Gifts are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them. According to Mother Teresa, gift giving is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. The holiday season is fast approaching and we are running short of time with regards to our holiday shopping for the gifts that we will give out to our family and friends. It is easy to buy when you have plenty of money to spend but if you are falling short of stash then that would be a stressful dilemma to face! We love to get together with our family and friends since it is what the holidays are all about but buying for them gifts seem to be a tough job to crack. It is time consuming to buy for everyone and sometimes when the opening of the presents comes in, the awkwardness is so unbearable especially when the ritual is done every year. Worry no more since we have done the listing for you. We have hand-picked the top finds that we could get from the web and have categorized them for easier browsing. Check out our prepared list below of gifts that begin with the letter o for your reference.

1. Office Organizer

A messy table is a sign of a brilliant mind but we can all agree that a messy place is such an unpleasant site.  You may know someone who has a messy table and a disorganized office desk who is always looking for staff all the time then this gift idea would be a great gift that could tidy up and make the office desk look presentable and workable and that is no other than an office organizer.  An office organizer can be a great office tool that can keep office materials in place.  A clean and organized work space is a good and pleasant site at the work place that can induce a healthier work attitude.

Toys to Play With

Toy Gifts That Begin With The Letter O

Kids will only be young once so let them be kids! Let them play the toys they want to play and scatter them all to pieces until they get tired. Some toys are not just meant for playing but are also designed to sharpen their minds and even their skills as a human being. We have listed the top toys to play with for kids that begin with the letter O. See them all below to help you out in getting the age appropriate toy for your little bundle of joy!

  1. Octopus Plush
  2. Ogo Bild Studio Kit with Webcam
  3. Ogo Soft Balls
  4. Olaf’s Summer Tea Set
  5. Onewheel Off-Road Skateboard
  6. Opposites Match Me Cards
  7. Orbeez Crush – Sweet Treats Studio
  8. Organeco Blocks
  9. Origami Craft Set
  10. Osmo Coding Set
  11. Outdoor Swing Set
  12. OWI The Solar System Solar Kit
  13. Ozobot 2.0 Bit

Candies to Munch

Edible Gifts That Begin With The Letter O

Munching on some sweet candies is such a pleasurable experience not only for the kids but also for the young at heart. Candies and other sweets are not only colorful and sweet but they also bring instant happiness to your recipient. If you have a significant other or a loved one who is into candies and other sweets then it would be a great idea to surprise them with some candies to munch as your holiday gift. Check out the delectable treats we have listed below just for you!

  1. Oak Leaf Jawbreakers
  2. Ocean Spray Craisins
  3. Orange Jelly Candy
  4. Ovalteenies
  5. Orange Juicer – Fresh juice is expensive when you subscribe to health clubs who offer packed lunches with calorie count and fresh produce.  You can actually make your very own fresh orange juice at the comfort of your home through this orange juicer.  This orange juicer can give you fresh orange juice for breakfast or for any time that you want.  You can squeeze fresh oranges anytime and whenever you want it without spending much and by just staying at the comfort of your home.  This is also a great gift idea for your health conscious friend who always want organic and fresh juice all the time.

Books for Kids

Reading a book is not the same as reading an e-Book. The pleasure of turning every page and even smelling the paper is phenomenal and we can’t experience that through e-Books. Kids’ attention are difficult to catch and maintain and they do love the pop up books and the colorful illustrations from the children’s books. Check out our great finds of books for kids that will wow the little book worm in the family.

  1. Oliver. This book is about a boy named Oliver who loves to play and his curiosity brings him to extraordinary places too.
  2. Only Human. Only Human is a thought provoking book which features sci-fi scenarios that will make your tweenies read some more.
  3. Operation Red Jericho. This book is about adventure and friendship with a touch of history. Your child would be entertained to read since there are heroes and villains that are larger than life in this story.
  4. Opposites. This is a board book that teaches small children opposites with vivid illustrations that they would enjoy.
  5. Order of the Phoenix. This book is about school, magic and friendship that any Harry Potter fan would certainly love to receive as a gift for the holiday season.
  6. Origins. This sci-fi book will keep your kid reading for more since there are mysterious creatures in the story as well.
  7. Oscar the Otter. The adventurous Oscar always want to try something new. He even made his very own slide despite a warning from his father.
  8. Out of the Silent Planet
  9. Over Sea, Under Stone
  10. Owen. Owen is a mouse who is greatly attached to his blanket. A child who has fixation with a blanket or a toy could certainly relate to the story of Owen.
  11. Owl at Home. Owl is a silly creature that both the kids and parents can enjoy reading. His silly antics will certainly bring some cheers on your usual bedtime story.

Electronics and Gadgets

We are benefiting from the convenience that technology brings to us. We all have that longing for an easier way to do things with the use of electronics and gadgets. We need not to be tech savvy to love electronics and gadgets because these stuff are already prevalent in the market. Each and every one of us seem to be some gizmo in our own right and having an electronics or a gadget as a gift would never go to waste. If you are planning to surprise your buddy with a new gadget this coming holiday season or even an accessory that he is eyeing for a long time then you need to check out our prepared list below to help you choose the best gift ever!

