The holiday season is coming really quick and we all know that the holidays do have some equivalent tasks as well. We need to prepare some scrumptious feast for the family to share and enjoy. We also need to decorate our place with some beautiful holiday decorations to elevate our spirits. Most of all, we need to prepare our holiday gifts for our friends and family. We know how overwhelming it is when we think of purchasing a holiday gift. You need not to let this feeling suck out the life from you as well as the joy of giving. Gift giving should be fun and exciting! When given the right approach, you can feel that it’s rewarding and memorable too. You can express your imaginative skills in your gift as well as your budgeting skills to make your present shine even if it doesn’t cost that much. If you are still looking for that perfect gift for this coming holiday season then you need to check out our great selection of gifts that begin with the letter N.

Food to Eat and Share

Festive season calls for a bountiful table full of scrumptious food and delectable delights. If you have like a ton of relatives to surprise this coming holiday season but if you are a little short on the budget then it would be practical to give a gift that everyone could enjoy. You can prepare a delightful dish or desserts for all of you to eat and share. You can rock this gift especially if you have the cooking prowess that they all adore. Check out our top finds under this category from the prepared list below.

  1. Nanaimo Bar
  2. Neenish Tart
  3. Neapolitan Ice Cream
  4. Nicoise Salad
  5. Noodle Cheese Pudding
  6. Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
  7. Normandie Cake
  8. Nougat
  9. Nun’s Puffs
  10. Nut Brittle

11. Nautica Watches

Classic gifts are jewelries and watches and if you have money to spare for the man of your life then why not surprise whim with a Nautica watch.

Nautica watches are really stylishly made with breath taking accents and they have designs from sporty to formal. There’s always that one stunning Nautica watch that would suit the personality of your recipient.

Films to Watch

Work can drain the life out of us. The stress from work can prevent us from doing our favorite guilty pleasures in life such as binge watching films. You can catch up on some of the films that you have missed this coming holiday season. Your favorite movie buddy would be delighted to receive a film as a gift especially if it’s an all-time favorite too. See our top finds of films to watch this coming holiday season.

  1. Namu, My Best Friend
  2. Nashville
  3. Nate and Hayes
  4. Nature Calls
  5. Nebraska
  6. Neighbors
  7. New Moon
  8. New Year’s Eve
  9. No Reservations
  10. No Man’s Land: The Rise of Reeker
  11. Nothing Like the Holidays
  12. Now You See Me

Books to Read

Reading a good book is like travelling a destination minus the expense and hassle of travelling. Through a good book you can zone out and be at peace even just for a couple of hours. A book lover would certainly agree that a good book is one of the top entries on their wish list. Your book worm in the family could enjoy a great book to read from the list of bestselling books that we have prepared below just for you!

  1. N is For Noose
  2. Naked Prey
  3. Natchez Burning
  4. Navigating Early
  5. Night Fall
  6. No Cheating, No Dying
  7. No Safe Place
  8. Nocturnes
  9. Noggin
  10. North River
  11. Not If I See You First
  12. Nothing Is Impossible

36. Notepads

Scribbling, taking down notes or just putting ideas in paper, if these ring a bell to you then we do suggest for you to give that person some notepads as a gift.  Notepads would be very beneficial for this recipient for the love of writing comes easily to them.  Ideas pop and they just have to write it down as soon as possible or the essence of its importance and ingenuity seizes.

Electronics and Gadgets

The technology in our time is so prevalent that we can’t seem to live without it. A tech savvy friend would be enticed to have a gadget as a gift this coming holiday season. Just ensure that you would pick an item that is not yet owned by your geeky friend to make sure that your gift would be loved and enjoyed. We have handpicked the electronics and gadgets that can bring the holiday spirit cheers be risen some more as they open their gifts. See them all below and choose your pick as well.

  1. Nakamichi Wireless Headphones
  2. Nano Grid
  3. Navi Smart NS1
  4. Neat Receipts Mobile Document Scanner
  5. Nest Learning Thermostat. Saving energy the fun way!
  6. NHT Bookshelf Speaker
  7. Nikon FG with Lens Series
  8. Notebook COmputer
  9. Novatel Wireless Mobile Hotspot
  10. NTK Bluetooth Keyboard
  11. NuVision HD tablet
  12. Nvidia 3D Vision2 Wireless Kit

50 Nintendo DS Lite

Video games are part of the millenials’ life and for this hand held devices are part of their daily grind.  They just can’t simply keep their hands and eyes down to a blank stare, these kids want to be entertained all the time through games and more.  The Nintendo DS lite is an astounding gift idea that you could give to your digitally inclined kid on your list who is fond of video games to kill the time.  The Nintendo DS lite also works with Wi-fi that would be well- loved by your recipient for sure because through the power of connectivity, he or she can play more games over the net. The Nintendo DS lite also has an additional port for Game Boy Advance Game Paks for extra connectivity and to increase one’s gaming level.

