If you have someone in your life whose name starts with the letter P, then it only makes sense to give them gifts that begin with the letter P, too, right?

Especially with the gifting season fast approaching, you need a list. Luckily we have compiled the best items beginning with the letter P, so you do not have to check the stores one by one! We will be your favorite shopping bestie after this!

Without further ado, here is our list of gifts that begin with the letter P, grouped together by types and interests.

  1. Precious Candies and Treats to Eat and Share
  2. Playful Toys for Children and the Kids at Heart
  3. Polished Children’s Books
  4. Perfect Electronics and Gadgets
  5. Proper Hobbies and Tools
  6. Pure Book and Novels for Adults
  7. Pretty Fab Fashion Gifts
  8. Pleasant Gifts for the House and Garden
  9. More Presents That Begin with the Letter P

Precious Candies and Treats to Eat and Share

Candies and other sweet treats are mood elevators and would certainly turn the day upside down. A sweet-toothed loved one can easily relate to this as you share the same passion for candies to munch. We have gathered the top candies to munch and gift this coming holiday season. Check our prepared list below for your reference.

Pac-Man Ghost Sour Candy

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Have you ever wondered what it is like eating the ghosting in Pac-Man? Then here is the chance! These sour candies are inside the Pac-Man ghosts. Great gifts for video game addicts!

Paul Frank Banana Mints

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Featuring Julius the monkey! This adorable tin can is the gift, really. However, the banana-shaped mints inside are also so good. If you know someone who likes cute stuff, then this is a great gift.

Payday Peanut Caramel Bar

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P is for Payday and P is for peanuts. Both are gifts that begin with the letter P, so you have nothing to lose with giving Payday Peanut Caramel Bars! These delicious bars will be loved by both adults and children! Tasty!

Pelon Pelo Rico Candy

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If you’re into tropical candy, then you should try tamarind! The tartness and the sweetness mix together to make a warm, delicious, one-of-a-kind taste! Pelon Pelo Rico is one of the best tamarind candies out there. Go try it!

Pelon Peloneta Tamarind with Mango Lollipop

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Another fine candy if your giftee is a lover of tropical fruits! The Pelon Peloneta is from the same candy manufacturer as Pelon Pelo Rico and is as delicious!


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Who does not like Pop-Tart? So delicious, sweet and you can enjoy them hot or cold. These flavorful treats are loved by everyone, so if you are looking for a safe gift (that does not look like a gift) to give, Pop-Tarts are a great idea.

Puffy Poles Marshmallow Twists

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These are ordinary marshmallows in HUGE sizes. If your giftee goes ga-ga with marshmallows (like those animals in The Lorax) then these humongous marshmallows are cool!

Pure Organics Fruit Layer Bars

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If you have a vegan friend, then these snacks are for them! Pure Organics Fruit Layers are delicious and most of all are made from organically grown fruits. Super wholesome.

Papaya Dices

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One of the most delicious fruits there is… the papaya! However, these expire quite fast so the next best thing is to get papaya dices! Papaya dices are dried papaya with a bit od sugar on it to preserve that sweet taste from the fresh fruit. Perfect for those who love trail mixes and dried fruits.

Playful Toys for Children and the Kids at Heart

They will only be young once so let them be kids! Let the kids enjoy their youth and play with real toys to encourage them more. This digital world takes a toll on the children’s health especially when they are just seen sitting around all day just staring and playing with their iPads. This coming holiday season, if you have kids to gifts like a niece, cousin, or your boss’ child then you can check out our great deals of toys to play with that will rock your gift-giving ideas this holiday season.

Playset for Kids

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Kids just love to play but in this generation, younger ones are fonder of pressing the phone keypads and touching their tablets and playing digitally.  When we were younger, we learned how to play the real and authentic way.  Teach your little ones the art of playing with real toys through these various playsets for kids.  When I was a little kid, I prefer to imitate adults through my playsets and I love spending time alone or even with friends.  Through these playsets, life skills can also be developed and imagination can also be developed and nurtured in a positive way!

