The hedgehog is a spiky creature that is small to look at but may cause you a sting or puncture when touched.  It may be small but this creature has a phenomenal impact on everyone.  We have seen the talented teenager hedgehog in the animated movie “Sing” and aside from that we often see this animal in most cartoons and books that gave us a glimpse of this adorable creature.  The Romans and the Greeks sees the hedgehog as a symbol of intelligence while in Central Asia and Iran, the hedgehog is a symbol of fertility and abundance.  The hedgehog is considered as a solar power animal in some cultures because of its spikes that imitates the spanning rays of the blazing sun.

As a lover of a hedgehog, you may give this creature a different meaning in your life.  If you are one of the hedgehog lovers out there or knows someone that does then you need to check out our top twelve finds of hedgehog gifts from our listing below for your reference.

Looking Sharp Hedgehog Mug

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Looking sharp in the morning is hard especially when you just woke up without having a daily dose of your caffeine fix. Bring out some positive vibes through this hedgehog mug. This mug has an animated hedgehog as the main design printed on white ceramic mug. This hedgehog mug has a caption of “looking sharp” which gives an instant compliment to your recipient every time they see it. The hedgehog mug is dishwasher and microwave oven safe which makes cleaning and warming it easier. You also have the power to choose the size of the mug from eleven ounce to fifteen ounce which ever you would find suitable for your receiver.

Hedgehog Floral Mug

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A dull and boring day can be a little less tragic especially when you have coffee and some bright colors to look at. Check out this hedgehog floral mug. This hedgehog floral mug is colorful and fun to look at plus the all-time favorite hedgehog sits beautifully as it carries the vibrantly multi colored flowers on its back. This glass mug is handmade and the paint is non-toxic too. This colorful hedgehog floral mug can house your favorite beverage of up to ten ounce.

Hedgehog Fragrance Diffuser

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Keeping your place fragrant and sweet smelling is achievable with an additional charmer which is no other than your favorite hedgehog. This hedgehog fragrance diffuser can make a room of eight to twelve square meter smell heavenly. All you have to do is to put few drops of your favorite fragrance oil and unleash an aroma filled atmosphere at your home or your favorite room. The spiky hedgehog design on this fragrance diffuser is also fun to look at and gives a sweet relief for a while just by merely gazing at it. This would be a sweet gift to your special person who loves hedgehogs and aromatherapy.

Hedgehog Kitchen Timer

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Cooking can take a toll on your patience especially when you have to follow each step on a timely manner. It’s difficult to keep up if you don’t have a dependable timer to your aide. Luckily there is a kitchen timer that is especially made for the hedgehog lovers out there. This one of a kind kitchen timer is a sixty minute timer that features the adorable hedgehog. Make cooking, baking or any kitchen step easier through the help of our trusty hedgehog kitchen timer.

Hedgehog Night Light

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Looking for hedgehog gifts for kids? This is the right one! This cute hedgehog night light is suitable for the bedroom or any other place that requires some dim light with oozing cuteness from the hedgehog. The hedgehog in this nightlight is made of soft plastic and it runs by battery. The light of this hedgehog comes in seven colors and changes automatically.

Hedgehog Cushion

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Make your couch look more stunning as ever by putting these hedgehog cushion on it. This hedgehog cushion features the beautiful hedgehog printed in black ink. The hedgehog in this cushion is not animated which makes this look dramatic and adds a serious tone too. The cushion is made of fibre or duck feather which makes it perfect for cuddling and power naps. This hedgehog cushion comes in different sizes to choose from too. The outside cover of this hedgehog cushion is made of vegan suede which is ultra-soft and pleasant to touch.

Hedgehog Necklace

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The hedgehog is your favorite animal in the world and as much as you would want to keep it close to you all the time but that may not be possible. As a consolation, you can keep this darling hedgehog close to your heart through this dazzling hedgehog necklace. The hedgehog pendant closely resembles the real thing although in its minute size of approximately an inch. The chain of this hedgehog necklace is made of stainless steel chain which makes this hedgehog necklace wearable in any occasion. The hedgehog necklace comes in a string bag packaging with a gift box too.

Hedgehog Cuff Bracelet

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Checkout this cool looking cuff bracelet which features no other than the perky and pointy looking hedgehog. It’s not everyday that you can get to see and interesting piece of jewelry such as this. This hedgehog cuff bracelet is made of brushed silver background that is made of recycled aluminum. This cuff bracelet is also ideal for people with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic and does not contain any lead nor nickel. The charming hedgehogs are printed in black. This hedgehog cuff bracelet is made to fit wrists that are medium to large in size. A gift box is included when bought which makes this hedgehog gift ready for gift giving anytime!

Hedgehog Infinity Scarf

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A scarf is more than just a neck cover. It adds some kind of a personal touch to one’s outfit aside from the added warmth and comfort it brings to the wearer. Hedgehogs are interesting looking fellows and if you are a big fan of these creatures then you would surely be delighted to wear this hedgehog infinity scarf. This infinity scarf is more than just a cute looking scarf because it is ultra-soft to touch and weighs very light which feels like you are wearing nothing at all! The hedgehog infinity scarf is made of viscose which is a non-stretch material that it see through and very soft to touch. This infinity scarf measures thirty four inch in width and is approximately thirty five inches in length. This hedgehog infinity scarf comes in different styles to choose from too.

Hedgehog Slippers

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Keep your feet warm through these charming knitted hedgehog wool slippers. This pair of slippers are comfy and cozy to wear. These slip on slippers are perfect for cold weather as the wool keeps the feet warm. The sole of these slippers are made of rubber which are anti-slip to keep the wearer stand sturdy on the ground. The hedgehog design on these slippers are knitted which makes it fade proof and durable. Hedgehog gifts like these are one of a kind!

Hedgehog Gloves

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The cold air makes the hands feel shaky and look terrible. Prevent this from happening by putting on these beautiful hedgehog gloves. This pair of gloves are made of stretch materials that can fit most hand sizes. This would be the perfect gift for someone who always feels cold due to medical condition or just merely a little weak during the cold season. The materials of these gloves are durable and breathable which gives not only warmth but a soft and comfortable feeling to the hands. This would be an excellent hedgehog gift for your lady love or a special someone who is fond of hedgehogs.

Spunky Hedgehog Plush

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Hedgehogs are cute to look at but you can’t hug them because of their spiky stuff embedded on their bodies. It’s okay, you can pour your love on this hedgehog plush and hug it all you want! This spunky hedgehog is too cute to look at and you can channel all your love and desire to hug a hedgehog on this plush toy. This would be the perfect gift for any hedgehog lover out there whether young or old as no one is too old to own a plush toy! This spunky hedgehog measures five inches and is just about the size for anyone. This hedgehog plush toy can turn its head and create some noises so don’t be scared when you are alone while playing with it.

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