Tools for Hobbies

You can show your love and support for your loved one or significant other in their chosen hobby by gifting them some tools that are designed to enhance their skills and make their crafting easier. We all have different hobbies in life and your family and friends certainly share a diverse selection of hobbies. You can never ran out of gift ideas when you truly know your recipient’s desire and interests in life. Check out our great finds of the tools for hobbies that you can gift this coming holiday season.

  1. Nail Art Kit
  2. Nail Gun
  3. North Face Aconcagua Vest
  4. Nylon Hand Tool
  5. Nainsook
  6. Nammad
  7. Napery
  8. Nautica Watches
  9. Needlepoint Kit
  10. Neck Tie
  11. Neckerchief
  12. Nephoscope
  13. Nibblers and Shears
  14. Nickelodeon
  15. Nightgown

Toys to Play With

During family reunions, it is a common scenario that our family brings their children along and the whole house seem to break apart with all the running and screaming. Kids do have excessive energy that never seem to waver but you can cease their boredom by gifting them some toys to play with. Toys are designed to entertain children as well as add some knowledge on them. Just make sure that you pick the right toy for their age. See our fabulous finds of the top toys to play with for children on the list below.

  1. Naef Art Game
  2. Nail Studio for Kids
  3. Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack
  4. Nesting Blocks
  5. Newtons Cradle
  6. Noodle Yo Yo
  7. Novelty Puffer Balls
  8. Number Counting Puzzle
  9. Nurse Dress Up Doll
  10. Nutcracker Paint Kit
  11. Nyokki Grass Pet Egg

Candies to Munch

Munching is a favorite past time for most of us not because we all share some oral fixation that is unresolved over the years. Kidding aside, we all have that instant gratification when we munch snacks especially if they are sweet. Candies do top the list of favorite items to munch on and if you have a sweet tooth, you would definitely agree on this one hundred percent! This coming holiday season, the kids and even the kids at heart would certainly be astonished to receive some candies to munch as a gift. We have rounded up the top candies to surprise your sweet toothed friend. Check out the list below for your reference.

  1. Nabisco Chocolate Wafers
  2. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars
  3. Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bar
  4. Necco Wafers
  5. Nerds
  6. Nestle Assorted Bon Bons
  7. Nestle Crunch
  8. Newtons Blueberry
  9. Niagara Chocolate
  10. Nik-L-Nip
  11. Nougat Filled Bars
  12. Now & Later Classic Mini Bars
  13. Nut Goodies
  14. Nutty Chocolate Covered Snacks
  15. Nutty Roll

Books for Kids

Kids do love to explore and most of them do this by reading a book. Reading a book enhances the memory, vocabulary and even a child’s life skills. With the digital trend that is prevalent, reading a physical book is still more fun even for kids! We have chosen the bestselling books for kids that begin with letter N in the list below. Help yourself and choose the right one for your giftee.

  1. Named. The story of time travel and its subsequent dilemma.
  2. Night in the Country. Ever wonder what happens outside when we sleep? This book will tell the kids to listen and be keener especially before they sleep.
  3. Night-Watchmen. This is a story of Henry and his adventures as he meet two unusual tramps named Caleb and Josh.
  4. Ninny’s Boat. This book tells about the story of Nini from the 8th
  5. Nini Here and There. This book is applicable for children who are often moving from one place to another.
  6. No Nap. Any toddler or child who refuses to take a nap can easily relate to this story.
  7. Noisy Nora. Noisy Nora is a story of a middle child who is fighting for attention. Any middle child could easily relate to this and would realize the love of a family that is often misinterpreted by children.
  8. Nose Book. This is a simple rhyming book especially made for small children to appreciate.
  9. Nosy Rosie. Nosy Rosie is a book that will tell children how hurtful name calling could be.
  10. Nutcracker. The Nutcracker can be a tool to reveal some culture for the kids. Often we see the nutcracker story during holiday season and this would be a great tool to know why.