If your giftee’s name starts with the letter T, then it also makes sense to give them gifts that begin with the letter T, too!

The tradition of gift-giving has been there for a long time and we do practice this with our family and friends and even to our co-workers and neighbors. Finding the perfect gift is exciting and stressful at the same time because it involves effort and money.

Well, thinking of the right gift for every person to give is already overwhelming but luckily we have listed gifts that begin with the letter T. We have subdivided them into categories to help you out on your quest in finding the perfect gift.

  1. Tasty Food and Candies to Eat and Share
  2. Toys to Play With
  3. Terrific Books for Kids
  4. Thought-Provoking Books for Grown-ups and Teenagers
  5. Tactile Hobbies, Electronics, Gadgets
  6. Tantalizing Fashion and Wearable Gifts
  7. Tasteful Gifts for the Home Kitchen, and Garden
  8. Other Gifts That Start with the Letter T

Tasty Food and Candies to Eat and Share

Edible Gifts that Begin With the Letter T

Candies and snacks are little wonders that bring us joy. When we get bored, the first thing that comes to mind is to look for something to eat or snack on. Any foodie would certainly agree with that initial reaction. If you have a recipient who is a certified foodie then you are well aware that their stocking should be filled with candies and snacks to munch. Check out our top finds of candies and snacks that begin with the letter T.

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Trident Candy

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Do you know chewing gums help burn calories? Burn your calories by chewing these dragon-fruit and lychee-flavored sugar-free gums. These will also help improve your oral health by cleaning and protecting your teeth.

Tuna Jerky

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Heart-healthy, protein-packed snack! Tuna jerky is increasingly becoming popular due to its health benefits. It is an ideal choice for fitness freaks and healthy eaters. It also makes a delicious snack for kids.

Trump Mints

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Roast the Trump fans with these cool mints! Mint, not only helps reduce the irritable bad breath but also provides rich nutrients. The refreshing smell and Trump meme will make the receiver feel happy and rejuvenated.

Tamarind Preserve Candy

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Who doesn’t love the sweet and sour taste of tamarind?! Enriched with multiple health benefits, these candies are perfect for both children and adults. Enjoy the much-loved classic in the form of candy.

Tate's Thin and Crispy

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Well, cookies are the safest gifting option for almost every occasion because people enjoy cookies in a variety of ways. These mouth-watering thin and crispy cookies are comfort food for kids and adults.


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What could be a better gift for children than candies when Halloween and Christmas are around the corner?! Treat the kids with strawberry-flavored chewy candies and enjoy the festivities.

Tabasco Chocolates

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Spicy chocolates to spice up your celebration! We often eat chocolates to satisfy our sweet cravings, but if you want to feel adventurous, then try these chocolates infused with spice. It will be an all-new experience for the taste buds.

Turkish Candy Floss

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Relive your nostalgic childhood times with your children by having the soft fluffy candy floss! These sugary treats are sure to please your little ones and are perfect for an unforgettable family treat.

Tootsie Rolls

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A gift for cocoa and candy lovers! Enjoy the taste and health benefits of cocoa while chewing these tootsie rolls. These cocoa candies are full of antioxidants and other nutrients.

Twinkle Pops Candy

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These beautiful tulip-shaped lollipops are sure to please not only kids but your lady love on special occasions. The gluten-free and dairy-free pops candy is a must-try gift option.

Toys to Play With

Playing is a pleasurable activity for children and aside from the fun and excitement that they get from playing toys they can also learn life skills and develop themselves too. We have hand-picked the best toys to play with for kids on the list below for your reference.

Trivia Crack

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Trivia games are fun to play with during boring waiting periods and they can also help your brain to grow more brain cells and develop analytical skills even more.  A sharp mind is not only developed at school, it can also be enhanced through play by using trivia games as well.  You can use trivia games to have fun with the family during long road trips or even during a flight or a stormy night.  Have fun and bond with your family and friends by gifting them trivia games this holiday season.

Tripoley Board Game

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Create memories with your family! Playing games with your family at home is a great idea to have fun together. This Tripoley game of Michigan Rummy, Hearts, and Poker is worth trying for a group activity.

Train of Thought

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An educational and fun game for the family! You can learn a lot while having fun playing this exciting card game with family and friends. Communicate your thoughts openly and positively.

Taco vs. Burrito

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Kid-friendly card game! You don’t need to go out to spend some quality time with your family. You can enjoy yourself with your kids and other family members at home by playing this family-friendly game.

Techno Gears

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Construction toys are highly beneficial for children to develop their spatial and motor skills. This brain-boosting game will help children think strategically and creatively. It is a fun educational activity for kids.

Totoro Plush

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Some children use their plush toys as pillows while others treat them as their friends, but every child loves plush toys. This Totoro plush is an appropriate gift for kids on all occasions.

More Toys to Play With

Here are more toy gifts that begin with the letter T.

Tea Party Playset

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Girls love to play with kitchen toys, and this playset has everything to enjoy a tea party with siblings and friends. Let your children enjoy their imaginative world in your dining room, garden, or backyard.


