The clock is ticking and the holiday season is coming shortly. You might be one of those people who are cramming because their gifts are not yet bought. First of all, you need to stay calm and focus. Make your gift giving list so that you’ll have an idea on how much you will spend and the budget you will set for each. Next is to choose your gift wisely and that is by knowing your recipients’ interests at least two would do. A little something would mean so much since gifts are naturally tokens of appreciation that anyone would love to receive no matter how much its worth. Check out our prepared list of the one hundred gift items that begin with the letter R for your reference.

Food to Eat and Share

Most of us do have a huge circle of family and friends. And during the holiday season it is sort of putting pressure on you especially on your budget. If you want to give something special without hurting anyone’s feelings because you have forgotten them then you can give a group gift by giving them something to eat and share this coming holidays. Prepare some scrumptious feast that the whole family can enjoy and share together. Check out our suggestions of dishes and desserts that you can gift this coming holiday season to your friends and family.

  1. Ratatouille
  2. Ravioli
  3. Red Velvet CakeWhen it comes to gifting food as a gift, I could say that it is more economical and safe to give that is if you are giving food that will not cause allergy or any irritation to your recipient.  Of course, we know our recipients well so when we know that our giftee is a foodie, we know by heart the munchkins that would make our recipient happy.  If you have the baking skills, why not explore your baking prowess and create some mouth-watering red velvet cupcakes for your recipients.  You can even make it personalized by putting your recipient’s name on the icing or even spell out your message.  This kind of gift idea would be perfect for any occasion there is!
  4. Rhubarb Crumble
  5. Rice pudding
  6. Rillettes
  7. Risotto
  8. Roast Beef
  9. Rock Cake
  10. Roux

Films to Watch

You can enjoy this holiday season by getting some warm drinks and a nice company while enjoying some great films to watch. Your favorite movie buddy would be more than delighted to receive some movies to watch this coming holiday season as a gift to make up for the time lost and the movies missed throughout the year. We have prepared some all-time favorites from the past and present of the films to watch on your movie marathon this holiday season.

  1. Rachel’s Getting Married
  2. Rats
  3. Real Steel
  4. Recipe for Disaster
  5. Redemption
  6. Red Riding Hood
  7. Reign of Fire
  8. Requiem
  9. Return to Neverland
  10. Revenge of the Nerds
  11. Ricki and The Flash
  12. Riding in Cars with Boys
  13. R.I.P.D.

Electronics and Gadgets

Technology is a friend for us all since it has given us such progress and lighten up our workload. It does not take a tech savvy person to love some gadgets and electronics since these stuff are already considered one of the necessities of our time. If you are looking for some gadgets, electronics or accessories to give this coming holiday season then you need to check out our highly suggested items under this category form the list below.

  1. R: Easy R Programming for Beginners
  2. R.A.T. PRO S Gaming Mouse
  3. Recorder
  4. Rice Cooker
  5. R-sim 10 Plus Repair Tool
  6. R-Tech Camera
  7. R & B Jukebox

Tools for Hobbies

Hobbies are not just time killers for some these hobbies are great for enhancing one’s skills and even encourage to gain more knowledge on the acquired skills that we have. If you have some relative or friends that has certain hobbies that you would like to support then you need to check out our listed items of tools or hobbies that would be very useful for your recipient. See them all below for your reference.

  1. Racing Experience
  2. Rafting Gear
  3. Rebel Pop R Triple Threat
  4. Renaissance Faire Kilt
  5. Resort’s Staycation Pass
  6. Rocket Model Kit
  7. Rocking Chair
  8. Rock Collection
  9. Rosewood
  10. Rumble Sea



41. Revlon Make Up

Having a beautiful face may all be attributed to our genes but you can make your dull looking face look glam and more attractive by putting fine make up such as Revlon.  With Revlon make up you are assured that it is safe to use and doesn’t have paraben that could harm your skin.  You can choose the right shade of lipstick or eye shadow that would work best to suit the complexion of your recipient.

Books to Read

Alone time is such a very rewarding time for some although it would only mean few minutes or even an hour. Most of us do take this time to catch up on our reading. If you have a significant other who is a book lover then a best-selling book would certainly top your recipient’s wish list for this holiday season. We have listed the most sought after books that begin with the letter R in the list seen below.

