Giving away gift baskets are more than just for a single occasion. Like the people who receive it, gift baskets are for anyone that also applies at any occasion – it chooses neither the person nor the event where it is applicable which makes it a good general choice of gift if you could not specify giving something better.

While, by itself, gift baskets can be considered costly, a little planning and creativity could go a long way if you are considering of sending a person a similar gift which even a person who already has it all would appreciate but still not compromising much on the budget.

But before you could come up with a plan about your gift, it is with great importance that you identify first the answers to these three questions: Who is the recipient of the gift? What is his or her interest like? How much are you willing to spend in coming up with the gift?

Having answered the three questions, the next logical thing to figure out is on how you would want to present your gift. This could about a theme based on the occasion or simply that which is based on the recipient’s interest.

For example, if your recipient is a kid or at least a person who is kid at heart, adding something of interest to the recipient with the package like toys would mean a lot in piquing interest.

If you are truly tight in the budget, inexpensive and easily accessible materials such as the wicker basket would always be a good choice. Apart from the cost, they are also relatively easy to work with. Otherwise, other chicer and costlier materials such as plastic pails, trays, or flower pots could also work as well for a classier look.

If you think that many gift baskets looked all the same, yours can be as different it can be depending on your creativity. So let your imagination run wild as you build your gift basket by being creative about it.

To give you some ideas about it, consider the following:

  • A gift set with a cowboy boot as the highlight which will be given to a real-life cowboy in a coming occasion
  • A gift set with tackle box as the highlight to be given to a fisherman in an occasion
  • A gift set with a theme about sewing by making use of sewing basket as container to be a gift to a seamstress

When making your gift set, make sure that the central theme is highlighted in the overall package. This means giving center or high position about it. Cramped all of the contents of your gift in the container as possible. Leave no gaps opened by filling in on them like colored papers or straws. Otherwise, keep additional gifts to the side.

No gift basket ever comes unwrapped that do not look like fresh from the grocery stores. Do not give the recipient the impression that you rushed on your gift by forgetting to wrap everything up inside a cellophane bag.

Finally, attach a card with the gift and you are already good to go.