If you are looking for gifts that begin with the letter L, then you are in luck, because here is a huge list of them!

Some people are done with their shopping, but some have not even started yet! If you belong to the latter group and are already panicking about what to give to your friends and family, this holiday season then you need to sit back and relax because we have your back.

We have handpicked the gifts that will rock your recipient’s world for sure! Check out our list provided below of the huge list of gifts that begin with the letter L for your reference.

  1. Lip-Licking Candies to Munch
  2. More Food You Should Give and Share
  3. Lively Toys to Play With
  4. Lovely Books for Kids
  5. Live Electronics and Gadgets
  6. Lovely Gifts Inside the House and Garden
  7. Luxuriant Fashion Gifts
  8. Other Gifts

Lip-Licking Candies to Munch

The sweet tooth in the family would certainly be delighted to receive some candies to munch this coming holidays. Who could ever resist the sweet succulent candies that brings us back to our childhood years when we first tasted this sweet goodness! We all have our own favorites but to help you out on your gift giving duties, we have prepared a list of the top candies to munch just for you! See them all here and for sure you will have more than one pick.

Laffy Taffy

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Chewy, sticky, and oh so yummy! Laffy Taffy is probably one of the more popular candies in the US and for a good reason: they are just so darn delish! If your loved one is a sweet tooth, you can never go wrong with giving away a jar of Laffy Taffy.

Lalaloopsy Buttons Shape Candy

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Do you know Lala Loopsy? Does your giftee like this character? You can also get them this Lala Loopsy can of candies. It is in the shape of her head and contains superb sour candies.

Lemon Drops

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A jar of delish old fashioned lemon drops won’t hurt! You can search Amazon for the generic ones since they all taste quite nice like the branded ones.

Lemonhead Candy

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If you do not want to go for the generic lemon drops, you can go for Lemonhead. They are lemon drops with a soft outer shell (also lemon-flavored) so it gives a bit more texture than your typical lemon drop.

Life Savers

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If your giftee likes hard candy, then Lifesavers is a great gift! Because of its small, thin cylindrical shape, you can put these in a stocking stuffer or as a part of a gift basket! Superb candy for the super people of your life.

Lindor Truffles

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Who can resist soft, delicious truffles? Lindor makes the best commercial truffles ever, so if you do not have the budget for handmade artisan chocolate truffles, Lindor is the next best thing!

Lowrey’s Beef Jerky

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If the recipient of your L-gift is a man, you can never go wrong with giving Lowry’s Beef Jerky! Meat is one of the most masculine snacks there is, especially if the guy works out a lot, hunts or fishes, or does a lot of outdoorsy activities. Get him this jerky!

More Food You Should Give and Share

More foody gifts that begin with the letter L!

Larvets Worm Snacks

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For the adventurous snacker, insects are a treat! The Larvets Worm Snack is a pack of real meal worms, fried and flavored to give that delicious crunch! Do not worry, though, because the worms were farmed in clean, controlled conditions, so there is nothing to worry about the cleanliness of the munchies.

Legend of Zelda Link Candy Tin

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It is dangerous outside, take this… candy tin. This awesome Link Candy tin is a sprite of Link which also contains mints that lets you freshen your breath after a quick snack or a cigarette break. Perfect stocking stuffers for gamers.

Liquor-Filled Chocolates

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Stuff like Jack Daniels Filled Chocolate or Kahlua Choc Truffles are one of the most delicious confections ever made. These kinds of candy gifts are for the older recipients only, though, due to the nature of the filling of these gifts! Enjoy!


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Do you know someone who lives in the healthiest way possible? Then Livbar is probably one of the best food L-gifts you can give to them! Livbar caters to people who have diet restrictions, like nut-free, gluten-free and paleo. So delicious and so guilt-free! These are perfect gifts for the health buff!

Lentil Chips

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Speaking health buffs, another healthy letter L gift you can give away are these lentil chips. Veggie chips are becoming more and more popular, due to their low calorie and delicious taste, not to mention the dense nutrients you get from them. Snacking has never been more guilt-free before veggie chips!

Lump O' Coal Gum

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The Lump O’ Coal Gum is a tin that contains stuff that seems like coal. Those are black gum. Perfect gift for those you can tease naughty during the holiday season.

Lemon Squares

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Baked goodies are also a great gift, so get them some lemon square cakes. Hmm. Tangy and sweet! You can choose to order online here or buy a mix and make the cakes yourself! They will be touched!

Lively Toys to Play With

The playful kids who love to scream their lungs out would certainly need something to divert their excessive energy with. Toys are great distractions and would also buy you some peaceful time too. We have picked the top toys to play with for kids and put them together on a list of toy gifts that begin with the letter L below for your reference.

