Gift giving is always included in special occasions and numerous individuals just look forward to this aspect of the holidays. Although gift giving is an exciting and fun activity, it can also be overwhelming and stressing especially if you have recipients who have numerous wish lists and apply pressure on you especially on those hot items in the market or most sought after stuff that they adore so much. Gift giving is not only pleasurable to the recipient but it also gives happiness to the gifter as well. A gift is a token of appreciation, a form of gratitude and it also paves way to mend broken connections between families and can also be a means to make current bonds between family and friends be stronger than ever no matter how much your gift costs.

If you are still guessing on what to give this coming holiday season then you need to stick around and check out our top find of gifts that begin with the letter Q. Check out the list below for your reference.

Toys to Play With

Playing has been part of the system of the young children and even the young at heart. Playing toys invigorates their spirits and buys you more quiet time in the house as well. You can enjoy the holiday season even more if the kids are behaved and busy with their toys so if you are planning to keep the children well behaved during the holiday season then you should gift them some toys to play with. These toys are especially hand-picked just for you. Just ensure to pick the right one for the child such as the age range that the toys is classified under and the purpose of the toy as well. See our top finds of toys to play with for the kids that you want to surprise this coming holidays.

  1. Q-BA-MAZE 2.0
  2. Q-bitz
  3. Qixels Design Creator. Let the kids’ imagination ran wild and let their favorite character come out to life by creating their very own eight bit designs.
  4. Quadrilla Twist
  5. Quick Chess
  6. Quick Stack Cups
  7. Qwirkle Board Game. Qwirkle is a simple game to look at but this requires a well-planned strategy and some tactical maneuvers.
  8. Quercetti
  9. Quiddler. Wordsmiths would love to play this game!
  10. Quiz Whiz. This is a game that would challenge the brain cells of your kiddos!

Candies and Snacks to Munch

Candies and other snacks to munch create simple joys in life especially for the foodie who just loves to snack. If you have a friend who likes candies and snacks too much then why not surprise them with something to munch this coming holiday season. For sure your gift would be much appreciated instead of becoming a dust accumulator in the house or just a mere paper weight on the table. We have listed the fine candies and delectable snacks to munch this coming holiday season.

  1. Q Cakes
  2. Q Chew Jelly Revive
  3. Q Gum
  4. Quaff
  5. Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
  6. Quark
  7. Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips
  8. Quid

Books for Kids

Children are not just designed to play and eat, they are also capable of reading and enjoying good books. If you have a toddler but is already curious of books then you can read to your child during bed time, the bigger the books with colored illustrations the better for them to appreciate the story! Teen-agers on the other hand enjoy different genres, some do love sci-fi, thriller or even romance. Without further ado, please see our prepared best-selling books for kids to read this coming holiday season from the list below.

  1. Q: The Quiet Quail. This is humorous story that will teach the child to recognize the letter Q.
  2. Quack! Quack! This book is perfect for young listeners because of the rhyming words on it and the textures on the book that they can touch as you read along.
  3. Quack and Count. This is a fun book for your preschooler.
  4. Quantum Prophecy. This is a story about kids developing superpowers but were soon caught by some mysterious group.
  5. Queen’s Feet. Would you imagine having feet that just won’t behave? Well, this book is a funny story of a queen with mischievous feet.
  6. Queen with the Bees in Her Hair. This is the story of Queen Ruby and her vanity. She learned a lesson that she will never forget.
  7. Quick Quack Quentin
  8. Quick, Quack, Quick! Follow the story of the mother duck as she quacks quickly to her ducklings.
  9. Quiltmaker’s Gift. This is a story about the king who has everything but was never satisfied.

Electronics and Gadgets

Electronics and gadgets make life easier and more satisfying for us. Most of us would love to have one as a gift this coming holiday season. If you have some cash to spare and would like to surprise your sweetheart with something a bit expensive then why not splurge and spoil your loved one a bit and gift an electronic device. On the other hand, if you are a little tight on the budget you can also express your love by gifting a gadget accessory that would surely make the current device or devices of your giftee work well. Check out our top finds of electronics and gadgets that would win their hearts this holiday season!

  1. Q Acoustics Channel Speaker
  2. QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard and Case – No matter how long twenty four hours is in a day, it seems like it is not enough to fulfill all our tasks at work or even at home.  Sometimes, we don’t have much time to open the PC and just use our iPads to access our emails and create replies or even articles through this.  But if you are creating more documents through your iPad it would be worrisome and would take a toll on your hands because it is not really designed for that.  That is why, we present to you this great product that can help you with your typing needs at the comfort of your iPad through this QODE ultimate wireless keyboard and case for iPad.
  3. Q-Redew Hair Steamer
  4. Quadcopter with HD camera

    It doesn’t take a whole team of photographers to take the best aerial shots.  You can surprise your personal photographer on your list with his very own quadcopter with HD cameras to take the best aerial shots that he could!  You may be a tech savvy photographer yourself and indulge into your weakness and get into getting the best aerial shots on your friend’s wedding, birthday party or just when you want to take aerial shots when you get bored.

