Congratulations on 14 years of marriage! It is now time give your wife a gift! It is a traditional practice to give your spouse a themed gift on your wedding anniversary. The theme for year  14 is ivory.

Here is a list of potential ivory presents for your woman. This list is divided into useful, romantic and fun ivory wedding anniversary gifts for her.

Now, since ivory is not outlawed, we will focus on faux ivory and bone ivory. Also, we will explore gifts that have a connection to ivories.

This list is intended to product gift ideas for the wife. If you are a woman looking for a gift for your husband, you should take a look at this list. (Although, you can still get ideas here!)

Useful Ivory Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Ivory colored tea set

1. An ivory tea set. They look very decorative and she can use these whenever she wants to have some tea.

2. These ivory colored flip-flops are very cute. She will love these!

3. Ivory bed sheets. Because your bed need fixing and making (which you both will definitely ruffle later!)

4. Throw in some ivory colored pillows too!

5. A bone ivory necklace will look super gorgeous on her neck.

Faux ivory ring

6. Have you seen these beautiful faux ivory rings? I bet your wife will wear these rings for the kicks!

7. Ivory letter opener for opening letters, bills, mailed checks, love letters from you.

8. These ivory ceramic vases will look nice in the house. A bunch of flowers (given by you, of course) will spruce it up, too!

9. You can also give her this beautiful faux ivory candelabra.

Romantic Ivory Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Also, of course, the ladies love to be romanced. Here are some romantic ivory wedding anniversary gifts for her.

Ivory rose for 14th anniversary

10. How about this 14th anniversary ivory rose. It is potted and can stand on its own, which makes it a perfect decor on your wife’s workstation.

11. You can also give her this two long-stemmed ivory roses in oak vase. Same as the flowers above, she can put this on her desk to inspire her to work better.

12. Also, this bear holding an ivory rose is a nice and cute idea.

13. You can also give her this vintage-style faux ivory rose necklace? This will definitely look super cute hanging on her neck.

14. Another great ivory gift is a faux ivory picture frame, where you put your best pictures plus add a sweet message at the back of the frame.

Fun Ivory Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

You can also give her something that will excite her or take her somewhere fun that involves ivories somehow.


Piano ivories

16. Have a date at a local zoo to see the animals with ivories: elephants, seals, etc.

17. If you have the money, take your beautiful wife to the African Safari to see the real live elephants roam around their natural habitat.

18. How about buying a grand piano for her?

19. Take her to a piano concert and listen to the ivories make beautiful symphony.

20. You can also take her to a date to a piano bar. Bonus if you can play the piano just for her!

21. Hire this guy to compose a piano song for your wife. You can also have your theme song transcribed to piano.