Gifts are tiny tokens of love and appreciation. During holiday season, giving gifts is one of the long practiced traditions that we do. From the small favors to the exaggerated and well thought gifts, these are all bought, made and gifted to share and spread the holiday cheers to our friends, family and loved ones. If you are still not done with your holiday shopping spree and is still staring blank onto space because you are running out of gift ideas then you need to stick around and check out our great finds to help you out on your quest in finding the best gift ever!

1. Massage

If you want to surprise your loved one with something really special this coming holiday season or on your special day well, nothing would be more special or could beat the gift of service.  A relaxing massage that you would do yourself would be very much appreciated by your recipient especially when you gift this after a very tiring day.  You can even make your gift extra special by setting the mood to the room by adding scented candles and dimming the room lights as well.  Add some relaxing sounds as well to keep the mood serene and peaceful.

Toys to Play With

Toys are not just things to play with for kids. They can also be tools for learning educational things and even life skills. They can also be tools to develop developmental stages and milestones that a child should achieve. Just ensure that you will give a child a toy that is age appropriate, safe to play with and a toy that will not promote violence. We have rounded up the best toys to play with for the kids of all ages from the list below, check them out!

  1. Magna Doodle
  2. Magnetic Mosaic
  3. Magformers
  4. Maracas
  5. Master Workbench
  6. Marble Maze
  7. Marker Maker from Crayola
  8. Matchbox Garage Adventure Set
  9. Matching Game
  10. Mattel Pictionary Man
  11. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Fishing Game
  12. Mega Blocks
  13. Mighty Mind Challenger
  14. Mind Blowing Science
  15. Mind Flex
  16. Mindware Noodlers Puzzler Box
  17. Monkey Math
  18. Monopoly Games
  19. Monster Truck
  20. Musical Toys
  21. Mythbusters

Candies to Munch

Sugar is one of the best tastes that we humans enjoy most. Most of the people we know do have a thing for sweets and most of them are candies too. Kids and even the kids at heart get excited when we get to see these colorful and delectable candies to munch most especially when given as a gift! If you have a sweet tooth to surprise this coming holiday season then you need to check out our fabulous finds from the list below for your reference.

  1. M&M’s
  2. Madelaine Chocolate Presents
  3. Mars Chocolate Bars
  4. Mentos
  5. Mighty Malts Milk Balls
  6. Mike and Ikes Fruit Candies
  7. Milky Way
  8. Mint Sticks
  9. Miss Vickies’ Variety Pack
  10. Mr. Goodbar
  11. Mrs. Fields Precious Present Gift Box
  12. Milk Chocolate. Well, I remember when I was stuffed with deadlines and limited off days due to the toxicity of the workload, I forgot to do some holiday shopping spree for my loved ones and friends.  The best gift that popped my head that time is to give milk chocolates.  Not only these chocolates are scrumptious and satisfying but chocolates are well loved by many.  Your sweet tooth recipients would certainly enjoy these goodies once you gift them for any occasion you are planning to give it.  It would work best as a birthday gift, a holiday gift or even as a make-up gift to say sorry.   Milk Chocolate comes in bars, balls or in any other shape.  You can even create your very own unique chocolate by melting the usual chocolate bars and put them into a mold.  Some even create personalized milk chocolate bars to make their present even more special.  You do this by creating your very own chocolate wrapper and put your personalized message there or make an extra ordinary milk chocolate with your recipient’s name on it.   There is nothing that a chocolate couldn’t answer after all, right?

Books for Kids

Books are great gifts for the holiday season especially if you have kids who are fond of reading books. We have gathered the best children’s books that they could enjoy and spend hours with. Through these books they can learn and see the other side of the world just by reading. Children can learn even outside the school and even through fiction stories as well. Life skills and other pointers can be learned through reading good books. See our favorite picks of children’s books and pick your own favorite too.

  1. Magnus Powermouse. Magnus is already born as a big mouse but grew bigger as he takes pills for the pigs. Check out what happens to him next, will he grow as huge as a giant at the end?
  2. Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary This is a story of a little girl and a mouse who are living parallel in the same house. At the end they have developed a special friendship.
  3. Max’s Dragon Shirt
  4. Mimi The 3D illustrations of this book makes this so enticing to read and enjoy for kids!
  5. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel This is a vintage children’s book but is fun to read for kids since it involves saving a girl and battling with machines.
  6. Millie Waits for the Mail Millie the cow anxiously waits for her favorite mailman to scare him every day! Your child will see how Millie thinks of her hiding place every day and how the mail carrier finds ways so that Millie will be nicer to him.
  7. Minnow on the Say
  8. Mirrors
  9. Mission Telemark
  10. Monk’s Hood
  11. Monster Manners. This book will show the importance of good manners to children.
  12. Moonfleet
  13. Mortal Engines
  14. Mostly Harmless
  15. Mouse Mess It involves the story of a mouse who is in search for snack in the kitchen.
  16. Mr Standfast
  17. Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
  18. My Friend and I
  19. My Friend Walter