Paw Patrol Mission Chase

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This toy is perfect for kids who are starting to speak because it is installed with up to 130 phrases. Your child would be enlightened and gain more words in his or her vocabulary too.

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure!

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Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure! This cooperative board game teaches kids the essence of teamwork and camaraderie.

Playhut Beauty Boutique

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This play hut encourages kids to widen their imagination and be anything they want to be. She can play with you or her friends, even alone!

Pip Squigz

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Pip Squigz will be most loved by toddlers because it is perfect for chewing, playing, shaking, and more.

Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset

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Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset is great! The little girl who loves to play and have tea parties would be thrilled to receive this as a gift.

Premium Art Supplies for Kdis

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Premium Art Supplies are an amazing gift for the artist! The artistic child deserves only the best quality of art supplies.

Princess Microphone & Amplifier

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Princess microphones let her sing, dance, and just be a princess! Encourage her to do it more and more and see her confidence get better and better.

Polished Children's Books

Nerdy kids is what they usually call a child who is fond of reading a book but if you would ask me that is not a negative remark to begin with. Reading is such a good habit for children because through this they can discover more about life, enhance their vocabulary skills and even learn more what the school could offer. We have hand-picked the bestselling books for kids of various ages and have listed them all below for your eyes only!

Paper Faces

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This is a story of an eight-year-old boy during the war. Great for school children who are starting to learn about the world wars in school.

Pawnee Warrior

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This is a story about growing up and friendship. Some of the words in this book is hard to understand, but it only opens an opportunity to teach them new in their vocab!

Perfectly Percy

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This cute book for young children is about a porcupine who loves balloons. You know how that is going to be a problem since porcupines are essentially walking pin cushions!

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

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This is a story of the saint as told through Joan’s page and secretary. This book is in the form of a memoir.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

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This is a spooky classic that your teeny would love to read.

Pigs Love Potatoes

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This is a heart-warming story about family. This is a great way to instill to the little ones the importance of loving and respecting family.

Point Blanc

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This is an adventure-filled story about a 14-year-old boy spy ordered to infiltrate the Point Blanc Academy. Super fun read for teenagers who like fantasy stories.


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A funny story about a very likable pig, Poppleton. He makes a new friend, reads a book in the library, and helps out a sick friend. You know, everyday pig stuff.

Perfect Electronics and Gadgets

We love the holidays and because it gives us a festive spirit we tend to feel more generous and kind. Although there are no specific written rules about gift-giving, we do have in ourselves some set of rules that determine how much effort we put into our gift-giving. Some do check the interests and lifestyle of the recipient as they list down the people that they want to surprise. If you have a tech-savvy recipient on your list then some electronics and gadgets would certainly be the best gift idea that you could think of.

Phone Stand

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If you are one of the many people who can’t live without your phone and feels like naked when you get to forget this precious device somewhere. In order to keep track of your beloved phone, you can keep this in a common place by putting it on a phone stand. A phone stand is not only to keep your phone on a standstill but it can also be your tool when you read, watch or use your phone for any use you would want it without keeping your hands sore. This would be a great gift idea for those who are such phone savvies and used their phones almost 24/7 for just anything. Keep your phone in the perfect position as you read your eBook, watch your favorite TV show on a live streaming or as you check recipes while you prepare your dinner through this useful phone stand.

Powersmith Flashlight

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This super high lumen flashlight is great when traveling in pitch dark places, like during a night hike! The best thing about this is it is water-resistant and it floats too!

Party Bot Micro

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A fun robot that runs around the room, a Bluetooth speaker, and a disco light in one! Let it loose on the floor, connect and play some music, and let the fun begin! Great for kids, adults, pets, and… it can even start a robot apocalypse! Do not worry, it chooses not to!


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A gadget for fitness! Don’t you know we need to walk at least ten thousand steps every day to stay healthy? How do you count the steps, you say? With a pedometer, of course! You clip it to your belt and let it count your strides!