  5. Quadraphony
  6. Qu Nexus Smart Sensor
  7. Quipu
  8. Qwerkywriter

Tools for Hobbies

You can gift your relative who is fond of quilting or quail watching with some tools that they can use for their hobbies. It may not mean so much for others but for them these gifts would be useful for them and be much appreciated. See our prepared list below of the tools that begin with the letter Q.

  1. Q-Bond Repair Kit
  2. Q Monogrammed Charm Necklace
  3. Q Factor Cushioning Insoles
  4. Q-Flex Body Massage Tool
  5. Q-Snap Extension Kit
  6. Quail Breeding Guide
  7. Quarter
  8. Quarterstaff
  9. Quilt
  10. Quilted Boots
  11. Quilting Wools and Needles
  12. Quiver
  13. Quartz Crystal Rocks
  14. Quick Prep Bamboo Utensils
  15. Quicksilver Surf Tee Rashguard
  16. Quicksilver Trucker Hat

52.  Qwirkle Board Game

In this digital era that we live in, playing toys and having quality time with the family has slowly turning extinct.  Nothing beats real interaction and having quality time with the family or even with friends.  You can bring back the old times by gifting the kids or the kids at heart on your list this qwirkle board game.  This qwirkle board game is easy to play and for sure you can have endless and genuine fun with your family this weekend through this amazing board game!  Qwirkle is designed for younger players and with simple rules such as matching the tiles and building lines, even the smaller ones could appreciate this game and be engaged!  The Qwirkle board game is designed to hone problem solving skills and spatial recognition of its players so it is basically learning while having fun!

Food to Eat and Share

Money do matter especially during this holiday season because we all know that we need to surprise our friends and relatives and even our boss and co-workers with something as a token of our appreciation for the past year that we have shared together. Well, the sad part is not all of us have enough money to spend on numerous gifts. If you want to make a group gift to save on some cash then why not gift some food to eat and share. In this way, you can save money and everyone would benefit from your gift as well. We have prepared a list of the dishes and desserts that you can make to gift your friends, co-workers and relatives this coming holidays!

  1. Qi’a Superfood
  2. Quandong
  3. Queen of Puddings
  4. Quesadilla
  5. Quince
  6. Quiche
  7. Quick Desserts
  8. Quindim
  9. Qurabiya

Films to Watch

A movie junkie would be delighted to have some films to watch this coming holidays as a gift. If you have a movie buddy whom you would like to surprise this coming holiday season then we do strongly suggest to gift some films to watch. We have listed the great films both old and new that would wow your favorite movie goer. Check them all out below for your reference.

  1. Q: The Movie
  2. Q-The Winged Serpent
  3. Q and A
  4. Q Planes
  5. Quantum of Solace
  6. Quarantine
  7. Quarantine 2: Terminal
  8. The Queen
  9. Queen of Outer Space
  10. Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite
  11. Queen of the Damned
  12. Quelques jours en Septembre
  13. Quicksand: No Escape
  14. Quicksilver Highway
  15. The Quiet American
  16. The Quiet Man
  17. Quill
  18. Quills

Books to Read

Books are not only for the book worm. I mean when we say books sometimes we do stereotype the reader as nerd or boring but to be honest, reading is also a form of a pleasurable experience for many. Through reading you can travel to places that you have never gone to before, you can know more about people that you have never met and you can expound more about the other possibilities that this life can offer. If you have a book lover on your list of recipients to surprise this coming holiday season then you need to check out our suggestions of quality books to read and gift from the list below.

  1. A Question of Blood
  2. A Quiet Flame
  3. Q 1st Edition
  4. Q is for Quarry
  5. Q & A Slumdog Millionaire
  6. Q-Ships and Their Story
  7. Q, the Earliest Gospel
  8. Queen Bee Moms And King Pin Dads
  9. Queen Bees and Wannabees
  10. Queen of Dreams
  11. Queen of the Underworld
  12. Quicksand
  13. Quiet
  14. Quiet Neighbors
  15. Quite a Year for Plums
  16. The Quality of Life Report
  17. The Quality of Mercy
  18. The Queen of Water
  19. The Queen’s Lover
  20. The Quickening Maze
  21. The Quiet Twin

101.  Quiet time

In this crazy and noisy world that we live at, sometimes having some peace and solitude is such a luxury that we can’t afford.  When you want to pause and give your partner a unique and memorable gift this coming holidays why not give the gift of quiet time.  A gift of quiet time can be a spa day or a relaxing massage at the comfort of your bedroom and a time out from any distraction of the outside world.  You can use this quiet time to bond with your partner and make up for the lost time that you missed due to your hectic schedule at work.  This would be a perfect gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or just because.

102. Quilted Blanket or anything quilted

When it comes to gift giving, there are plenty of items in the market and most of them are just outshining one or the other by adding features and freebies.  But if you would ask me, I would appreciate a gift more if it’s personalized and hand made.  Why did I say this?  Well, a personalized and handmade item is something that is well thought of and you are sure that the one who gave it to you really values you since he or she gave his or her time to create your one of a kind gift.  A quilted blanket or a quilted towel is quite difficult to make if you are not into quilting but for someone who has more love to give and more time to spare, a personalized quilted blanket or anything quilted is such a fantastic gift idea.  You can simply put together your recipient’s favorite keepsakes and create a whole new item for him or her.