Looking for nice gifts that begin with the letter N? This is your lucky day because we listed a lot of them here!

The gifting season is coming quickly, and we need to prepare our gifts for our friends and family. We know how overwhelming it is when we think of purchasing a gift. You need not let this feeling suck out the life from you as well as the joy of giving.

Gift-giving should be fun and exciting! When given the right approach, you can feel that it’s rewarding and memorable too. You can express your imaginative skills in your gift as well as your budgeting skills to make your present shine even if it doesn’t cost that much.

If you are still looking for that perfect gift for people whose names begin with the letter N, then you need to check out our great selection of gifts that begin with the letter N, too.

  1. Nutritious Foods to Eat and Share
  2. N-joyable Candies and Sweets to Munch On and Share
  3. Nice Toys for the Kids and Kids at Heart
  4. Notable Books for Kids
  5. Notable Books
  6. Nice-to-Have Gifts Around the House and Garden
  7. Nifty Electronics, Gadgets and Hobbies
  8. Nicest Fashion Gifts
  9. Other Gift Ideas That Start With the Letter N

Nutritious Foods to Eat and Share

You can prepare or a delightful dish or dessert for all of you to eat and share. You can rock this gift. Check out our top finds for food gifts that begin with the letter N under this category from the prepared list below.

Nanaimo Bars

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These are a layer of coco-crumb and wafer, custard icing, and chocolate ganache. Delicious! These Nanaimo cake bars are delivered fresh from the bakery so you do not have to go out just to taste one.

Neapolitan Coconut Bars

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These delectable candy bars are so colorful! These are coconut slices, carefully striped with three different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry! Perfect for kids who love to eat with their eyes, too.


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Who does not know Nutella? These perfect hazelnut-chocolate spreads are children’s favorite. Breakfast and snack, Nutella all the way.

Nissin’s Sesame Black Garlic Oil Ramen

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Who would have thought that instant ramen can be a cool gift? These ramen packs are packaged in a slick black packaging, making them more attractive than the regular, garden variety instant ramen.

Non-Alcoholic Wine

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There is such thing as a non-alcoholic wine! This is something to give if you want to give something that says “let’s party” when the recipient does not drink.

Nature Valley Granola Crunch

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Delicious, healthy and has a ton of fiber! Granola crunch is a great way to snack without the guilt that comes with it.

Nut Haven Gift Set

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This gift set looks so perfect. This gift tray consists of different dried fruits and nuts that are perfect for any occasion. This is a great gift idea for office employees, as well as for a group of friends or family.

Nori Seaweed Sheet Snacks

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Nori seaweeds are a great low-calorie snack! Nori seaweeds contain virtually no calories but are so good! The texture is like a crunchy thin piece of paper with flavor. Sound weird, but it is so good.

Newtons Blueberry

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These blueberry-filled cookies sound strange at first but they are so delicious! Newton’s also creates fig and strawberries cookies which are also as delicious as the blueberry counetrparts.

N-joyable Candies and Sweets to Munch On and Share

Munching on something sweet is a favorite past time for most of us! Candies are up the in the top of the list of the easiest and most well-received gift ideas. The kids and the kids at heart would certainly be happy to receive some candies as a gift. We have rounded up the top candies to surprise your sweet-toothed friend. Check out the list below for your reference.


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Everybody loves Nerds! These sweet and sour candies were super popular candy during the 80’s to 90’s and we should not let it stop there.

Now & Later Classic Mini Bars

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These delicious fruit-flavored taffy are another classic candy. If you want to surprise your giftee who was a kid back in the 80’s this is a great pick.

Nabisco Cookies Sampler Set

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Everyone loves cookies, and a cookie sampler set is something they can share with everyone… or not!

Necco Wafers

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These are another old-fashioned candy that will bring nostalgia to the 80’s and 90’s kid. Necco Wafers are thin, wafer-like candies that are individually flavored and

Naruto Candy

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These sugar-cider flavored candies are perfect gifts for those who love Naruto, the anime.

Nectarine Preserves

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Candy-dried nectarines are so delicious! These will keep you munching and munching until the whole pack is gone.

Numa Strawberries and Cream

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If your recipient is someone who likes sweets but is on a diet, you can get them this Numa candy. They are low-sugar and low-calorie but still quite delish.

