If you have a loved one whose name begins with the letter O, then it makes sense to give them gifts that begin with the letter O, too!

Gifts are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them. According to Mother Teresa, gift-giving is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

It is easy to buy when you have plenty of money to spend but if you are falling short of stash then that would be a stressful dilemma to face! It is time-consuming to buy for everyone and sometimes when the opening of the presents comes in, the awkwardness is so unbearable especially when the ritual is done every year.

Worry no more since we have done the listing for you. We have hand-picked the top finds that we could get from the web and have categorized them for easier browsing. Check out our prepared list below of gifts that begin with the letter o for your reference.

  1. Outrageous Toys to Play With
  2. Outstanding Books for Kids
  3. Other Books to Read
  4. Oh-so-Yummy Candies and Treats to Munch On
  5. Opulent Food to Eat and Share
  6. Outstanding Electronics and Gadgets
  7. Outrageous Tools for Hobbies
  8. Offbeat Gifts Around the House and Garden
  9. Outlandishly Cute Fashion Gifts
  10. Other Gifts

Outrageous Toys to Play With

Toy Gifts That Begin With The Letter O

Kids will only be young once so let them be kids! Let them play the toys they want to play and scatter them all to pieces until they get tired. Some toys are not just meant for playing but are also designed to sharpen their minds and even their skills as human beings. We have listed the top toys to play with for kids that begin with the letter O. See them all below to help you out in getting the age-appropriate toy for your little bundle of joy!

Olaf’s Summer Tea Set

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Olaf’s favorite season is summer! Although he is a snowman and is going to melt (which he did not know) Olaf wanted to do stuff in summer-like sniffing summer flowers, watching bees, and drinking tea in cooler afternoons. This cute cummer tea set features Olaf as the teacups and the teapot, which looks too darn cute! This can be used for real tea, mind you, so no pretend tea parties! Enjoy playing tea parties with your kiddo, or just watch her play with her friends!

Octopus Plush

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What has eight legs and is just too cute? An octopus! In plush form, that is. Just look at this octopus plus with its cute, happy smile and cuddly tentacles! This is a great gift idea for kids who love marine life, don’t you think?

Opposites Match Me Cards

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This is a great educational toy for young learners, those with AD, and those with autism! These flashcards show cards with matching pairs of opposites. Illustrations include a lightbulb (on/off), a glass of water (full/empty), and other easy-to-identify opposites.

Origami Craft Set

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Origami or the art of paper folding is one way to encourage children to use their creativity and imagination. This set of origami papers and instruction booklet lets children create lots of paper figures ranging from cars, toys, bugs, rockets among other cool things! Perfect for children that show a bit of artistic flair.

Orbeez Challenge

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Orbeez Challenge contains a pair of sensory toy sets: one is a set of water beads and a container, a container holder, and a basin for play. The beads are so much fun to play with and will give the little tykes a lot of sensory fun. The second set is a kinetic sand set, complete with a mold and molding tray plus a kinetic sand spatula. So much fun!

Ostrich Plush

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O! So cute! This ostrich plush will be their new best friend. If your little one likes birds and ostriches, in particular, then this cute soft toy is just for them!

Oscar the Grouch PLush

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Got a fan of Sesame Street? Oscar the Grouch is a great gifts that begin with the letter O!

This grouch plush is too cute and so soft, but it can also stand on its own! The best thing about this is unlike most Sesame Street plush toys, this one is silent which makes for a good night sleep for the parents!

Otter Plush Puppet

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This looks like an ordinary plush at first, but it actually an interactive toy! You can put your hand inside it and you can move its head and limbs with your fingers! Perfect entertainment for babies and a super cute bedside companion too!

Outstanding Books for Kids

Reading a book is not the same as reading an e-Book. The pleasure of turning every page and even smelling the paper is phenomenal and we can’t experience that through e-Books. Kids’ attention are difficult to catch and maintain and they do love the pop up books and the colorful illustrations from the children’s books. Check out our great finds of books for kids that will wow the little book worm in the family.


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This book is about a boy named Oliver who loves to play and his curiosity brings him to extraordinary places too.

Operation Red Jericho

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This book is about adventure and friendship with a touch of history. Your child would be entertained to read since there are heroes and villains that are larger than life in this story.


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This is a board book that teaches small children opposites with vivid illustrations that they would enjoy.