Lego Set

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Creativity may be innate by nature but you can enhance a child’s mind by gifting educational toys such as Lego.  With toys like Lego, you can help a child build wonders through imagination and creativity.  The possibilities are endless, and you can instill in their young minds this powerful message at an early age through play and make-believe.  This Lego classic brick box contains 790 pieces of Lego bricks with windows, doors, and more.  This would be great for the kids and even the kids at heart who love Lego to death. From houses, ships, towers, or even skyscrapers, any brilliant mind can create with or without manuals with this Lego brick set.

Loop ‘N Loom

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This Loop ‘n Loom is perfect for little girls who like making things. This play loom makes small mats, which can be used as potholders or small kitchen washcloths. Of course, your little girl can also just keep it displayed in her room as a reminder of her creativity and hard work!

Log Cabin Tent

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Another cool playhouse you can give is this Log Cabin-style play tent. It is much more inexpensive than the playhouse above, since this is not made of sturdy plastic, but of waterproof material. It is actually a tent, which you and your child can use when camping at the backyard.

Little Tikes Town Playhouse

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A playhouse is one of the best things you can give a little child, and Little Tikes produce the best playhouses. The Little Tikes Townhouse Playhouse is a colorful playhouse with red walls and brown roofs and doors and is perfect for kids of any gender.

Light Up Bubble Chuggers

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Light Up Bubble Chuggers are bubble guns that light up whenever you make bubbles with it. This is a great sensory toy for young children and kids with autism. Super fun toy!

Lemonade Stand

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A cool playset where the little kids can run a lemonade stand for money or just while playing. You can also teach them to make lemonades using pre-sliced lemon, a plastic pitcher, water, and sugar!

Lawn Bowling Set

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A lawn bowling set is not only for the kids, but for adults too! No more going to the bowling alley, which is great, especially that it is very expensive and quite risky during the pandemic. Bowl to your heart’s content with this bowling set!

Last Word

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Last Word is a great party or family game. The rules are simple and easy to learn, and kids who can speak and follow instructions can join in and have a blast with the family.

Laser Maze

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Laser Maze is like a game of chess with lasers. If your giftee is someone who loves playing board games and trying out new stuff, Laser Maze if one thing you should look out for.

Lacing Cards

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These are toys in figures of animals or plants with holes lining the edges of the cards. You sew laces in the holes to make a decorative border on the figures. This is a fun activity for a young child and a parent!

Lovely Books for Kids

There are kids who are enjoying their alone time by reading a good book. You may have a cousin, a nephew or niece or even your boss’ offspring to surprise this coming holiday season. If they are into reading a book as their past time then giving a best seller book for kids to read is a perfect way to go! Check out our personal favorites and highly recommended books for kids on the list below.

Leaping Beauty

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Hilarious! This book is both for adults and kids. Adults will see humor and silliness while kids will see a super cute version of the classic fairy tales. Get it!

Leo the Late Bloomer

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This is a story about a tiger named Leo, who is struggling to do things normal tigers can do, like making snowmen, eating neatly, reading and writing. This perfect little book teaches kids that it is perfectly ok to learn at your own pace and we all have different gifts which show up at different times.

Library Lion

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What happens when a lion comes into the library? Run and get out? But what if the lion is a book-loving, silent gentle creature? This is the premise of Library Lion. A cute read for kids who love the library and for those who need to fall in love with books!

Lola at the Library

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Lola at the Library is a fun little book about Lola who loves to read and her excursions at the local library with her friends. This teaches children the love of reading, books, friends, and libraries.


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I am the Lorax, and I speak for the trees! This classic book by Dr. Suess teaches children to love nature and the importance of keeping your promises and the potential of something small and seemingly insignificant things (like themselves).

Live Electronics and Gadgets

In preparing your list of giving holiday gifts, first, you need to know the interests and likeness of your recipient. Knowing your giftee well would save you time and money because you would hit the bull’s eye in gaining some brownies points when you get him or her something that he or she really wants as a gift. If you have a tech-savvy recipient who would like to have a new gadget or electronic device this coming holiday season then you need to stick around and see our prepared list of awesome geeky gift ideas below.

Laser Tag

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Laser tag is a great game to play with friends so give it to the little boy who loves to play games with his classmates!

Levitation Platform

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Want a piece of magic in the bedroom? This levitation platform lets you levitate any small item like a piece of a potted plant, a plush toy, or a small statue. Super cool piece of gizmo that sparks conversations and curiosity among those who see it.

Levitating Speakers

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These are like the levitation platform above. They also use magnets. These levitating speakers are the coolest functional gadget that could happen in anyone’s bedroom.

