Others Gifts that Begin with the Letter K

Looking for more? Here are some more gifts that begin with the letter K that we can’t fit anywhere else.

Knitted Blanket

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If you have someone who loves to chill out and watch Netflix, then a knitted blanket would be great. Imagine how comfy and nice it would be to just wrap yourself in these while you watch a movie. Especially if you have someone who you can cuddle with.


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This is a great gift idea for exercise buffs! The ergonomic design of kettlebells makes it easier to hold and maintain a grip on weights, giving one an easier time to maintain posture and form during exercise.

Kombucha Brewing Set

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Kombucha is not just for hipsters! If you want someone to taste how a fermented tea tastes like, then help them make their own using this kombucha brewing set! If anything else, kombucha is so healthy bringing in good gut flora up.

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