Skip the flowers and the traditional gifts that would just accumulate dust on Mother’s day.  This Mother’s Day give the healthy mom a gift that would promote good health.  As we know, health is wealth so if we want our dear moms to maintain her good health we should help her promote a healthy lifestyle and boost her vitality through any of the healthy gifts for moms below.

Personal Chef Healthy Cooking Class

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Mom knows almost everything! We all know that she is an advocate of healthy eating and that she wants a healthy lifestyle for all of us. On Mother’s Day, surprise mom with a personal chef for her to learn more cooking techniques wherein she could incorporate the healthy super foods. Chef Megan Mc Carthy who has been a chef for over fifteen years would teach more about healthy cooking at the comfort of your own home. For sure, this dinner would be a healthy and memorable Mother’s Day meal. You can keep track of mom’s healthy recipes through this customized menu board.

World’s Greatest Running Mom Shirt

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If you have a mom who is fond of running then this shirt would be perfect for her. Cheer up your healthy mom through this World’s greatest running mom. This shirt is so comfortable to wear as it is made from 100% cotton and it is good to be worn during her run too.

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Exercise Music

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Motivate your healthy mom as she sweat and lose those unwanted bulges through exercise or running by listening to these upbeat and fun tracks. These 105 tracks would help to boost her morale as she run, exercise or even follow aerobic workout videos. Gym music always make great healthy gifts for moms!

Running Shoes

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Running, walking or jogging are the top cardio exercises that we all should practice to promote a healthy and fit body. If you have a mom who loves to do any or all of these three then a good pair of running shoes would be the best Mother’s day gift for her. These comfortable and good looking running shoes would surely motivate your mom in her healthy lifestyle. Walking is not only a good cardio workout but it is also good for the bones and help curb chronic conditions like diabetes. Regular running, jogging or walking also promotes balance and lessen the instances of falls in the later stage of life.

Revive & Restore Spa Package

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For some serious R and R, book your healthy mom a massage package that would make her day better. Experts have proven that a massage reduces stress, boost mood and promotes good sleep. The revive and restore Spa package would definitely restore mom’s spirit and would give her a transforming and healing experience. Gift your mom a healthy 60 minutes of destressing and restoring me time through this spa package.

Yoga Video

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Yoga is one of the best exercises known today. It promotes flexibility, balance, strength and relaxation while strengthening the muscles. A mom who enjoys yoga would surely benefit from this yoga video that she can follow. For more tips on yoga poses and more yoga exercises, you can also gift her The Yoga Bible.

Healthy Snacks

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For the mom who loves to nibble but looks after what she eats, you can gift her healthy snack alternatives. The trail mix snack has the finest mix of nuts that would give her energy and protein as she enjoys every nibble. The Hickory corn chip is made from natural corn that is dried and the good thing is, it does not have salt. So mom would not worry about fluid retention and weight gain from these corn chips. The mixed berry granola would be the best snack alternative to fulfill her sweet tooth.

Dark Chocolate

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Chocolates have been part of our lives and if you are fond of giving mom chocolates on Mother’s day, you better choose the healthy option and that is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has antioxidants which flush out unwanted toxins in our body. This would certainly satisfy mom’s sweet tooth but with healthy benefits at the same time.

Grow Bar (Personal Healthy Greens Indoor Growing Kit)

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Nothing would be healthier than to grow your own food at the comfort of your home. With the Grow bar with seed kit, your healthy mom can now grow her own herb and vegetable garden at her kitchen window. The Grow Bar uses an automated system that can grow herbs and vegetable at the shortest time by just plugging it in and letting it grow.

Red Wine

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If you want to have a toast with mom on Mother’s day, it would be a wise choice to opt for the healthy red wine. Red wine has resveratrol which is a known antioxidant that protects the blood vessel lining. Have a meaningful toast on Mother’s day and say cheers to good health and living a healthy lifestyle.

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