When a marriage proposal has been made and a couple is decided to tie the knot, you know that it is high time for an event prior to the actual wedding—bridal shower. For those of us in the west, we know it for a few names like bridal shower or wedding shower. But regardless of how it is called, the rite remains the same, at least in spirit.

Yet, like most events, bridal showers do not just happen out of impulse. For something as special as this once-in-a-lifetime thing, a wedding shower requires enough planning and preparation to push through.

Luckily, there are pointers about it which any person who had experienced setting up a wedding shower ought to know.

Set a Date

Bridal showers are often an unbreakable tradition which precede the actual wedding. But no gathering of this nature had ever been established just a few short days before the wedding date, unless the waiting period is short. The rule of the thumb about launching a wedding shower is to do it the soonest time possible.

Create a Guest List

You may already have an idea of who will comprise your list of attendees for the party. But it is worth noting that the bride has a better say at who many of those people are going to be. She is, after all, the star of the event prior to her spotlight in the altar or wedding scene.

Set the Venue

There are plenty of good places out there which could be used as a platform to hold the shower occasion. It could be at a fancy restaurant, hotel, in some studio space, or even just at home. However, for something as crucial as the venue, it must be decided beforehand and not to be impulsive about.

Save yourself the uncertainty and the stress by choosing the perfect location beforehand and stick to it.

Choose a Theme

While this step is completely optional, it does not hurt to get a bit more engaged in the happening by choosing to make the affair to be as memorable as possible: set a theme to it. There are a lot of options to choose from as a theme. However, before coming to a decision, do not forget to confer it to the bride-to-be first.

Make Distributable Invitations

Although there is now a more convenient way of sending out invitation cards across a group of people such as with the use of the computer and internet, there is still the beauty of going the traditional way about it.

Sure, the old method of making actual prints to be handed personally or sent over to the recipient’s address may require both effort and cost on your end. But for a rare event such as a wedding shower, it should be worth all the energy and expenses.

Decide on the Ornamentation

You may already have chosen the ideal location to which the shower party is to take place. Alone, it might be fantastic. But adding a bit more embellishments to make the event more memorable surely is a boon. Be it centerpieces and other decorations, any of these things truly add beauty to any place.

Create the Perfect Menu

Foods make for a special part of any gathering and a wedding shower is no exception to this rule. If you are not resorting to a third-party catering service, then this is the right chance to demonstrate on your cooking skills. Of course, doing the cooking alone may take a lot from your energy, but asking for added manpower in the process surely does help.

If you are tight in the budget, there are plenty of people in the talent pool who are more than willing to render their service with just a small fee. We’re talking about culinary students or people who knows how to cook in general who could be of great potential aid.

Orchestrate a Set of Activities

Bridal showers may seem like a simple way of assembling people together for the intention of giving a future wife gifts before the wedding. But real fun shower parties are more than just that. Oftentimes, like in most parties, games and related activities tend to enliven the occasion which no other means can accomplish.

With all the aforementioned accounted for, you are already in your way to launching an unforgettable bridal shower.

Photo credit: Kenogenic Photography via Wikimedia