Wrapping boxes is easy. They have a nice, even rectangular shape where you can easily fold and bend the wrapping paper onto the corners and sides. But what if you have to wrap an item with a weird shape and cannot fit inside a normal-sized box? Something like a tennis racket, a basketball, a large teddy bear? Do you just put a ribbon around it and present it to the receiver naked? That is no fun!

Here are some video tutorials on how to wrap gifts with weird shapes.

1. Wrap it Like a Chocolate Kiss!


In the video above, Keltie Colleen wraps a toy car like a chocolate kiss (yes, the Hershey’s kind). Just put the item in the middle of a large wrapping paper and pull the edges together. Finish off with a cute ribbon.

2. Wrap it Japanese Style

How to Wrap Gifts With Weird Shapes with Furoshiki


The Japanese has a special kind of reusable wrapping cloth called furoshiki. You can buy one of those wrapping cloths yourself, but you can use any beautifully patterned cloth and follow the instructions on the video above. The woman in the video wraps various items from a stuffed tiger to water bottles. Cool!

3. Wrapping Cylindrical Items


Cylindrical items like a piece of the tumbler, portable thermos, or a bottle of wine are very tricky if you do not have a gift bag. The solution? Roll it on wrapping paper, but via a certain technique. The hosts of Howdini show us how to wrap a champagne bottle, but we know you can also do this with drinking glasses.

4. Wrapping Round Tins


Wrapping round items is a nightmare! This video effortlessly shows us a way to wrap low cylinder items, like a cookie tin, and produce a beautifully wrapped gift with a gorgeous pattern on top. I think you can also do without the over-the-top ribbon on the side, but hey, I cannot do that before I saw the video!

You can wrap tin cans, round watch boxes, and cheese wheels using this.

5. Skip Wrapping and Make an Origami Box


You can also create origami boxes for small gifts. Origami boxes are very beautiful, they do not need any wrapping at all. The video above shows you how to make a hexagonal origami box. I have seen heart origami boxes, too.

Bonus: How to Wrap 10 Challenging Shapes!


I just found a video that shows how to wrap triangles, pentagons, pyramids, and other myriads of shapes.

Other Wrapping Inspirations

Have you seen these video tutorials on making your own gift bows perfectly? You can use the videos to make different kinds of impressive gift bows.

You can also take a look at how to make gift toppers like paper snowflakes and a paper rose. They are perfect gift toppers when you used plain brown wrapping paper.