  1. Radical Evolution
  2. Ragnarok
  3. Rainbow Six
  4. Raising Cain
  5. Ravelstein
  6. Raven Summer
  7. Reading Lolita in Tehran
  8. Red Now and Laters
  9. Relative Danger
  10. Revelation
  11. Rise and Shine
  12. Rouge

Toys to Play With

Kids are the most excited for this holiday season because they are well-aware that they are the top most recipients of gifts this holiday season. And as we all know, their wish list do have a numerous items listed and usually the top ranking on their list are toys to play with. If you are not into kids or not aware of the latest craze of toys for the kids then you need to worry no more since we have gathered the top finds of toys to play with for the kids on your gift giving list.

  1. Race Track with Toy Cars
  2. Rainbow Loom Bands with Metal Hook
  3. Rattleback
  4. Razor Jr. Twisti Lil’ Buzz Scooter
  5. Razor Rip Stik Caster Board
  6. Reflex Yo-yo
  7. Remote Control Toys
  8. Retro Kitchen Set
  9. Ride On Toys
  10. Road Rippers
  11. Rocket Launch Set
  12. Roll & Bounce Tower
  13. Rubbabu Playset Jr.
  14. Rubik’s Cube

    There came a time when the rubik’s cube has taken the world by storm.  We can simply see in every corner that there’s a child or even an adult playing this mysterious cube and can take longer hours of endless play trying to solve this puzzle.  For someone who has the passion for solving rubik’s cubes, there would be no other gifts that could counter a rubik’s cube.  With the rubik’s cube, one can enjoy solving analytical problems, or even challenge oneself and beat one’s time in solving the cube.

Candies and Snacks to Munch

Edible Gifts That Begin With The Letter R

Snacking is one of the favorite past time of many. Not only because it gives us instant gratification but it’s also a way to bring close friends and loved ones nearby. Candies and snacks to munch are mostly the favored munchies of all time so in order to let your loved ones indulge on these favorites this coming holiday season why not fill their stockings with candies and snacks to munch on. See our listing of our hand-picked favorites from the selections below for your eyes only.

  1. Rainbow Sticks
  2. Raisinets
  3. Rattlerz
  4. Razzles
  5. Red Hots
  6. Red Vines
  7. Reese’s
  8. Resident Evil Mints
  9. Richardson
  10. Ring Pop
  11. Rip Rolls
  12. Rips
  13. Ritz
  14. Roca
  15. Rock Candies
  16. Rocky Road
  17. Rolo
  18. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  19. Ruffles

Books for Kids

Children’s Gifts That Begin With the Letter R

Books are one of the great gifts that you can give to kids this coming holiday season. We as adults should encourage the little ones to read and use their time wisely by reading books. We have prepared the great books to read for the little ones up to the teen agers. Check out our favorite books for kids to read on the list below for your reference.

  1. Rain. This book is about the beauty of rain and the colors that it brings when it happens.
  2. Rain Must Fall. This book is a zombie themed story with a twist of romance that your teen-ager would love to read.
  3. Rain, Rain, Go Away. This board book will certainly catch the attention of your pre-schooler!
  4. Rain Reign. This is a homonyms filled book that your kids will surely enjoy reading!
  5. She may have very long locks and this worked for the prince. Let your little ones enjoy the astounding story of Rapunzel and be mesmerized with the turnout of events.
  6. Rattletrap Car. This is a fun filled book with silly rhymes that will entertain the kids.
  7. Red Leech. This is a book for the young detectives in the house.
  8. Red Riding Hood. This is the story of red riding hood as told in a goofy fashion that will make kids laugh and enjoy the story even more.
  9. Red Shift. Imagine the people living around you whom you are living with in a parallel universe. This book is as interesting as that concept and will keep your little curious teen-ager reading some more.
  10. Red Sky in the Morning. This is a feel good story about coping up with the family.
  11. Roslyn Rutabaga. This is an interesting story about a rabbit named Roselyn.
  12. Ruler of the Realm. This is an adventure filled book that is made more interesting because of the fantasy themed story on it.
  13. Rumplestiltskin. This is an all-time favorite story with great illustrations that will keep your young ones posted and wait until the reading finishes.
  14. Run, Turkey, Run! This is an exciting book that the youngsters would certainly enjoy reading!

101. Rose

For someone who seem to have everything in life, it may be difficult to think of the perfect gift to give.  For people who seem to have everything in your list, we do suggest for you to give a charming rose as a gift.  A rose can brighten up someone’s day as it is a universal gift as a form of endearment with the color of the rose as a sign of your intention.  Red roses signifies love while yellow signifies friendship and white as purity or even a sign that you are mourning with the recipient.  Gifting the color of the rose depends on the occasion and the recipient that you would give the rose to.