Nice Toys for the Kids and Kids at Heart

During family reunions, it is a common scenario that our family brings their children along and the whole house seem to break apart with all the running and screaming. Kids do have excessive energy that never seem to waver but you can cease their boredom by gifting them some toys to play with. Toys are designed to entertain children as well as add some knowledge on them. Just make sure that you pick the right toy for their age. See our fabulous finds of the top toys to play with for children on the list below.

Nesting Dolls

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This seemingly simple doll contains another doll which contains another and another and another! Simple but quite fun.

Nascar Toy Cars

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These make perfect stocking stuffers for the kid and kids at heart who love cars and racing cars.

Nerf Guns

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These are play guns that shoot soft foam darts or balls and are quite fun to play with. Just supervise the kids when they are playing and always remind them to play only with the nerf guns you provide them!

Naruto Plush

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Those who like Naruto the anime will be happy to see the cute chibi version of Uzumaki Naruto! Cute and powerful! Rasengan!

Narwhal Interactive Plush

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The unicorn of the sea! The narwhal has made quite an impression on the internet because of its unique appearance. Join the fun and get some narwhal gifts like this cute soft and cuddly plush.

Nintendo Controller Pillow

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The Nintendo controller pillow is something you should give to a gamer for their geek bedroom! This is a soft pillow version of the classic Nintendo controller (only two buttons!). This makes a great gamer gift idea as well as a nostalgia gift for the ’80s and ’90s children.

Nuts and Bolt Toy Set

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For small children, a nuts-and-bolts toy set would be a great stimulus toy that will keep them entertained for hours. Choose the most colorful ones, like this set.

Ninjago Robot Toys

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Action figures are one of the top toys for little boys and Ninjago has no shortage of action figures. Ninjago robots are super popular right now and it is not too late to get them one.

Ninja Bots

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Super funny toys! These fighting robots can be equipped with different hilarious weapons. Each bot has its own personality and responds to different phrases weapons and situations! Now you can have your very own bot fight, just like in Big Hero 6.

Notable Books for Kids

Kids do love to explore and most of them do this by reading a book. Reading a book enhances memory, vocabulary, and even a child’s life skills. With the digital trend that is prevalent, reading a physical book is still more fun even for kids! We have chosen the bestselling books for kids that begin with letter N in the list below. Help yourself and choose the right one for your giftee.

Night in the Country

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Ever wonder what happens outside when we sleep? This book will tell the kids to listen and be keener especially before they sleep.


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This is a story of Henry and his adventures as he meet two unusual tramps named Caleb and Josh.

Nini Here and There

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This book is applicable for children who are often moving from one place to another.

No Nap

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Any toddler or child who refuses to take a nap can easily relate to this story.

Noisy Nora

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Noisy Nora is a story of a middle child who is fighting for attention. Any middle child could easily relate to this and would realize the love of a family that is often misinterpreted by children.

Nose Book

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This is a simple rhyming book especially made for small children to appreciate.


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The Nutcracker can be a tool to reveal some culture for the kids. Often, we see the nutcracker story during holiday season, and this would be a great tool to know why.

Notable Books

Reading a good book is like travelling a destination minus the expense and hassle of travelling. Through a good book you can zone out and be at peace even just for a couple of hours. A book lover would certainly agree that a good book is one of the top entries on their wish list. Your book worm in the family could enjoy a great book to read from the list of bestselling books that we have prepared below just for you!

N is For Noose

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Another book of the same alphabet series by Sue Grafton! A great thriller novel for those who love to read.

Naked Prey

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This is a novel by John Standford, known for his genius use of a bit of humor into dire situations in his novels. This book is impossible to put down.

Nothing Is Impossible

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An inspirational book by Christopher Reeve that tells us that we are capable of overcoming a lot of hardships… because nothing is impossible.

Nice-to-Have Gifts Around the House and Garden

If you are looking for useful gifts that begin with the letter N, look around the house!

Ninja Salt and Pepper Shakers

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These ninja salt and pepper shakers are so kawaii! The black ninja is for pepper and the white one is for salt. Great for people who like their kitchen stuff cute, fun, and unique.

Nutri Ninja Blender

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Smoothies are a great way to incorporate fruit into your diet and what better way to turn fruit into smoothies than a Nutri Ninja blender? And since this is a single-serve blender it is perfect for single persons!

