The celebration of sixth wedding anniversary traditionally calls for the couple to give gifts made of iron to each other. If you are a wife looking for iron wedding anniversary gift ideas for him, then you should take a look at this list.

Take note that although you can get ideas in this list, this list if for the husband. If you want the list for the wives, you should go to this article.

Useful Iron Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

This is a very nice iron wine holder.

You can go the useful route. Most of the time, men will prefer useful gift ideas.

  1. Decorative iron clock. Super useful and really pretty, too!
  2. Wine holder. Especially if he is very fond of wine. You can get this super nice looking wine holder you can attach to a wall.
  3. Iron lawn chairs. This are very useful furniture for the yard, when the guys and him are having a  barbecue!
  4. Throw in a wrought iron table too.
  5. Ironman Eau de Toilette. This smells nice and sexy. It is also a nice way to deviate slightly from the traditional wedding anniversary gifts.
  6. Iron sculpture paperweight. This cast iron “paper” crane looks really nice! It is a cool piece of artwork.
  7. Iron cuff links. Traditional shapes look nice on any dress shirt. This square cuff links pair looks nice.
  8. Coat hanger.

Romantic Iron Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Cool iron wall collage frame.

Romance is the point of wedding anniversaries, so get him romantic iron gift ideas too.

  1. Iron collage picture frame. Collect your best photos together and compile them in this collage wall frame.
  2. Decorative horseshoe plaque. You can get some creative ones in Etsy.
  3. Ironwork wall decor. You can get this initials of you both, in shaped iron.
  4. Or this lovers iron decor. Looks nice on your bedroom wall.
  5. A love lock! People sell these heart shaped locks for you to latch on your gate. Please do not put this on a tourist spot though; love locks have become a problem in Paris.

Fun Iron Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Go golfing, get him golf clubs or learn to play golf. The clubs are made of iron and playing is fun!

Something that excites him!

  1. Golf clubs. Especially if he is really fond of golf. Or…
  2. … golf tutorials if he does not know how to play yet.
  3. Go Karting. What an adrenaline rush!
  4. A set of personalized barbecue tools
  5. … and a barbecue grill, too!
  6. Iron drinking tankards! These make nice beer mugs, almost like what vikings use!
  7. Purchase a couple of tickets to a concert of Iron Maiden!
  8. Iron porch swing. Perfect for sunset watching!
  9. A mountain bike, if you can afford it!