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Traditional Theme Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas, Years 1-10

We at GiftCanyon.com love wedding anniversaries! Since it is hard to think for a good traditionally themed wedding anniversary gift, we compiled a lit of good gift ideas that go with the traditional theme for each year. Each year suggests three, something useful, something romantic and something fun.

Year 1: Paper Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: Most couples on their first year anniversary have no child or have a very little baby, so a cookbook for two is a good gift. You can also make the gift even more special and cook the first meal suggested by the book!

Something Romantic: A romantic gift ideas would be to collect and print out photos of your travels and put them into a collage picture frame.

Something Fun: Event tickets are made of paper! So, for your first anniversary, you can take your spouse to a concert, theater show or the game.

Check out this in-depth paper anniversary gift ideas for him and for her.

Year 2: Cotton Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: A useful cotton gift idea would be a shirt or a dress for your spouse. You can also buy couple’s shirt to celebrate!

Something Romantic: The bed is probably the most romantic furniture in the house, right? Buy a couple’s pillow set. You can personalize it by looking for pillow sets that conform to your spouse’s characteristics or hobbies. An example would be this Star Wars Couple’s Pillowcases or this Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Pillowcases.

Something Fun: Bathrobes are fun! You can buy one for each of you two and surprise your spouse with a bubblebath so you can use the bathrobes for the first time.

Year 3: Leather Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: Nothing beats a leather wallet or bag when it comes to usefulness. You can also give shoes or belts if you want to complete the common leather gifts.

Something Romantic: Leather roses are available online if you want to give something really unique!

Something Fun: Leather jackets are super cool. you guys can even try to dance Footloose while you are wearing your jackets!

Year 4: Fruits and Flowers Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: I have seen fruit shaped soaps crafted by artisan soap makers and they look so good. If you do not like the idea of fruit shaped soap, you can just buy artisan soap infused with sweet-smelling fruits or flowers, like this raspberry soap.

Something Romantic: Flowers and wine. Need I say more?

Something Fun: You can both visit a vineyard and see how the wine are made and even pick some grapes and sip some of the wine.

Year 5: Wood Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: A wooden chair, is a useful, decorative gift you can give yoru spouse. you can also get a porch swing or even a hammock.

Something Romantic: Wooden lovers figurine is a good gift.

Something Fun: Have a picnic at the tree park! You can visit the Sequioa Tree Park to see the towering trees. Maybe you can also plant a tree in the name of your spouse?

Year 6: Iron Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: A barbecue set is a nice useful gift for your anniversary. Maybe have a barbecue together with the kids, too?

Something Romantic: Good iron pendants are always available online.

Something Fun: For a fun iron gift, go kart racing. Karts are made of iron and there is an event called the “Iron Man Karting Challenge” you can join or just watch the event.

Year 7: Wool Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: Wool scarves. Your spouse can use this during the cold winter seasons.

Something Romantic: Couple’s sweatshirts are starting to get popular and you guys can join the bandwagon. Just get designs that you can wear without having your spouse with you so you can use the sweaters when alone. Something like this pair of sweatshirts.

Something Fun: Did you know that sheep farmers often open their flocks for visitors? This is often called sheepdog experience. You can even ask to pet one of the lambs!

Year 8: Bronze Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: A bronze lamp is something you can keep in your living room or on your bedside table.

Something Romantic: A bronze locket, with both your pictures in it is a great reminder you love your spouse.

Something Fun: How about a steampunk pocket watch? This bronze pocket watch looks too cool with all the gears and mechanisms inside visible.

Year 9: Pottery Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: A tea set. This is a really practical gift you both can use when lazing on the porch.

Something Romantic: An earthen vase is not that romantic in itself, but a promise to fill it up with flowers whenever your spouse feels down or when happy times are ahead is a very romantic thing to say.

Something Fun: A pottery making wheel! Molding clay into something decorative or usable is super fun.

Year 10: Aluminum or Tin Anniversary Gifts

Something Useful: For the geek spouse, you can get them a USB fridge that they can sue to cool their canned drink while working on the laptop.

Something Romantic: Aluminum photo frames are a nice idea, since you guys are been married for ten years. Put the youngest picture of you two in that frame!

Something Fun: A tin cocktail shaker is a very fun gift! Offer to mix the first alcoholic concoction. Let your spouse get drunk with your love!