If you want your recipient to remember you and the event when you gave the gift, here are some tips that you should do:

Gift wrapping is half of the battle!

If you want to make your gift memorable for your recipient, you should take time to wrap the gift creatively and neatly. Make it a themed gift wrap, not something that looks like it was wrapped in the store for free. For tips and ideas on wrapping your gifts, we have a special section in this blog on unique gift wrapping ideas.

Do not forget the gift card!

This is the special section where you can show off a bit of your personality into your gift, so do not miss this opportunity! Your gift itself should be tailored to the recipient, though.

Avoid plain, generic gifts.

A plain coffee mug just won’t do! Now a coffee mug with a surprise inside, that is memorable. A plain shirt is bleh. But get them a shirt that you customized yourself will make your gift memorable for your recipient!

Add a little something unannounced into your gift.

For example, you are giving a handbag to your wife. Add a small “I Love You” note or an inexpensive necklace inside one of the bags. Do not tell her about it. When she finds it, she will blush and feel the same feelings she felt when you gave her the present.

Give them a gift that they will use every day.

Fun, unique coffee mugs and tumblers, a funky mouse or mousepad… something that they will use every day. You can also give something they will see every day, like a little bobblehead, a unique action figure or a funny trophy!

A useful DIY present is always memorable.

Operative word: useful. Something DIY but will just collect dust is not memorable. You can also give DIY food gifts. Those are quite fun too!

Experience gifts are also very memorable.

A trip to somewhere warm and sunny. That festive hot air balloon trip. A song you wrote for her. Him jumping off a cliff for the first time. All those are very memorable.

As an additional tip to the above, take pictures!

Delay the gratification.

A little something they can look forward to! You can buy them a gift they can enjoy on a later date. A spa ticket she can use next week… a concert ticket next month. Do not delay for longer than a month though… that is cruel!

Something that brings back memories!

Nostalgia trip! This is especially true for older folks. Give them a little something that was popular when they were younger (or something that is becoming retro now). Something that they used or ate. Or a collection of old stuff. They will love it. For lovers, a collage of your past vacation trips is a nice nostalgic gift.

Looking for more gifting ideas?

Here are some money-saving tips:

Also, choosing a present for him and for her are two different things! Check them out.