If you have someone whose name starts with the letter Z, you can also give them gifts that begin with the letter Z!

Holiday cheers, the festive decorations, exaggerated preparations, and the expectation of having a blast holiday are already becoming rampant as the holiday season draws near. Bountiful tables are already prepared, the activities for the days to come, and even the outfits that need to be worn are all set and well thought of.

The holiday season is merry and everyone feels ecstatic but there is also another side of the gifting season that makes this a bit overwhelming and stressful too. To alleviate the stress and the draining part of thinking on what to gift on the coming holiday season, we have collected interesting and charming gift ideas that you can surprise your loved ones with.

From the stocking fillers up to the main gift-giving event, we got them all covered from the list of gift ideas that begin with the letter Z. See our personal favorites and check out if it also becomes yours.

  1. Candies and Other Munchies
  2. Toys for Kids
  3. Books for Kids
  4. Books for the Teenagers and Grownups
  5. Gifts For The House And Garden
  6. Hobbies, Accessories, Gadgets and Electronics
  7. Fashion And Wearables
  8. Other Gifts That Begin with the Letter Z

Candies and Other Munchies

Is your giftee a candy lover? A foodie? Here are some food gifts that start with the letter Z. Do not forget to brush!

Z Bar

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These hearty treats made with whole grains not only curb hunger pangs but also provide a convenient source of nutrition to kids. They are available in three different flavors to satisfy different palates and get picky eaters to eat.

Zero White Fudge

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Everyone loves candy bars, be it kids or adults. These individually wrapped crunchy, creamy, and delicious bars are perfect for any celebration. Surprise your sweet ones with a gift of sweets.

Zombie Gummy Candy

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Tasty treats! Kids will love these deliciously chewy gummy candies enough. On special occasions or no occasion at all, delight the little ones with this mouth-watering gift.

Zone Perfect

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A ready-to-eat nutritious snack! These protein bars are a convenient source of protein and other nutrients. These are tasty and healthy snacks to keep on hand.

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A perfect gift for people, especially kids who are obsessed with flavors! After having these fruit-flavored candies, kids will feel happy and more energetic.


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Dentist-approved lollipops! Lollipops are adored by children, but parents hesitate to allow them to eat lollipops because they are bad for teeth and health. These vegan, natural, diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly lollipops are healthy and delicious treat for everyone.

Zucchini Flats

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Taste combined with nutrition. This plant-powered snack provides energy-giving and body-building nutrients. These veggie flats will give you plenty of nutrients and keep you feeling good and energetic.

Zest Tea

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A healthy and delicious alternative to coffee! Perfect for individuals who want to avoid the side effects of coffee but can’t sacrifice the energy boost. It contains as much natural caffeine as coffee and comes in four exciting flavors.

Zingers by Hostess

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Greet your dear ones with vanilla cakes. These mini cakes are perfect for happy moments. Zingers vanilla cakes are great with coffee or tea and can elevate the happiness of the happy event.

Toys for Kids

Children are the happiest recipients of gifts during the holiday season. They do look forward to this season coming because they are very aware that the adults in the family would surprise them and fill their stockings with a bunch of gifts. Kids would always have the excess energy to burn. Since they are constantly whining when they are bored then why not keep up and give them some toys. While the kids are busy, you can do your own alone time or even catch up with the other relatives since your babysitting time is spared through your fabulous toy gifts that begin with the letter Z.

Zippy Paws Woodland Friends

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Toys are mentally and physically stimulating. Even dogs like toys because they want to play and enjoy. These colorful plush dog toys are a better option to encourage active play and keep the pets occupied.

Zombiepoly Board Game

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A zombie-filled adventure! Kids love to play games, but this one falls into the horror and action genre. Have fun with your family with this monopoly-style game with a zombie twist.

Zane from Ninjago Figure

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We often see kids create their fantasy wonderland with toys and Minifigures. Enhance the fun activities and expand the Minifigure collection of your children with this Lego mini character- Zane.

Zazu Funko Pop

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There’s nothing like seeing an innocent smile on a child’s face. Surprise the child with this pop vinyl figure of a Disney character Zazu and get all his love and attention.

Zoo Playset

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Miniature animal toys serve multiple purposes. They are tools to provide entertainment while fulfilling educational and developmental roles. A zoo playset allows children to make sense of the animal world.

Zip Bin by Barbie

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Playing with dolls has multiple benefits for kids regardless of their gender. They develop emotional maturity, empathy, social skills, and more when they take care of their dolls. Help them expand their imagination with these adorable dolls.

Zolo Risk Creativity Play Toys

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Activate thinking in kids! Toys are not just for play; they are learning aids. This play sculpture will help blossom a child’s imagination and creativity. It is a phenomenal creative toy for kids who enjoy building.

Zometools Crazy Bubbles

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Creating bubbles is entertaining for children of all ages. This bubble kit is an innovative game to make your kids understand the geometric patterns with the help of bubbles.

