Giving gifts is such an enjoying and fulfilling activity especially when you get to the part when you are done wrapping all the presents. Some of us do also hope to get some gifts in return. Holidays usually come with gift giving and these have become great excuses to splurge. If you are still in the process of your listing your recipients and the budget that you will set to spend. Our list of gifts that begin with the letter S will help you on your quest in getting the perfect gift for your recipient.

Sumptuous Food and Candies

Edible Gifts that Begin with the Letter S

The foodie would love to have something to munch even as for a gift. If you have a foodie on your list of recipients then you could fill his or her stockings with some candies and snacks to munch. These scrumptious delights will keep your foodie satisfied during the holiday season. Check out our great finds under this category from the list below.


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A colorful and flavourful gift for kids! These lollipops will give bursts of happiness to the children. It will end up being a gift that the child will cherish every day.

Sour Patch Kids

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Kids are bound to love these soft, chewy, sour, and sweet candies. Individually packed, these candies are a perfect gift for birthday parties or family get-togethers.

Scharffen Berger

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An ideal gift for a chocolate lover! For those out there craving sweet, bittersweet, and milk chocolates, this one is definitely for them. Sourced from local cacao growers, these gluten-free assortments are a treat for wine lovers.

Skinny Pop

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Popcorns are healthy, nutritious, and wholesome snacks. It is filled with fiber and antioxidants. It is also a healthy and tasty snack to keep your diet on track.


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Get your sweet and sour tooth on with Sathers’ candies and gummies. You can enjoy a variety of flavors while celebrating birthdays, festivals, or special occasions.


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What a colorful confectionary! Milk chocolates coated with colorful crispy sugar shells are a long-time favorite for kids. These are best to enjoy with your family and friends if you like a waterfall of colors. These can also be used for decorating other food items.


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The chocolate bars consisting of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts are perfect not only for a birthday or Halloween parties but also for office events. It is a perfect snack for munching while reading books, watching TV, or having fun with friends.

Super Bubble Bucket

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People chew bubble gums mindlessly, but it has several health benefits. Chewing is believed to help increase energy levels throughout the day. This juicy, long-lasting bubble gum is a good gift for office parties.

Snickerdoodle Stroopwafels

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With no artificial colors or preservatives, these individually wrapped wafers, are a hygienic and healthy snack for adults and kids. These trans-fat-free snacks can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

Stellar Toys and Playthings

To buy you some peace and serenity in the house even when kids are around is totally possible when you keep them busy. You can keep these little monsters from tearing each other apart and even bringing the house down by gifting them some toys to play with. Toys are designed to hone these little monsters and to keep their thinking caps on and be busy even just for a while. We have chosen the top toy gifts that begin with the letter S.

Shiba Inu Plush

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Soft toys are generally found in a kids’ room. They are great friends and even great pillows. These sweet Shiba plushies are not only fun but safe for kids to play with and to get a squishy hug.

Shopkins Toys

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Are you looking for something unique for your little chef? Shopkins littles mega pack is a functional gift for the play kitchen of the chef-in-training. The kit includes 26 pieces of the latest arrivals.

Silly Bandz

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These multicolor, multi-shaped silicone bands are wearable for both boys and girls. They are safe to wear and perfect for birthday parties or kids’ events.

Snap Circuits Discovery Kit

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Help spark the creativity of a child! Such brain-stimulation toys are extremely helpful in making the grown-ups think out of the box. The electronic exploration kit is a fun way to boost a child’s creative thinking.

Snuggle Pod

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Perfect first dolls for babies! These ultra-soft stuffed baby soothing dolls are safe for a six-month-old baby to cuddle. Give your toddler a playmate.


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Perfect for a family game night! The exhilarating and mindful family board game is a fun and intelligent way to get everyone together at home or enjoy a family picnic.

Squigz Starter Set

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Enjoy playing with your kids! Children can build any design by pressing the suction cups together. It is an educational toy for kids and perfect for home as well as playschools.


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A slinky is a fun toy and a pretty decorative item for a kid’s room. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety in adults. So, it makes a thoughtful gift that has dual benefits.

Spirograph Design Set

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Introduce a child to the world of Art! The spirograph set gives a kid a chance to make various unique spiraling designs with traceable wheels. It will keep your kid creatively busy.

Sweet Books for Kids

Children are excited about almost everything that they see. They are hungry for knowledge that’s why most of them do love to go to school. Aside from school, learning can also happen by reading a good book. Children should be encouraged by their parents and guardians to read in order for them to widen their vocabulary and to know more about things around them. We have listed the top books that will entice children to read more, see them below for your reference.