Nessie the Lochness Ladle

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Super cool! The Nessie the Lochness Ladle is a ladle made in the (cute version) image of the Lochness monster. It stands on its own, so it is quite cute when it is just there on the counter waiting for its next swim in the soup. Great for people who like quirky and fun kitchen tools.

Neon Sign for Bedroom

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Neon signs make great dim lights in bedrooms, but they also make great decorations in a man cave or a coffee corner. Neon signs are versatile!

Nesting Kitchen Cannisters

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What makes a clean and organized kitchen? Clean and organized containers, of course! These nesting kitchen canisters make organization easy and space-saving since they stack upon each other. Perfect for sugar, milk, coffee, and chocolate power, as well as cooking ingredients like flour, salt, and spices.

Nifty Electronics, Gadgets and Hobbies

The technology in our time is so prevalent that we can’t seem to live without it. A tech savvy friend would be enticed to have a gadget as a gift this coming holiday season. Just ensure that you would pick an item that is not yet owned by your geeky friend to make sure that your gift would be loved and enjoyed. We have handpicked the electronics and gadgets that can bring the holiday spirit cheers be risen some more as they open their gifts. See them all below and choose your pick as well.

No Button

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A funny gadget that serves as a funny way to say “no”. Perfect for the office, for people who have trouble refusing extra work from co-workers.

Nest Learning Thermostat

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This Nest Thermostat adjusts the house temperature depending on how many people are inside the house! Once there is no one, it automatically goes into low power mode which saves electricity. Saving energy the fun way!

Nintendo DS Lite

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The Nintendo DS lite is an astounding gift idea that you could give to your digitally inclined kid on your list who is fond of video games to kill the time.  The Nintendo DS lite also works with Wi-fi that would be well- loved by your recipient for sure because through the power of connectivity, he or she can play more games over the net. The Nintendo DS lite also has an additional port for Game Boy Advance Game for extra connectivity and to increase one’s gaming level.

Nutella Airpods Case

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These look super cute! Perfect for people who are quirky, geeky or creative. A great Airpods case for someone equally as sweet as Nutella.

Neko Coin Bank

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The lucky cat in coin bank form! Double lucky!

Night Light Projector

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If your giftee is uncomfortable in the dark, then this night light projector is a great gift. Soothing and beautiful! Perfect gift for the bedroom.

Nebula Cloud Projector

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Something similar to the projector above, this one projects a beautiful flurry of nebula or clouds. Perf for space lovers!

Nicest Fashion Gifts

If you know their style, then fashion items make the best N-gifts!

Naked Body Butter

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Smooth and fragrant skin is super fashionable! The Naked Body Butter moisturizes skin and leaves a pleasant, semi-sweet scent. Super relaxing!

Nautica Eu de Toilette

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A unisex fragrance. A great gift for couples, so they can share the same fragrance!

Nautica Men's Wristwatch

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The guys will eb happy to receive this! If you are looking for luxurious gifts that begin with the letter N, this is what you need to go for. Classic gifts are jewelries and watches and if you have money to spare for the man of your life then why not surprise whim with a Nautica watch. Nautica watches are stylishly made with breath taking accents and they have designs from sporty to formal. There’s always that one stunning Nautica watch that would suit the personality of your recipient.

Newsboy Cap

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These look great on adult men! The newsboy cap shouts “fall fashion” but of course, you can wear it any time of the year!

Neon NIghtlife Hoodie

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This neon hoodie makes you stand out when it is dark. During the daytime, it looks just like a regular hoodie!

N Necklace

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Letter necklaces are a great alphabet gift. Choose the cursive style with a dainty look and it will be a great gift for young women!

Other GIfts That Begin With the Letter N

Here are other N-gifts we cannot fit somewhere else.

Nap Sack

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The misspelled Knapsack! This word is mostly accepted now, so it counts! Perfect for teens going to high school. Choose reputable brands (like this Adidas napsack bag) so it will last a long time!

Notepads and note cards

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Scribbling, taking down notes or just putting ideas in paper, if these ring a bell to you then we do suggest for you to give that person some notepads as a gift.  Notepads would be very beneficial for this recipient for the love of writing comes easily to them.  Ideas pop and they just have to write it down as soon as possible or the essence of its importance and ingenuity seizes.

This set of note cards feature a stretching sloth! So funny!

This Set of Gifts That Begin with the Letter N is a Part of Our Alphabet Series!

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