Polaroid Camera

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Shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture!

While digital cameras are convenient, a Polaroid camera is much more fun! It produces instant physical photographs instantly. There is no temptation to edit or choose your best angle. Authenticity at its best!

Pokemon Earphones

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If you know someone who wants to be the very best like no one ever was, someone whose real quest is to catch every Pokemon and whose cause is to train them to their fullest potential, then you should get them these Pokemon earphones! They can wear them so they can hear all the beeps and sounds of the Pokemon as they catch and battle the critters on their screen. Go Pikachu!

Portable Fridge

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Those who work in front of a computer a lot (hello, fellow geeks)  would love this. A portable fridge that can chill a single can of soda! Everyone knows computer geeks run on soda and there is nothing more enticing than having cold Pepsi right in front of you while programming or editing a video. What’s best is that this runs on USB so there is no need to find a wall socket! Just be sure to swap in another can so the new one starts chilling while you consume your current cold fuel for the Gods.

Proper Hobbies and Tools

As we move along with our list of the people we would want to gift on this coming holiday season, you would certainly have some set of limitations in mind as well. You will decide how much you give and what to give to whom. It may be an exchange gift that you will put under the tree or a Secret Santa at work but either way, we do find some ways to make our gift shine like no other. If you want to give your recipient something that is worthy and would not be turned into a dust accumulator at home then you need to give something like a tool for a hobby that can be used most of the time.

Painting Kit for Beginners

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Those who are looking for a new hobby should look into painting. Contrary to what most people believe, painting can actually be learned and is quite fun when you get the hang of it! This painting kit for beginners contains the paints, paintbrushes, easel, and canvass which is quite enough to make a masterpiece or two.

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Ping Pong Set

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Ping Pong can be quite fun, even if you do not play on a professional level! You just have to know the basics, which is quite easy to learn.

Pottery Making Kit

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Pottery is messy but so much fun! You can even recreate that iconic scene from Ghost with this pottery-making kit.

Poké Ball Backpack

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Another great gift for someone who likes Pokemon! While this is intended for children, do not underestimate the sheer volume of proud adult geeks who would want one!

Puppetry Kit

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Are the little tykes bored out of their minds? This puppetry-making kit is one of the most fun ways to entertain them. Creativity is one of the best hobbies there is and you should start them young!

Poetry Fridge Magnets

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One of the best things to ever grace the fridge magnets industry! The poetry fridge tiles are a set of words and punctuations, designed to get those creative juices flowing and create astounding, funny, thought-provoking poetry on the fridge door! Can also be used for passive-aggressive communication, if desired.

Pure Book and Novels for Adults

Book Gifts That Begin With The Letter P

We all have that one buddy who always want to just read! If you have a bookworm for a giftee then you need to check out our great selection of best-selling books from the list below to help you out in finding the perfect gift for the book lover!

P is for Peril

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P is for Peril is another one of Sue Grafton’s novels. This tells the story of Kinsey Millhone as she investigates the disappearance of a doctor.

Passing Strange

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Passing Strange is a beautiful story about race, celebrity status, class, and secrets.

Papal Sin

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Papal sin is a critique of the catholic church! It is thought-provoking and biting at times. The author is a Pulitzer Prize winner so you are assured this is a good one!

Pretty Fab Fashion Gifts

Looking for fabulous gifts that begin with the letter P? You can go for fashion gifts! Here are some ideas.

Plaid Blouse

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A charming and head-turner look doesn’t need to be costly and overly decorated. The classic plaid blouse comes in handy especially when you are running out of fashion ideas to come up with. You can gift this to yourself or to your favorite girlfriend to add some classic and well-loved look to their wardrobe. There are different designs to choose from. From the traditional blouse to the off-shoulder plaid blouse, the possibilities are endless!