  1. Om/One Levitating Speaker
  2. Oggz with Charging Station
  3. Ora Electronics Telephone Travel Kit
  4. Orbitwheel
  5. Oscillator
  6. Outrigger



37. Oil Diffuser

A stressful day can get better when you get home to a relaxing ambiance and a peaceful comfy couch to rest your weary head at.  In order to add some solace and serenity we strongly suggest for you to reward yourself with an oil diffuser.  You can let your senses run wild and loosen up through this oil diffuser.  This can also be a charming gift that can be given to your manic friend who needs to unwind and loosen up a bit.  Stress can eat up your immune system and may lead to tons of diseases.  You can prevent these untoward occurrences by learning to stop and rest for a while and just enjoy some quiet time and good scents to relax your tired soul even just for a while through this oil diffuser.

Tools for Hobbies

In order to show how much you care for your significant other’s chosen hobby, you can surprise him or her with a tool that would come in handy. Hobbies are enjoyable since through these chosen field we are able to express our talents and develop our skills. Check out our top finds of tools for hobbies that will make your gift giving level progress.

  1. Ocarina – Just like in Zelda: Ocarina of Time!
  2. Odometer
  3. Odontoglossum
  4. Oenothera Macrocarpa
  5. Ohio Goldenrod
  6. Oilstone
  7. OPI Nail Lacquer Set of 4 Minis
  8. Orb Massage Ball
  9. Orca Stainless Steel Cup
  10. Organ (percussion instrument)
  11. Organdie
  12. Organza
  13. Oriel
  14. Origami Modular Approach
  15. Outdoor Lighting
  16. Outdoor Power tools
  17. Over mantel
  18. Over skirt
  19. Oxo Water Bottle Cleaning Set

Food to Eat and Share

Another List of Edible Gifts That Begin With The Letter O

Gift giving is a fun way to practice especially when you see the smiles of your recipient’s faces. To be honest, it can also go the other way around especially if you ran short of time to prepare the long list of gifts especially if you have plenty of giftees to please. It is quite awkward to see the look in your recipients’ faces when they receive their gift and they don’t seem to like it. In order to have a more economical and less awkward gift giving experience, why don’t you try gifting some food to eat and share? Food is easy to prepare and you can please an entire bunch at the same time. You save yourself from some awkward moments at the opening of presents too. See our highly suggested list of food to eat and share that you and your loved ones can enjoy this holiday season.

  1. Oatmeal Cookies
  2. Oenomel
  3. Old Maid Cake
  4. One Pot Dishes
  5. Oreo Cookie Cheesecake
  6. Orange Pecan Muffins
  7. Orange Chiffon Cake
  8. Oven Baked Dishes

65. Orchid Terrarium

Add some color and life to your boring and dull desk through this orchid terrarium.  This orchid terrarium is a colorful way to bring your desk to a different level and add some natural beauty to your gloomy room.  This orchid terrarium comes in a variety of orchids to choose from that will bring wonders to any table top.  It is a fantastic gift idea for those who are not gifted with a green thumb for this orchid terrarium would grow instantly without any fuss at all!  Just leave it in this jar and just wait for few days and see it grow.  This orchid terrarium is a beautiful piece that could bring cheers to your workplace, your room or to your personal fortress.

Films to Watch

Watching some movies is a thing of most people since it is one of the easiest way to unwind. Most of us do not have much time to spare for watching films because of the hectic schedule at work or even at school. In order to make up for the movies unwatched, why not give your movie junkie friend some films to watch? You can spend your holiday season binge watching together and make the most of your work free week. Check out our top favorites of films to watch on the list below.

  1. Oblivion
  2. Ocean’s Twelve
  3. Of Mind and Music
  4. Olympus Has Fallen
  5. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  6. Once Upon a Mattress
  7. One Night at McCool’s
  8. Opposite Day
  9. Ordinary People
  10. Ouija: Origin of Evil
  11. Our Very Own
  12. Out of Place: Memories of Edward Said
  13. Outpost
  14. Outsourced
  15. Oz: The Great and Powerful

Books to Read

A good book is like a treasure waiting to be untold. Every book lover knows the delight and gratification experienced when one finishes a very good book. If you have a book worm friend, family or significant other, you know that nothing excites them more than to receive a bestselling book for the holiday season.

  1. O is for Outlaw
  2. October Suite
  3. Odysseus Abroad
  4. Of Arms and Artists
  5. Oh The Glory of It All
  6. Olive Kitteridge
  7. Omerta
  8. On Beauty
  9. On Hitler’s Mountain
  10. On Writing: A Memoir of a Craft
  11. Once Upon a River
  12. Or the Bull Kills You
  13. Ordinary Grace
  14. Orfeo
  15. Ostrich
  16. Our Dumb Century
  17. Our Lady of the Forest
  18. Our Tragic Universe
  19. Out of My Mind
  20. Out of the Shadows