Saffy's ANgel

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This book is a humorous story that is family oriented will entertain your ten up to twelve year old child.

Scaredy Squirrel

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This is a story about a squirrel who is fond of staying in the tree all day due to his worry some attitude.

Spiders Are Not Insects

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This is a non-fiction book but still interesting for your preschooler.

Stone Soup

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This book has an interesting story of hungry soldiers who found a tasty stone soup!

Strega Nona

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This book will teach a child to follow the rules or suffer the consequences of disobedience.

Stupendous Gadgets, Electronics, and Hobbies

Gadget Gifts that Begin with the Letter S

Electronics and gadgets are great gift ideas this coming holiday season since almost everyone already share the same passion for technology and needs it in their daily activities as well. We have listed our hand-picked favorites of electronics, gadgets and accessories that will surely rock your gift giving.

Selfie Stick

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Set the angle you want! A selfie stick gives you more control over the angles to capture a better view without asking anybody else for help. There are numerous other benefits of using a selfie stick, and that’s why it makes a functional gift.

Soap Making Kit

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Whip up the natural handmade soap bars! The kit contains a variety of fragrances, dye liquid, tools, and accessories to personalize your soap the way you like it. You can choose the ingredients as per your skin type and taste. It is a good gift for eco-warriors too.


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Host a disco party at home! You can easily arrange a disco party at your home if you have this speaker. The wide range of colors flashes with the beats and creates a mesmerizing effect.

Self-Stirring Mug

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We love to have coffee mugs in our home and office. A self-stirring feature is like the icing on the cake. This self-mixing cup is convenient for use in an office and on holiday and camping trips. It also keeps track of the temperature of the beverage.

Spot Tracker

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The portable satellite GPS messenger is perfect for camping and hiking trips to allow your contacts to track your location and progress. Pre-programmed custom messages can also be set to be delivered automatically for quick response to any emergency.

Samsung Smartwatch

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See your health indicators right on your wrist! This smartwatch doesn’t just tell the time but does things that a watch or smartphone cannot. It will help you keep up with your fitness goals. You can connect it with your smartphone to peek into your messages, calls, or notification while doing other activities.

Sleeping Bag

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A perfect gift for an adventurous backpacker! This lightweight sleeping bag is designed with added insulation to keep you exceptionally warm during the winter season. Enjoy camping outdoors without worrying about the shelter.

Special Gifts for the House and Garden

Simply beautiful! Here are some house and kitchen gifts that begin with the letter S.

Snorlax Beanbag

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This unstuffed plush toy will bring fun and joy to the receiver on any occasion. It is also perfect for home and office decoration.

Snack Dispenser

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Dispense off just the required amount of food! It is a hassle-free and stylish way to store dry foods at home as well as in an office.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Maintain a neat and organized kitchen! It is necessary to keep spice dispensers to keep the spices/herbs organized on your countertop or dining table. It not only looks nice but helps in identifying different spices.

Snake Plant

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Snake plants help absorb harmful pollutants from the air while releasing oxygen. It is considered one of the best indoor plants, and therefore, it is good to grow in your home and office.

Seagrass Basket

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If you like to keep indoor plants, then plant covers are a must to beautify your living room, restroom, nursery, or office. These handmade baskets made with seagrass are multi-purpose and can be used as storage bins for clothes, toys, and grocery, etc.

Soda Maker

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Do you like fizzy water? Then enjoy the sparkling water, juice, and cocktails, etc., by installing a soda maker at your home or in the office. The carbonated water tastes very similar to club soda

Shirts, Shirts, Shirts!

Shirts are a great safe gift idea. Here are some cute ones!

Shih Tzu Shirt

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It reflects who you are and what you love. This cute and comfort-fit shirt is a good investment for dog lovers. Include this funky shirt in your closet.

Shit/Shirt Shirt

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No matter what your budget is and who you’re buying for, a shirt is always a good choice for youngsters. Level up their wardrobe by gifting a unique shirt.

Shiba Inu Shirt

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Keep it cool and funky! Animal pictures continue to be a top trend to look simply unique and cool. It is apt to wear on casual outings.

Soft Fashion and Wearables

Here are some more fashion gifts that begin with the letter S. These will make their jaws drop.


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Winter is fun and we do look forward for this season to come but the cold weather may take a toll on our health.  Sweaters do come to the rescue to keep us warm during winter and to keep our fashion ideas sane even during sweater weather days.   You can gift your family or friends with a great, cozy and warm sweater to keep them warm during this winter season.  This sweater features heart on the elbow part and is simple ye sweet way of showing that you care!  This sweater is knitted and is made with acrylic and you are sure that this could give warmth to the wearer.  Giving someone a sweater is like giving a hug when they needed it the most!

