Holidays are fun especially when the whole family is complete. Scrumptious food, satisfying desserts and warm drinks are just part of the bountiful table that we look forward to. The lovely decorations and the fun stories to tell to our loved ones that have happened to us through the year are also one of the highlights of the holiday season. To seal the deal holiday celebrations we do have some traditions per family such as gift giving. Some people do have their preparations early on such as few months ahead before the holiday season but some are not that lucky and face the consequences of last minute shopping. Worry no more because we got your back, we have listed the one hundred gifts that begin with the letter W which are subdivided into categories for easier reference. Check out our hand-picked gift ideas that will make your holiday shopping easier and hassle free.

Food to Eat and Share

Gifts can come in different sizes and forms. It can be something long, round or small. It can be something useful or even something to eat and share such as a dish or dessert. Gifting some food to eat and share for the whole family will give you more ways to stretch your budget and can cover your long list of recipients at the same time. If you are guessing on what to prepare this coming holiday season then you need to check out our list of food to eat and share below to give you a hint on what you will be giving your recipients.

  1. walnut-broniesWalnut Brownies
  2. Warm Salad
  3. Welf Pudding
  4. Welsh Cake
  5. Welsh Rarebit
  6. White Christmas
  7. White Rum Balls
  8. Whole Wheat Pasta
  9. Whole Wheat Peacan Muffins
  10. Whoopie Pie
  11. Wild Rice Crab Cakes
  12. Wraps

Films to Watch

Sometimes although we look forward for the holiday to come so that we can finally get together with our family and friends, our prepared activities for the day may fall short and dull times would still come. In order to break the ice and boring moments this holiday season, why not surprise your family with some films to watch. We have prepared the most sought after films that begin with the letter W. See our prepared list below for your reference.

  1. Waiting for Forever
  2. Waking Up in Reno
  3. Warm Bodies
  4. What Happens in Vegas
  5. What Lies Beneath
  6. When Harry Met Sally
  7. Whispering Corridors
  8. Wild Wild West
  9. Wolf of Wall Street
  10. World War Z
  11. Wrath of the Titans
  12. Wreck-It Ralph

Books to Read

Reading is a good way to kill time and enjoy some solitude. Having a good book to read can take you several miles away from here and give you a temporary bliss. If you have a book lover recipient on your list this coming holidays then it would suffice to give your giftee some best-selling books as a gift. We have hand-picked the top books of all time from the list provided below, check them out.

  1. Wake
  2. Wake Up America
  3. Waking Raphael
  4. Walk Two Moons
  5. Wandering Warrior
  6. Want Not
  7. War in a Time of Peace
  8. Warm Springs
  9. Water for Elephants
  10. We Need to Talk About Kevin
  11. We’ll Meet Again
  12. Without You, There is No Us

Tools for Hobbies

Tools for hobbies are great for gift giving since you know well that your gift would be needed and used by your recipient. The key when gifting some tools for hobbies on the holidays is to know your recipient well so that you can get to choose the right gift. It may be a stocking filler or the gift as it is but either way you know that by gifting this tool for your recipient’s hobby that means you are supporting his or her chosen hobby and would want him or her to prosper on this field. See our great finds of gift ideas under this category from the list below, for your eyes only.

  1. Weather Watcher’s Almanac
  2. Wilsons Leather Heather Knit Cuffs
  3. Wilsons Leather Jacket
  4. Wine Making Materials
  5. Wallet
  6. Waistcoat
  7. Wake Board
  8. Water Skiing Equipment
  9. Watering Can
  10. Wood Work
  11. Writing Materials

Electronics and Gadgets

Technology is inevitable and we are all getting hooked to it every day. Life get easier through the help of our devices, electronics, gadgets and accessories from our homes to our offices. If you have some stash to spend to surprise your recipient with some electronics or gadgets why not do so, but if you are a little tight on the budget you can still show some love by gifting some accessories this coming holiday season. Feel free to see our list of gift ideas under the category of electronics and gadgets that begin with the letter W from the list below.

  1. Warcraft Alliance Power Bank
  2. Warcraft Lothar Figural Phone Dock
  3. WD 4TB Passport External Hard Drive
  4. Wearable technology such as smart band
  5. Waffle Maker
  6. Walkie-Talkie
  7. Washing Machine
  8. Watch
  9. Water Heater
  10. Wet and Dry Foil Shaver
  11. Wii Deluxe Set
  12. WiFi Router with Parental Control
  13. Wireless Microphone

Toys to Play With

Kids just love to play so let them be kids and enjoy some alone time while they are busy with their toys. Toys are one of the top gifts that gifters think of when they something for these youngsters. Toys come in different shapes and sizes and varies for age. Check out our top finds of toys to play with for your kiddo giftee this holiday season.

  1. Whack A Mole Game Set
  2. Wikki Stix Craft Kit
  3. Wheely Bug
  4. Wagon
  5. Water Gun
  6. Weaving Loom Kit
  7. Wedgits Deluxe Toy Set
  8. Whacks Ball
  9. Who Am I? Board Game
  10. Wiggle Ride On Car
  11. Wobble Board
  12. Wooden Building Blocks
  13. Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack
  14. Word Search

Candies to Munch

If you have a sweet tooth then you know that candies would be great stocking fillers for the coming holiday season. You can mix some tasty snacks too! Your foodie recipient would be delighted to receive some candies and snacks to munch as a gift this holidays. We have narrowed down the tasty snacks and candies that begin with the letter W from the list below for your reference.

  1. Wack-O-Wax
  2. Walkers Toffee
  3. Warheads
  4. Watermelon Farms
  5. Wham! Bar
  6. Whatchamacallit
  7. Whirly Pop
  8. Whistle Pops
  9. Whitworth Sunny Raisin Nuggets
  10. Wonka’s Assorted Candy
  11. Wonka Nerds Jelly Beans
  12. World’s Largest Gummy Bears
  13. World’s Largest Lollipop