Pressed Flower Jewelry

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Unique and extraordinary gift ideas may pop once in a while but this one is my personal favorite!  If you have jewelry lovers on your list and would want to surprise them with beautiful jewelry why not try some pressed flower jewelry?  These pressed flower jewelry are made from real pressed flowers and dried moss enclosed in high-quality resin.  These pressed flower jewelry are taking the online market by storm and many are turning their heads just to take a sight.  You can choose from the charming ring to the fantastic bracelet or even a breathtaking necklace to elongate and add more aesthetic essence to your neck.

Peridot Bracelet

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Green and beautiful! Peridot is the birthstone of August, too. So if your giftee’s name starts with P and is born in the month of August, this is the perfect gift idea.

Penguin Shirt

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Such a lazy penguin! This shirt says, things to do: nothing. This is great for the great procrastinators of your life. You can also get two to make it a cute couple shirt!

Procrastination Shirt

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Now, this is a shirt many dudes will like! This procrastination shirt says, “I put the PRO in procrastinate” which is how many of us feel whenever a task is in front of us! I’d say get this for them! Tomorrow.

Pun Shirt

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There are two types of persons: those who find puns funny and those who pretend they do not. Show them you are in the first group by gifting this puns shirt with a seal of approval!

Pleasant Gifts for the House and Garden

If you want to look for useful “p” gifts, then look around the house and you will see the best gifts are something that can be used in the house or garden.

Pillow Spray

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Are you having a hard time sleeping? Or know someone who does? Well, we got an awesome gift idea for you and for your loved one who can’t seem to get enough sleep may be due to stress or any other factors. We present to you this pillow spray which could let you sleep like a baby fast! Get your well-deserved sleep anytime you want it through this calming and soothing pillow spray. This pillow spray transforms your pillow into a magical pillow that would help you get your snooze in no time! It’s like being showered with sleep dust by the sleep fairies! This pillow spray is made from safe and non-toxic materials that are even safe to be used by kids over the age of 1. Sleep is indeed the secret to a healthier and happier life because through it you can recuperate and gain your energy. This pillow spray is all-natural with no parabens or synthetic colors and fragrances that could stain your pillow. This would be an awesome gift for your friend you suffers from insomnia or any sleeping disorder. Being sleep-deprived is a thing of the past, especially when you have this pillow spray at hand.

Popcorn Maker

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How fun is it to have a popcorn machine at home? Netflix nights would be so much fun and delicious! Get one of these classic-looking popcorn machines that scream “NOSTALGIA” that will get those reminiscing thoughts going. This is also great for families with children because all children love popcorn!

Pineapple Kitchen Timer

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This is so cute! If you know someone who loves things that is so kawaii and also likes to cook or bake, then you can get them this very adorable little pineapple kitchen timer! I am sure they will appreciate having something to stare at while it twists and ticks adorably on her kitchen timer. This is perfect for a geek kitchen too, don’t you think?

Pig Shampoo and Liquid Soap Dispenser

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Super cute pig! This little pig will be a cool conversation starter as your guests wash their hands on the kitchen sink when they find out that they have to pet a cute pig to get their liquid soap. This little pig can also live in the bathroom, as a shampoo dispenses to remind anyone using the shower to wash their hair, to not forget to scrub between the back of the ears, and to not pee in the shower!

Pie Maker

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Pie is super delicious, but it is quite hard to make! Luckily pie makers are here to help make piemaking easier and faster. Less time spent in molding and shaping the pie crust and more time lounging around in the yard, enjoying pie! Mouthwatering!

More Gifts That Begin with the Letter P

Here are some more ideas for gifts that begin with the letter P but we could not fit somewhere else!

Pull Pole for Dogs

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Two things dogs love to play: fetch and tug. You can satisfy the second one with this pull pole. It looks exactly like a fishing pole, only for dogs! It has a cute little dangly figure at the end of the line which dogs (and even cats) cannot resist! It is also super strong enough to last quite long,

Picnic Backpack Set

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Those who love to do picnics will certainly enjoy this one: it is a backpack that can hold everything that is essential for a super nice picnic: food, drinks, and the picnic blanket! What’s missing is the picnic date, which sadly does not come with the set. Maybe one day!

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