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Construction and building toys help in developing fundamental life skills and creative aptitude. Children can create thirteen different designs using these blocks. Help kids unleash their skills and creativity by gifting these must-have toys.


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We all know that stacking and balancing toys help develop fundamental skills in children, and they are also relaxation tools for adults. But, kids are in the habit of chewing toys, and plastic is dangerous for their health. So, this beautiful, colorful set is a safe plastic that babies can chew on.


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Children learn from their parents and adults. Make your child learn to love animals by allowing them to play with stuffed animal toys like this soft, cuddly baby Mitsu.


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Soft, fuzzy, stuffed dolls are best friends for kids, and they get a chance to play as an adult with them. It also encourages nurturing the desire to connect with others. This 17-inch Poppy plush is sure to become a kid’s besty.

Terrific Books for Kids

Kids are not only there to sit around and wait for something fun to happen. Most children also do find luxury in reading a good book. It does not take a bookworm to enjoy a very good book. Since reading is such a good habit to practice, why not encourage the child on your list to continue with this by gifting a very good book this coming holiday season. We have listed the best-selling books that will keep a preschooler up to the teenager to read a book and learn more from the selection provided for your eyes only.

Tap Tap Bang Bang

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The young listeners will enjoy the illustrations and rhyming words in this book.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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This is a classic story that will keep your youngster stay tuned for some learning.

The Truck Book

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Little boys would be delighted to see the different trucks and names of each.

The Tub People

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Your little one would be entertained by this picture book.

Tom's Midnight Garden

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This is a magical story of a boy that will keep the kids interested for hours.

Trashy Town

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The rhyming words on this story will keep your toddler’s eyes on the book.

Thought-Provoking Books for Grown-ups and Teenagers

Book and Literature Gifts That Begin With the Letter T

This busy world we live in never seems to stop turning. Every day calls for a stressful work day and the stress doesn’t stop there, when we get home there are also problems facing us and sometimes we just want to escape all of these even just for a while. Actually, reading a book is a way to escape reality. Some people do find enjoyment and satisfaction through reading a book. If you have a book lover on your list then you should see our prepared list of the best-selling books of all time.

Three Men in a Boat

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This is a humorous classic story of three men.

Tuck Everlasting

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This is a thought-provoking book that is filled with fantasy.

Talking in Whispers

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This is an adventure-filled book with a touch of a family-oriented story that your teenager would love to read.

T is for Tresspass

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Another one from Sue Grafton’s alphabet novels! The story is so engrossing and moving that you would like to finish the book in one sitting. It would make a good gift idea for readers who look for great plots.

This is How it Always Is

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This beautiful, thought-provoking story is about a transgender child and his upbringing. It is an incredible family story that deals with a sensitive subject and tells the meaning of a family.

They Called Us Enemy

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This heart-touching graphic novel describes the childhood time of the author when he was imprisoned within the American camps during World War II and was grown up under legalized racism.

They Came Like Swallows

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This is a fascinating story about growing up.

Tactile Hobbies, Electronics, Gadgets

Gadgets and Electronics: Our daily routine has been long influenced by technology and since it has brought us great ease and development, we just simply can’t live without our gadgets, electronic devices and accessories. We do function on a daily basis but to be honest, most of our work are done with the help of our electronic devices. It does not take a technology geek to love these items, so if you are planning to gift someone some electronic device, accessories or even a new gadget then you need to check out our prepared list below for your reference.

Hobbies: Tools for hobbies and home improvement are great gift ideas that you can present especially if you have recipients who are fond of DIYs. Enjoying a hobby is a way of enhancing once capabilities and discovering new ways to develop one self. When you gift someone some tools for his or her hobbies then that just goes without saying that you do appreciate the chosen hobby of your recipient and you do support him or her on their endeavor. We have listed the top finds under this category from the selection below.

Terrarium Kit

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Having a garden is such a pleasant and refreshing sight to look at! But not all of us are blessed to have a garden at home, if you know someone who is dying to have a garden at home but doesn’t have the space for one then you can get them this terrarium kit instead! This terrarium kit can let your recipient enjoy tending a garden at a minute scale. They can easily put this on their desk or even on their window pane and enjoy a relaxing scenery anytime they want.


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A portable vintage record player with built-in Bluetooth is suitable for entertainment as well as for home decoration. This unique and antique decorative retro record player is a cool addition to your home.

Tactical Flashlight

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A flashlight is a very important tool for any kit, especially for outdoor activities and emergency kits. It is a functional gift for trekkers and hikers. At the same time, a flashlight is used during power cuts and when a portable light source is required.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

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An awesome gift for tech-savvy receivers! It will help them keep track of their stuff for regular use and other valuable accessories and gadgets. Help people organize their items, time, and life.


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Watching movies is fun to do especially during bed weathers and we often use our tablets instead of using the phone. Well, the problem with the iPad or tablets when used is that holding it for a long time is causing pain to our arms and it could slip our grip when our hands turn sweaty. Good thing, there is Tablift for tablets. Tablift is designed to hold iPads both the full and mini, most tablets that will fit into a ten millimeter wide slot. You can now watch movies using your tablet without any fuzz! Tablift has flexible legs that is perfect to use as you lay down on your bed, any uneven surface or even on your favorite couch!


