“No one has ever become poor from giving” -Maya Angelou

We live in a world where hard-bound diaries are now Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that most people update their status from time to time, even politics and social media issues are also being address through these online media sites.

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries and relationship status are very open to public due to the great influence of technology; you may now send gifts and have your greetings online without seeing the person you would like to make their special day an extra-ordinary, compare to giving gifts personally that used to be a tradition a decade ago.

According to Brent Simpson and Robb Willer, both Sociologists, when you give to others your generosity is likely to be rewarded by others, sometimes by the recipients or by someone else. It’s more likely creating a positive vibe and attracting more people to trust you and making your ties with them closer by appreciating their existence and importance in just a simple gift.

Giving gifts does not necessarily mean that you have to spend large amount of money but a simple act of kindness is also considered as a gift.

How Can I Make The World A Better Place?

A good question to start off your mission to this world, here are some of the multiple ways to change the world to become a better place to live.

  1. Time – Spend time to volunteer or to teach street children an educational lesson, these kids are less fortunate, instead of going to school everyday they are in search of side-line jobs to provide their families and thus, they are hungry for knowledge.
  2. Humanity – You can see homeless people every corner of the streets and the very least that you can do is to provide them clothes and food. Those pants and t-shirts that are long overdue inside your cabinet are meant to be as gifts for these people. Treat them in a fast-food restaurant in order for them to feel that they also deserve an equal treatment despite of life situations they may have.
  3. Job Opportunities – If there is someone in your circle of friends or member of the family who needs a job and luckily at your end, you have found that they are qualified; do not be hesitant to inform them to apply. This is actually one of the good gifts you can offer to them.

What Are The Benefits Of Giving Gifts Interrelated In Making The World A Better Place?

It Engages The People To Be More Optimistic

According to Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough, both are co-directors of the Research Project on Gratitude and Thankfulness, teaching college students helped them to be more optimistic knowing that there are group of people who expressed their gratitude as they share their knowledge as a gift and it does bring a sense of connection to every person they meet.

Prior to that, giving gifts can start a ripple act of kindness in making the people around you to be happy and nevertheless they will adapt the generosity you had shown them.

It Drives People To Be More Charitable Towards Others

Set yourself as an example to the society including the young ones that it does not matter if you are a millionaire or not, the most important thing is being aware of the importance of giving.

God Will Shower More Blessings Upon You

Without expecting something in return, helping other people through kindness or materials is way better than to receive; there is nothing in this world that is more satisfying but to see the smiles of the recipients because of your presence.