Electronics and Gadgets

We all have that one friend who is tech savvy, sometimes we call him or her geek because of the passion that they show for gadgets and technology. What would be the best thing to gift this coming holiday season for our geek friend? Well, you got that right! Nothing would surprise and excite your friend and loved one but with a gadget or electronics this coming holiday season! We have made and listed our handpicked items just for your eyes only. Check them out to help through your quest in finding the perfect gift for your geeky buddy.

  1. Magic Wand TV Remote
  2. Mattel Electronics Football Handheld Game
  3. Micro SD
  4. Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo
  5. Modern-Day Can Opener
  6. Motorola Power Pack
  7. MP3 Player

Tools for Hobbies

Hobbies are fun especially if you have great skills and more time too. You can express your skills and learning and even make beautiful creations through great hobbies. If you know someone who is into hobbies and developing more skills then you can surprise them this coming holiday season check out our great finds for you from the list below for your reference.

  1. Make Up Brushes
  2. Manchette
  3. Martial Arts: Behind The Myths
  4. Matchstick Modeling
  5. Microscopy As A Hobby
  6. Model Ships
  7. Monteith
  8. Mountain Bike
  9. Murphy Bed
  10. Musical Instruments

Food to Eat and Share

A bountiful table is seen whenever the holiday season is here. We have this tradition of cooking and serving delicious dishes for the whole family to eat and share. If you are totally clueless on what kind of gift to give this coming holiday season, one of the safest and best gift that you can bring and gift is some food to eat and share. Food is enchanting in its own way and it would certainly taste better when eaten with friends and family this holiday season! Enjoy the festivities with our delectable and charming dishes below, help yourself and munch on!

  1. Macaroon
  2. Madeira Cake
  3. Manchester Tart
  4. Maple Bacon Donut
  5. Marshmallow Crème
  6. Mellorine
  7. Milky Pudding
  8. Monaka
  9. Moules Marinière
  10. Moussaka

81. MP3 Player

Music is a great diversion.  Many music enthusiast say that music calms their weary souls.  I could attest to this, because whenever I have a very exhausting work day, my tension and stress seem to waver whenever I hear my favorite jam or whenever I hear a relaxing music that could send me to sleep.  If you have a music lover on your list, then we do strongly suggest for you to have this MP3 to take into consideration.  It is compact and can be brought anywhere, it can easily slid on one’s pocket and be a saving grace of whenever you are too congested with work and stress.  This MP3 player is multi-functional which is not only an audio player but it’s also a voice recorder and FM radio.  You can even expand its memory capacity for up to 64 gb.

82. Multipurpose Box

If you have a hoarder on your list, all you could think of is to help that person to clean up and organize his or her stuff accordingly.  We have this great gift idea for you and that is a multipurpose or multi-functional box.  Your recipient can use this as a makeup box, a jewelry box or tool box or any keepsake box that would organize all the loose pieces that they have.  This is not only a useful gift for any occasion but this would also serve as your token that you think of the common problems that your recipient has and you are there to somehow offer help in your own little way.

Films to Watch

Catching up on the great films that you missed this year can be done during the holiday season. If you have a favorite movie buddy who is into some movie marathon then you need to check out our great list of films to watch this holiday season. We have handpicked the talked about movies from the past and the recent past to surprise your movie junkie recipient.

  1. Madagascar
  2. Madame Curie
  3. Magic Mike
  4. Maleficent
  5. Marley & Me
  6. Move Over, Darling
  7. Mulan
  8. Music and Lyrics

Books to Read

Books are the little wonders that could lead us to many destinations. The book lover who indulges time through reading could totally agree with this sentiment. If you have a friend, relative or loved one who has a heart for books then you need to surprise them with a great book to read this coming holiday season. Check out the best sellers of all time and gift them to your book worm recipient this coming holidays! See them all below for your perusal.

  1. Madame Tussaud
  2. Magyk
  3. Making Toast
  4. Man and Boy
  5. Manhood for Amateurs
  6. Manhunt
  7. Mao’s Last Dancer
  8. Martha Peake
  9. Me Before You
  10. Medicus