Oscar the Otter

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The adventurous Oscar always wants to try something new. He even made his very own slide despite a warning from his father.


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Owen is a mouse who is greatly attached to his blanket. A child who has a fixation with a blanket or a toy could certainly relate to the story of Owen.

Owl at Home

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Owl is a silly creature that both the kids and parents can enjoy reading. His silly antics will certainly bring some cheers to your usual bedtime story.

Other Books to Read

A good book is like a treasure waiting to be untold. Every book lover knows the delight and gratification experienced when one finishes a very good book. If you have a book worm friend, family or significant other, you know that nothing excites them more than to receive a bestselling book for the holiday season.


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This sci-fi book will keep your giftee reading for more since there are mysterious creatures in the story as well.

Only Human

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Only Human is a thought-provoking book that features sci-fi scenarios that will make your recipient read some more.

O is for Outlaw

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Another one of the alphabet series by Sue Grafton! O is for Outlaw is a story of a young female detective named Kinsey Millhouse as she investigates her husband’s innocence on a beating charge.

Oh-so-Yummy Candies and Treats to Munch On

Munching on some sweet candies is such a pleasurable experience not only for the kids but also for the young at heart. Candies and other sweets are not only colorful and sweet but they also bring instant happiness to your recipient. If you have a significant other or a loved one who is into candies and other sweets then it would be a great idea to surprise them with some candies to munch as your holiday gift. Check out the delectable treats we have listed below just for you!

Oak Leaf Jawbreakers

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Same old classic jawbreaker candy? Check this out: these Oakleaf Jawbreakers are jawbreakers with a super sour candy in the center. This encourages you to eat until you get to the center! Cool innovative cand

Oishi Prawn Crackers

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These are so delicious! The pack contains french-fry-sized crackers that taste like prawns! Oishi means delicious in Japanese and this treat do taste delish.

Orange Jelly Candy

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Sweet, tangy, chewy, and oh so orangey! A bit of a side story, these Orange jelly candies are my personal favorites as these were the treats my aunt used to buy me on long bus rides to her house!


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Ovalteenies are small Ovaltine tablets that are meant to be eaten as is and not made into a chocolate drink. They contain the same amount of nutrients (and beware: sugar, too) as the regular Ovaltine and as delicious, too. These make great edible stocking stuffers, too!

One-Up Mushroom Candy

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Super Mario Fans will love these! This one-up mushroom candy tin looks so cool! What a great way to freshen your breath after a meal, readying those lips for a kiss. A bit of warning, it does not actually make you get an extra life or grow big like in video games. These are a gift that will continue to give as after all the candies are gone, you are still left with a super cool mushroom container to reuse or just put on display in your geeky bedroom.


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Who does not know Oreos? More importantly, who does not like Oreos? Everybody likes Oreos, especially when dipped in warm milk! Mmm, brings back childhood memories.

Octopus Candy

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Octopus are frightening in real life but these are just too carn cute. Tasty and chewy, too! These sour octopus gummy candies by Candy Club brings your giftee gummy candies in a different shape than worms and bears. They come in an attractive jar, too!

Opulent Food to Eat and Share

Another List of Edible Gifts That Begin With The Letter O

Gift giving is a fun way to practice especially when you see the smiles of your recipient’s faces. To be honest, it can also go the other way around especially if you run short of time to prepare the long list of gifts especially if you have plenty of giftees to please. It is quite awkward to see the look on your recipients’ faces when they receive their gift and they don’t seem to like it. In order to have a more economical and less awkward gift-giving experience, why don’t you try gifting some food to eat and share? Food is easy to prepare and you can please an entire bunch at the same time. You save yourself from some awkward moments at the opening of presents too. See our highly suggested list of food to eat and share that you and your loved ones can enjoy this holiday season.

Oatmeal Cookies

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Oatmeal cookies are yummy, nutritious and the best of all, they keep you regular! These oatmeal raisin cookies from Grandma’s are a great snack in the afternoon, with some tea! Delish!

Oh Nuts! Granola Gift Set

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Grains, grains, grains! Grains give you that energy boost without the slump sugar gives. A great way to incorporate granola into your diet is through breakfast. Though, you can just eat them by themselves, really!

Organic Dried Fruit Set

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What is more wholesome than dried mango, jackfruit, and pineapple? Organic dried mango, jackfruit, and pineapple, of course! This set of dried fruits from Mavuno are the tastiest in the indutry. A sure-quality gift!

