Showing how much you care for dad can mean more special by gifting him some handmade gifts.  We have rounded up the best handmade Etsy gifts for dad that can surely make him smile from ear to ear on Father’s day.  These beautiful gift ideas are head turners and useful at the same time.  Check out our prepared list of handmade gifts for dad from Etsy below for your reference.

Men's Grooming Kit

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The dad who is keen to keeping himself tidy and always presentable would best to receive a handmade etsy gifts for dad such as this men’s grooming kit. It comes with a handmade soap, shaving kit and body lotion to keep his skin moisturized and fresh looking. This men’s grooming kit comes in three scents to choose from: navy blue, spring moss and burgundy.

Personalized Picture Frame

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Photos are captured memories in a flash. Look back to the one of the most memorable event in you and dad’s life through this personalized picture frame. This is one of the best handmade etsy gifts for dad in the market. Choose the best photo that showcases your great bond with dad and put it on this personalized picture frame. This frame has a heartwarming message of: “Daddy, you hold my hands today but you hold my heart forever.”

"My Dad Rocks" Guitar Pick

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If you have a rock star dad who loves to play his guitar then this handmade guitar pick would be fit for him on Father’s day. This guitar pick is one of a kind and is seen as one of the best handmade etsy gifts for dad. It has the caption: “My dad rocks” on it and would certainly bring cheer to dad’s heart when he sees it. This guitar pick is made from 18 gauge aircraft grade aluminum which edges were filed and surfaces polished so that dad can jam away without any fuss on his hands nor on his favorite guitar.

Best Dad Ever Keyring Card

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The best dad ever keyring card is a personalized keyring attached to a card which makes it one of the best handmade etsy gifts for dad on Father’s day. This key ring is made from bamboo wood which measures 5cm. You can personalize the caption on this key ring too. Plus the card that comes with it makes it gain a perfect presentation on Father’s day. It is simple yet eye catchy and would surely be treasured for many years to come!

Wooden Picture Collage

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The art adhered to wood is one of the best handmade etsy gifts for dad on Father’s day because of its rusty and elegant appeal. You can put your favorite photos or poem to make it more personalized and heartwarming. This 8 by 10 inches frame is lightweight and ready to display through the vintage tin wire at the back.

Handprint and Footprint Cufflinks

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If you are looking for a one of a kind gift idea on Father’s day then this pair of footprint cufflinks would be the one for you. The footprint cufflinks is rated as one of the best handmade etsy gifts for dad because of the unique and creative design that is personalized at the same time. This foot print cufflinks would certainly add life to his boring suit and anyone would agree that this gift is a conversation starter, indeed! This handmade item is built from 99.9% reclaimed fine silver which makes it elegant and pleasant to look at. You can also add your name or message for up to eight characters.

Dad Plaque

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We are so thankful for having a great dad in our lives and no words can seem to commensurate and sum up how we feel. On Father’s day, this dad plaque would be one of the best gift idea that you can surprise dad with. It has the caption of: “No matter how tall I grow, I will always look up to my Daddy”. The message is carefully hand painted with great love and care. This hand crafted plaque is known to be one of the best handmade etsy gifts for dad on Father’s day.

Set of 2 Personalized Wooden Beer Mugs

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If you have a dad who loves to drink beer from interesting mugs then this next gift idea should the trick. This set of 2 personalized wooden beer mugs are handcrafted from real oak wood with engraved message at the bottom part of the mug. It looks like the mugs that we see from old western films where in cowboys are drinking from. Dad would surely be enticed to drink more as he sees this beautifully handmade mug. No wonder it is tagged as one of the best handmade etsy gifts for dad on Father’s day. It comes in a set of 2, so that you can join dad on a drinking spree on Father’s day or in any day you feel like doing so.

Jade Bracelet for Dad

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A fashionista dad is fond of accessorizing every outfit he has. If you have a fashionista dad who loves to put on some great accessories then this jade bracelet is the best gift for him. This jade bracelet is hand made from Thailand. And as you could see, the bracelet is carefully made beads and coconut shell button which in overall has an earthy feel whenever worn. This fine bracelet is known to be one of the best handmade etsy gifts for dad and works best with dad’s casual wear too.

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