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Books for Kids

Here are some literature gifts that begin with the letter Z in the title and will inspire reading among the children!

Zero Is the Leaves on the Tree

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Books teach life-changing lessons and help develop critical thinking. It’s an informative book to help children learn the meaning of ‘Zero’ in child-friendly terms.

Zero the Hero Saves the Day

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The best way to foster the habit of reading and learning is to read interesting books to your child. This book will help children recognize and learn some numbers. The funny colorful pictures make the book more appealing and interactive to kids.


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A booked trip to the zoo! Introduce your child to the animal kingdom. This book is bound to make animal identification simpler for your little animal enthusiast. It’s also a great idea if the child loves picture books.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I’m off to the Moon!

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Storytelling is an effective way to teach children and spend quality time with them. The simple yet great story not only pleasures kids but also helps them learn new things.

Zoomer’s Out-of-This-World Christmas

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A classic Christmas story! Kids love Christmas and Santa Claus. Narrate this fascinating story of Santa Claus to your toddler when Christmas is around the corner. It will tell them the importance of giving to others.

Books for the Teenagers and Grownups

Kids are not the only recipient that you have this coming holiday season. The young at heart or the older people in your group are also part of your list that you need to surprise.

Each of us has a unique personality and we have varying tastes when it comes to likes and dislikes. The key to having the perfect gift is to know by heart the wants and needs of your recipient. To help you out on your quest in getting the top gift for your young at heart giftee, you need to check out our finds. Starting from books!

Zebra Forest

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A family-friendly thriller! It’s an absorbing family mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. So, if you like reading emotional family dramas, this novel is a good choice.

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

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This biographical novel primarily focuses on romance, glamour, and turbulence in Zelda Fitzgerald’s life. It was also the inspiration of an Amazon Studios television series which aired in 2017.


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Non-fiction and easy-to-read book! It tells the struggle of a Syrian-American family due to Hurricane Katrina. If you’re interested in knowing what happened in the Americas during a tragic episode, go for this book.

Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea

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A scientific controversy! It describes the extraordinary story of ‘Zero’ from its birth to its acceptance and how it became the most important mathematical tool.

Zookeeper’s Wife

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This novel is a compelling World War II drama based on a true-life story of a working wife and mother. It describes how the wife of the Warsaw zookeeper saved the lives of hundreds of people and animals when the zoo was attacked by the Nazis.

Gifts For The House And Garden

The house and garden can be a great source of useful and cool gifts that begin with the letter z!

ZAQ Diffuser

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Essential oils provide physical as well as mental benefits, and a diffuser is a device to mist them into the air. This midsized diffuser is perfect for home, office, massage parlor, etc. to enjoy the magical aroma of essential oils.

Zero Gravity Chair

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This zero gravity recliner allows you to deeply relax and feel stress-free. It also provides a comfortable option for lounging out in the garden. Nothing can beat the comfort and peace you attain sitting on the chair.

ZeroWater Pitcher

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Enjoy the purest water! It is an easy way to remove impurities and get filtered drinking water. This compact water filtration pitcher is an accessible option for better-tasting water at home as well as in an office.

Zebra Coffee Mug

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An elegant coffee mug! A ceramic mug with a lid serves many purposes. It not only keeps your coffee/tea hot for longer but also allows you to carry it around while traveling. The cute design and perfect size make it a good choice for gifts.

Zebra Print Pillows

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An essential home furnishing item! These pillow covers with zebra print are perfect to enhance the beauty of your home. The print matches well with every type of ambiance.

Zoku Popsicle Molds

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Kids are going to love these creations! Not only the recipe but also the type of mold is important in making a perfect homemade popsicle. This is great for family gatherings, parties, or even daily snacks.

Z Cork Monogram Display

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A thoughtful and lovely gift for a wine enthusiast! This custom letter-shaped wine cork holder can be used as a decorative display to showcase every special cork.

Hobbies, Accessories, Gadgets and Electronics

Some small (or big!) items you can choose to give. Like always, these gadgets and hobby gifts also start with the letter Z.

Zippo Hand Warmer

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A handy source of external heat to warm cold hands! This hand warmer offers warmth, great comfort, and pleasure to chilly hands during cold weather activities.

Zippo Lighter

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A portable device to generate flame! A good product for self-use or gift purposes. Windproof lighters work virtually anywhere. Sure to be appreciated by Smokers.

Zen Garden

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An exclusive desktop gift for your near and dear ones. The wooden tray, white sand, and ceramic figurines give a perfect feel of the traditional elements of a royal zen garden, in miniature.

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Zentangle Set

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A well-thought gift for art lovers! The zentangle method is an easy and fun way to create beautiful images. Manage your anxiety and stress by drawing structured patterns. It is a self-help art therapy.