Ostrich Jerky by Ostrim

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To be honest, I have never tasted ostrich jerky before, but these are so intriguing! Many people are used to beef and maybe even turkey jerky, but ostrich jerky is one of those you-must-taste-at-least-once kinds of foods! WHo knows, maybe you will like it

Orange Zest Tea

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Orange peel or zest has this unique flavor and aroma that makes it a great addition to tea. Why not make it the star, like in this Tazo tea set? The orange peel is incorporated with different herbs and citrus flavors to bring out the zesty taste of orange peel. This is great because it won’t make you groggy like most herbal teas and it won’t keep you awake like in black tea.

Outstanding Electronics and Gadgets

We are benefiting from the convenience that technology brings to us. We all have that longing for an easier way to do things with the use of electronics and gadgets. We need not to be tech savvy to love electronics and gadgets because these stuff are already prevalent in the market. Each and every one of us seem to be some gizmo in our own right and having an electronics or a gadget as a gift would never go to waste. If you are planning to surprise your buddy with a new gadget this coming holiday season or even an accessory that he is eyeing for a long time then you need to check out our prepared list below to help you choose the best gift ever!

Oculus Rift

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Wow! A VR headset! If your giftee is a gamer, you can go all out with an Oculus Rift WR gaming headset! VR hames are starting to become more and more popular and bigger and better games are coming out each and every month! Do not let them miss out


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Want to know how a snake eels like when moving around? The Orbitwheel lets you do that! These are skates that are propelled in wave-like motions of the feel, like a snake. It is very fun when you learn how to do it! Sssssssssssssssssssspectacular!

Onewheel Skateboard

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These are so much fun! Onewheel, as the name implies is a singular-wheeled skateboard that can go in most terrains — concrete, dirt, sand, you name it! Onewheel is so much more fun than a regular skateboard but is harder to learn. One small price to pay for the fun and uniqueness of it!

Office Organizer with Charging Port

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A messy table is a sign of a brilliant mind but we can all agree that a messy place is such an unpleasant sight.  You may know someone who has a messy table and a disorganized office desk who is always looking for staff all the time then this gift idea would be a great gift that could tidy up and make the office desk look presentable and workable and that is no other than an office organizer.  An office organizer can be a great office tool that can keep office materials in place.  A clean and organized workspace is a good and pleasant site at the workplace that can induce a healthier work attitude. The charging port is a great addition for those who constantly use a smartphone, too!


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Have you seen the guy in the talent show that makes this Otamatone sing an aria? You Can do that too, by getting this super cool singing gadget. If you are like yours truly, who cannot sing without making the neighbors angry about the noise pollution, you should just get this fun little gadget.

Oppo Smartphone

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This android phone brand from China is much cheaper than the bigger brands but is still as good when it comes to basic functions of calling, texting, and simple browsing duties. Perfect for people who keep losing or dropping their phones and those who are technophobes.

Oral B Electric Toothbrush

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A cleaner set of teeth would be a great gift! Electric toothbrushes clean better and faster than regular toothbrushes, and Oral B is the best when it comes to these. Get them one!

Outrageous Tools for Hobbies

In order to show how much you care for your significant other’s chosen hobby, you can surprise him or her with a tool that would come in handy. Hobbies are enjoyable since through this chosen field we are able to express our talents and develop our skills. Check out our top finds of tools for hobbies that will make your gift-giving level progress.

Origami Jewelry Guide

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Those who love to stylize and DIY their accessories will find a best friend in this book. The Origami Jewelry book will help in making pendants, earrings, and rings out of paper! Who knows, this can be a source of a small business, too!


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Just like in Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Ocarinas are so much fun to play and they look too cool when just in the display. A word of caution, though: these are so fragile.

Orb Massage Ball

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Those who work out regularly or in a blue-collar job know about pain every day. They also know a good massage is a great way to release the aches and the tension. Orb massage ball helps whenever a massage is needed but there is no one else to help. Just roll your aches away on this massage ball!

Owl Succulent Pots

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Got someone who likes to take care of succulents? Reinforce their therapeutic hobby with these super cute owl mini pots! These are not only perfect for succulents but also other small and easy to take care of plants, like grass family plants!