Silver Jewelries

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Silver jewelries are perfect not only during cocktail nights or formal events but because of its neutrality in color, you can use silver jewelries in almost any occasion there is!  It can easily blend with any color and could bring out the beauty of the jewelry anytime!  You can either gift a silver ring, a silver bracelet or a necklace.  There are tons of designs to choose from, from monogrammed pendants to flowery designs.  Some silver jewelries are even designed with animals or abstract details too.  Make sure to choose the perfect silver jewelry for your giftee that you could be easily remembered with when he or she gets to your gift.

Snorlax Kigurumi

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The unisex cosplay costume is an awesome way to have fun with your kids and friends. It is also a great outfit to wear to a Halloween party.

Selk'bag: Wearable Sleeping Bag

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The wearable sleeping bag provides complete freedom of movement. The multi-purpose sleeping bag is a functional gift not only for backpackers but also for people who don’t like adventurous outings.


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Sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, and they are a stylish accessory for both men and women. Protect the eyes of your dear ones and add a charm to their personality by gifting this fashionable accessory.

Star and Moon Necklace

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Up your style quotient with quirky jewelry! No woman can ever be bored of trying new jewelry pieces. So, gift your dear ones this beautiful mixed-tone moon and star necklace to change up their look and make them feel good.

Scrabble Tile Necklace

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It is easy to change up your look with different casual accessories. The beautiful wood tile pendant with initials engraved on it will make your outfit look great. Make this piece a staple in your jewelry box! Choose the letter S, too!

Sapphire Ring

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Exquisite minimalist ring! Incorporate this ring into your daily wear to add elegance to your look without going overboard. It has a simple, clean design that is pleasing to the eyes.

Sensational Young Adult Books to Read

Reading is a pleasurable way to use your alone time. Through reading you can sail away even back in couple of centuries and even move forward to the future. You can also live in a fantasy land and forget about your problems even just for few minutes of reading. A book lover would certainly be delighted to receive a book.


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This is a story about a princess sent to a kingdom in the desert. Her story is interesting and full of unexpected events to look forward to.

Scavenger Hunt

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If your teen-ager is looking for a horror themed book then this will be a great suggestion.

Silver on the Tree

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If your kid is into magic then this book would be a great recommendation to be read.

Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries

Since strawberries start in S, steal this shopping series that star the sweet, sugary, sumptuous strawberries.

Strawberry filled cookies

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These cookies are packed with wholesome dried strawberries. Pleasantly soft and full of strawberry flavor, these cookies are great to enjoy with your coffee or hot chocolate anywhere anytime.

Strawberry Ice Cream Cologne

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Enjoy the freshness of strawberries throughout the day with this perfume spray. The romantic and affectionate odor of strawberry keeps the unwanted body odor at bay and ensures that you smell nice and fresh all day long.

Strawberry body butter

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Pamper your skin this winter with the moisturizing gel enriched with the natural juicy scent of strawberry! The body butter is 100% vegan and non-sticky.

Strawberry scented candle

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Brighten your mood with the delicate and sweet fragrance of strawberry! The romantic strawberry note is a perfect choice for aromatherapy, meditation, or even candlelight dinners to enhance the romantic side of a person.

Other S Gifts to Consider

Here are some more ideas for gifts that begin with the letter S.

Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup

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Keep your hot drinks warm without spilling it as you drive with this stainless steel tumbler cup.  This stainless steel tumbler cup is designed with superior quality materials.  The stainless steel body and the BPA-free plastic parts is dedicated to deliver you your favorite drinks from a durable and reliable travel mug that you could use as long as you want!

Spa day

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Tension and stress can lead to hardened muscles and most people do suffer from lumbago or other body aches that is so unbearable.  You can ease someone’s misery by gifting a SPA day to ease the pain away.  A SPA day can be a relaxing way to bond with your lover or your friend or even your family.  Touch is very powerful and through a relaxing massage you can gift wellness and recuperation.

Song from scratch

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A unique gift! To surprise your loved ones, you can get a song written and recorded for them. It is definitely going to make the person feel special and valued.

Scented Soy Wax Candle

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The handmade scented candles are perfect for aromatherapeutic bath, meditation, and yoga. It is also appropriate for holidays or special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or valentine’s day. The glass jar can be reused after the candles get completely burned.

Shiba Inu Pillow

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A soft, cuddly gift for your girlfriend! Soft plush pillows serve both as a pillow and a toy. This cute Shiba Inu throw pillow is made of plush material to make you feel cozy. The size and design of the pillow make it perfect for both kids and adults.

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