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This ultra-portable cable TV, DVR, UHD media player is perfect for playing a variety of media types. So, stream your music, movies, and favorite apps, and also watch cable TV most easily.

Titan Loop

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Everyone needs a keychain to hold the keys safely. There are a variety of keychains available in the market, but this everything-proof, sturdy keychain cable is best to safeguard your precious keys.

Thrustmaster Video Gaming Stick

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Compatible with PC via USB, Thrustmaster joystick is perfect for flight simulation. Enjoy playing video games with this latest technology control system.

Tantalizing Fashion and Wearable Gifts

Looking to gift fashion stuff? It will be amazing if you know their style and preferences. Here are some items for fashion gifts that begin with the letter T to get your mind rolling in ideas.

Taco Necklace

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The beautiful couple necklace is a thoughtful gift for food and accessory lovers. They would love to receive these stylish neckpieces as a gift.

Tiger Paw Socks

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These 3D cat paws printed socks are soft, cozy, and warm to wear for winters. These funny yet stylish socks are perfect for a Halloween party and for wearing regularly.

Topaz Necklace

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The gorgeous blue topaz necklace is a statement piece, and perfect for every woman. It can be paired with any outfit and on any occasion. You will receive tons of compliments to make your day.

Tie Dye Shirt

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The exquisite hand-crafted tie-dye shirt is one-of-a-kind. The beautiful print and comfortable fabric make it a reliable shirt to inculcate in the wardrobe. It is a must-have t-shirt to wear on repeat.

Tie Dye Crocs

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Crocs are easy to wear and are therefore widely preferred. These tie-dye graphic crocs are unique and sure to grab the attention of others. Go funky this summer with this stylish and comfortable footwear.

Titanic Kitty Shirt

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The classic pose, but this time, a cat couple is posing! The unique and hilarious print is going to get you enormous compliments, and your body will be delighted by the softness and comfort. It is a lovely and comfy t-shirt to add to your closet.

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Totoro Kigurumi

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The funny costume is perfect for a Halloween party and for having fun with children at home. The super-soft material and loose-fitting make it easy to wear. The Totoro costume is a funny and unique gift for friends and family.

Titanic Necklace

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This Heart of the Ocean sapphire necklace is sure to bring out the best in a woman’s personality. With this statement piece, a woman would not feel under-dressed or dull on a special occasion. It is a great investment and will hold its value for a long time.

Tasteful Gifts for the Home Kitchen, and Garden

The most useful gifts are found inside the house or in the garden. Here are some ideas!


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Keep those buns and sliced breads toasted and warm by gifting your breakfast buddy a nice toaster.  A toaster would be a great wedding present, a house warming gift or even a holiday gift too.  You can also gift a toaster to your partner who loves to have breakfast with you!

Tea Set

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There is always time for tea!  If you know someone who is fond of having tea time then this gift idea would certainly be huge hit!  Teapot and tea cups are the most favorite thing of your recipient who has the passion for brewing tea, drinking tea and serving tea.  I remember the mad hatter saying, there is always time for tea!  This line is certainly agreed by your recipient who loves tea.  This teapot with tea cups set is made with heat-resisting glass that is designed to keep your tea in good tasting flavor!  This package comes with a 600ml teapot a round warmer and six double layered tea cups.  Share the love with your friends and family by pouring them some warm and tasty tea!

Toast Pillow

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Beautiful pillows are required for aesthetics as well as comfort. This soft, stuffed toast-shaped sofa pillow is incredibly stylish and elegant to transform your living space into luxury.

Taco Pillow

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What a quirky gift! These colorful, funny, comfortable, and one-of-a-kind throw pillows are going to amaze not only the receiver but everyone. Children will go crazy, and the gift will be cherished for a long time.

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Tortilla Blanket

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Wrap yourself in a tortilla! Wow, it sounds crazy, but it is now possible with this mushy tortilla blanket. It will bring you style as well as comfort.

Tetris LED Lamp

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An innovative LED lamp to brighten up your space! The lamp is available in seven blocks, and you can create the shape of the lamp by combining the blocks. It is a gorgeous decorative lamp for home and also perfect for gifting.

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Toucan Lawn Decor

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The solar-powered, waterproof, Toucan outdoor light is a great decorative item for the garden. No wiring and installation are needed, so, it can be placed anywhere without any hassle.

Turtle Solar Garden Lights

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How can I decorate my garden? Well, the answer is here. This eye-catching solar-powered turtle figurine garden light can be the centerpiece of your garden and will reflect your intense relation to nature.

Other Gifts That Begin with the Letter T

Here are some more gifts that begin with the letter T. We just cannot fit them elsewhere in the categories above!

Three Stooges DVD Set

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The iconic Three Stooge’s comedy collection is a classic gift to make people laugh uninterruptedly without commercial ads. Have a fun time with family and friends!

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

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A card game to have fun while drinking with friends! These cards are perfect to keep you cheerful at a house party and make the best of it.

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