Zombie Defense Survival Kit

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Essential items to survive! It is important to have the right survival kit on hand in the event of a disaster or emergency. This 3-day emergency prepared kit contains food, water, blanket, first aid, and emergency tools to help people survive after a disaster occurs.

Fashion And Wearables

If you know their style, clothes and accessories can be a powerful gift idea. Here are some wearables and fashion gifts that begin with the letter z.

Z Letter Necklace

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Jewelry is an important component of fashion for women, and women love to wear jewelry irrespective of their age. If you’re looking for something to gift to a lady with Z initial, this necklace can make her look amazing.

Zodiac Sign Necklace

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Well, zodiac jewelry is so popular nowadays and is less likely to go out of style. This collection of constellation necklaces offers a good choice to invest in minimal star sign-inspired jewelry. Take your pick!

Zircon Ring

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One of the most sought-after zircons! It is believed that a blue Zircon boosts wisdom and self-confidence in its wearer. The brilliant luster and good transparency make this ring a statement piece.

Zombie Feet Slippers

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A scary gift! This pair of zombie feet slippers are good for your collection of Halloween costumes and accessories. Stand out in these slippers with unique designs.

Zebra Shirt

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If you want to buy clothes for someone as a gift, then a T-shirt is one of the best options. This contemporary-fit, rainbow-colored graphic print shirt is a must-have for t-shirt lovers.

Zeus Beard Grooming Kit

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Manage your beard! Many men prefer to groom their beards using a variety of products. Instead of buying specific products, buy a beard care kit. It is beneficial for both clean-shaven folks and beard veterans.

Zeus Shirt

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An awesome Greek mythology-inspired gift! Many people are influenced by the myths and stories of ancient Greeks. For such mythology lovers, this shirt is a good way to show off their genuine love.

Other Gifts That Begin with the Letter Z

Since we are caught up with the last-minute shopping and everything on sale seems to be worthless for you, then you need to use your thinking cap and extract your creative juice. You can either make your own gift or put some personal touch to your gift to make it one of a kind. You can go shopping for hours and spend a fortune on your gift but only to find out that your gift doesn’t create an impact on the recipient because it lacks luster. In order to give the gift that would be appreciated by your giftee, you need to bring out the creative side of yourself and think of other gifts that you can shower to your recipient. Going beyond your comfort zone or being out of the box is one of the ways to win your recipient’s heart. Check out our great picks of gifts that begin with the letter Z which we cannot fit anywhere else.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

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Zombies are hard to beat and defeat because they are already dead to begin with and any zombie fanatic would know by heart how to cease and defeat them for good! When the day comes and some would turn into zombies, a zombie survival kit would certainly come in handy! This Zombie survival kit is suitable for the zombie fanatic friend that you cared for most. It includes twenty four useful items inside such as: a multitool, a hunting permit, zombie warning stickers, a skull face mask, a tactical knife and a lot more! You need not to wait for the Zombie Apocalypse to come for you to give this awesome gift because it is also useful for those who loves to go out in the wild and go camping, hiking, mountaineering or any time. You will never know when zombies can strike so it’s better to be ready and equipped all the time.

Zentangle Coloring Book

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Relax and inspire without the added cost of a therapy or a shrink by mixing and matching colors with this zentangle coloring book. Coloring books are not exclusively for kids anymore, because these coloring books are also helping adults to combat stress, relax and even meditate. This Zentangle coloring book is comprised of Zentangle patterns of meditative art made of bijou tiles, beautiful tangles, and inspiring artworks. Inspire yourself or your distressed friend with this zentangle coloring book.

Zentangle Coloring Book (Another One)

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Zentangle coloring books are just so awesome we have to add two! Express your creativity and relieve stress with the zentangle method! You don’t need to have the professional knowledge to use and enjoy this book art. The anti-anxiety zentangle coloring book is no less than meditation therapy.

Zozilo Bar Soap

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Eco-friendly gift for nature lovers! It’s hard to find organic skincare and make-up products in the marketplace. This handmade organic soap is full of natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types.

Zero Sugar Book

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If you’re suffering from the sweet dangers of sugar and your goal is to reduce sugar intake, this book is a life-saving hack. With the simple plan in the Zero Sugar Diet book, one can lose weight while still enjoying favorite foods.

Zaatar Spice Blend

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Enjoy the classic Middle-Eastern seasoning! It is a traditional spice mixture to add a burst of flavor to almost anything. A perfect seasoning to stimulate and intoxicate your senses.

Zebra Backpack

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Bag to carry through every season! No matter if you are a student, athlete, or traveler, backpacks are always the best option for carrying items, from books to other essential things while keeping your hands free.

Zeus Scented Candle

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The light of a candle symbolizes optimism. These beautiful Zeus scented candles made from a soy blend with natural ingredients will add more aesthetic to the space. Buy them as a luxury gift or pick some for home.

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