Offbeat Gifts Around the House and Garden

Want to give useful gifts that begin with the letter O? Look around the house and find inspiration! You can also check out these suggestions.

Orchid Terrarium

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Add some color and life to your boring and dull desk through this orchid terrarium.  This orchid terrarium is a colorful way to bring your desk to a different level and add some natural beauty to your gloomy room.  This orchid terrarium comes in a variety of orchids to choose from that will bring wonders to any tabletop.  It is a fantastic gift idea for those who are not gifted with a green thumb for this orchid terrarium would grow instantly without any fuss at all!  Just leave it in this jar and just wait for a few days and see it grow.  This orchid terrarium is a beautiful piece that could bring cheers to your workplace or your room.

Oil Diffuser

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A stressful day can get better when you get home to a relaxing ambiance and a peaceful comfy couch to rest your weary head at.  In order to add some solace and serenity we strongly suggest for you to reward yourself with an oil diffuser.  You can let your senses run wild and loosen up through this oil diffuser.  This can also be a charming gift that can be given to your manic friend who needs to unwind and loosen up a bit.  Stress can eat up your immune system and may lead to tons of diseases.  You can prevent these untoward occurrences by learning to stop and rest for a while and just enjoy some quiet time and good scents to relax your tired soul even just for a while through this oil diffuser.

Orange Juicer

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Fresh juice is expensive when you subscribe to health clubs that offer packed lunches with calorie count and fresh produce.  You can actually make your very own fresh orange juice at the comfort of your home through this orange juicer.  This orange juicer can give you fresh orange juice for breakfast or for any time that you want.  You can squeeze fresh oranges anytime and whenever you want it without spending much and by just staying at the comfort of your home.  This is also a great gift idea for your health-conscious friend who always wants organic and fresh juice all the time.

Origami Statue

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Cranes, boats, and birds. These are classic origami figures, but did you know they make great minimalistic statues too? One example is this crane figure that makes a great display on a bedroom and library. These are made of ceramic, tho.

Owl Whistling Kettle

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It is a whistling kettle made to look colorful and on the image of an owl! If you have a friend who loves owls and birds in general, get them this kettle!

Octopus Wine Holder

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What a stylish way to keep your wine on display! If you are looking into making your kitchen geeky and animal-themed, this octopus wine holder is a great addition.

Omelette Maker

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Make it even more fun and healthy and yummy by getting an omelette maker to ease the difficulty of making delicious omelettes!

Outlandishly Cute Fashion Gifts

If you know their size, style, and preferences when it comes to wearables, fashion and accessory gifts make great presents. Here are some wearable gifts that begin with the letter O.

O Pendant

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When it comes to gifts that begin with letters, an initial necklace would be one of the best! If their name begins with the letter O, then get them this O-pendant. Perfect for young women and teen girls.

Obsidian Bracelet

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Black, elegant and looks powerful. That’s what obsidian looks like and they are perfect for anyone who possesses the same quality. Great especially for men, but women will love these, too!

Opal Necklace

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Wow! This opal necklace is just gorgeous. Surely this piece of jewelry will wow her. The combination of wood and opal is stunning as it twinkles in the light. If you look at it, it is like looking into a canyon! Gorgeous!

Onion Shirt

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What a super kawaii shirt! This crying onion shirt will be their next favorite shirt because of the cute design and the quality of Etsy’s shirts.

Ostrich Shirt

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Another cute shirt for the geeks. This one is cute and colorful and the design looks like it was watercolored into the fabric. Amazing and funny!

"Otter Side" Pun Shirt

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Do you like puns? Here is a punny shirt. This otter shirt is otterly cute with its pun “hello from the otter side” caption. The shirt comes in different colors, but I personally like the black one the most.

Oh Fudge! Shirt

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A cute shirt that is perfect for the holidays in the family, where swearing is strictly forbidden! Wear it loud and proud and when awful things happen, just should, “oh! Fudge”.

Other Gifts That Begin with the Letter O

Here are some more gifts that begin with the letter O that we found noteworthy, but could not fit elsewhere.

Oatmeal soap

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Super fun to use and leaves our skin moisturized and exfoliated! This one has an added honey in it to nourish your skin and add an additional layer of moisture and protection.


Check It Out

Great for people who are a bit sickly, as an addition to their first aid kit box.

This Set of Gifts That Begin with the Letter O is a Part of Our Alphabet Series!

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