Lightsaber Keychain

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. Got a Star Wars fan? Get them one of these lightsaber keychains. These are super cool, and your recipient can play a finger version of a lightsaber duel with their friends. These make a nice stocking stuffer for geeks!


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Those who love the great outdoors will love Lifestraw. Lifestraw lets one drink in any freshwater source, even those with questionable cleanliness because this filters out impurities to the tiniest size! Perfect for your real-life Bear Grylls.

Lovely Gifts Inside the House and Garden

Here are some gifts that begin with the letter L that they can use at home or at the garden.

Llama Tea Infuser

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Now, this is super cute. If your recipient drinks tea regularly, they can save money by buying loose leaves! Tea infusers help by acting like a reusable team bag. What’s even cooler is you can buy cute tea infusers like this little llama infuser! Super cute L-gift idea for the llama lovers.

Llama Need No Drama Mug

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Speaking of llamas, you can also find these cute little animals in this cute “llama need no drama” mug”! The cute animal pops out of the coffee as you are about to finish it! This cute gift is perfect for teen girls and young women.

Lemon Kitchen Towels

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Lemon! They denote freshness and cleanliness, so if you want to give a kitchen accessory, something that has a lemon pattern in them is a great gift. Like these lemon kitchen towels!

Lobster Claw Oven Mitts

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Got someone who bakes as a hobby? Getting them these super cute lobster claw oven mitts will make them pinch themselves!

Minimalist Line Art Wall Décor

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Line art is becoming more and more popular as minimalist and clean design become more in vogue. There is a line artwork for almost any interest, but the ones that depict faces are the best.


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Home decors and essentials are the best gift ideas for homemakers, newlyweds, and even close family members who are fond of new pieces for the home.  This Moroccan lantern is an elegant centerpiece that could illuminate your tabletop in no time.  It would be the perfect accent to a boring table counter or a coffee table too.  You can even hang this on your front yard to literally brighten your pave the way and wow your guests with its grace.  This would be the perfect gift idea for those who are fond of decorating their homes with accents that are conversation starters.  You could never go wrong with a Moroccan lantern for it is made with elegance and intricate details that would easily melt the heart of your recipient.

Luxuriant Fashion Gifts That Begin With The Letter L

Gifts of clothes, accessories, and toiletries are awesome gifts if you know their preferred style. Here are some fashion gifts that begin with the letter L.


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Memories are forever kept in our minds and in our hearts but you can always glimpse at the wonderful sight of your loved ones and keep them literally close to your heart through this charming and elegant-looking locket.  This locket is a great gift idea for the sentimental lady that you have on your list who would enjoy the sight of their loved one on a charming piece of jewelry.  There are various designs to choose from, from plain to enormously decorated, just make sure to choose the one that suits the personality of your recipient.

Loaf Slippers

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I would call them loafers but I am classy and I got breading. Buns, I mean, puns aside, these loafers look so cool and funny, and they are just so comfy! Perfect for dads who love them dad jokes… and just about any punsters in the house, really.

Lapis Lazuli Necklace

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Lapiz lazuli just looks so pretty. The blue sheen of this gemstone is perfect for necklaces, especially rustic ones, like this piece of jewelry!

Lobster Boxer Shorts

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SO funny! The lobsters are guaranteed not to pinch his wiener.

Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets are classic fashion pieces that give the wearer some extra edge whether you are a male or a female.  It has angst that only a leather jacket can emancipate which is quite hard to explain.  We often see leather jackets worn by bikers, tough dudes in movies as a sign of their power and fierceness.  If you have a recipient who is fond of leather jackets or dressing up on an edgy side then this would be a great idea that you could think of this holiday season.  Aside from the fierce look that the leather jacket gives the wearer, it also gives warmth and a cozy feeling when worn.  This would be great for fall or even winter.

Llama Onesie for Kids

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Children who love llamas can roleplay every night with these llama onesies! They will surely be happy to wear them and be comfy every bedtime.

Lego Slippers

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Youch! That sounds painful! But actually, this is just a print on the slippers. These are perfect for those who love going to the pool or the beach!

Lollipop 8-Bit Shirt

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Show your inner geekiness with this shirt that has a design of a lollipop in 8-bit style. Perfect for playful adults who are not afraid to show their inner child.

Other Gifts That Begin with the Letter L

Here are other gifts that begin with the letter L which we cannot fit in the other groups.

Lychee Rose Soap

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Hmm… it smells so divine! Perfect R&R gift for anyone who likes nice-smelling things (which means just about anybody).

Lavender Bath Bombs

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Another R&R gift, these lavender bath bombs make bath time much more calming and rejuvenating. Plus the bubbles are just so much fun.

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