Jewelry make perfect stocking stuffers. They are small and they make people who receive them really happy. Jewelry make people look better and lastly, there are lots of inexpensive but really pretty jewelry out there, if you are willing to look.

Want to include a piece of jewelry inside her Christmas stocking? Then check this list of my jewelry stocking stuffers for her. “Her” can be your wife, fiancee, girlfriend, mother, grandma or your child.

Necklaces and Pendants Stocking Stuffers for Her

A heart necklace with a single stone is a nice romantic stocking stuffer for a wife.

A heart necklace with a single stone is a nice romantic stocking stuffer for a wife.

One of the two most common women’s jewellery. Necklaces usually mean either romantic or familial affection.

  1. Sterling silver butterfly necklace. Beautiful. Looks like something a full grown young woman would wear.
  2. Silver cross necklace. Usually for a Christian girl.
  3. Statement necklaces. Also known as bib necklaces. Full of stones (whether real or fake, does not matter) and usually worn a woman in her wisdom years. Perfect for woman in her middle age or later.
  4. Pressed flower necklace. Made of real flowers. Just pretty. Can fit any age of a woman.
  5. Bronze pendant. You can find quite inexpensive bronze necklaces in Amazon. Any style will do and this is perfect for your BFF.
  6. Heart pendant. Something your girlfriend or fiance will appreciate. Cute and very dressy.
  7. Heart jewelled necklace. This is something your wife will love. Notice that the wife gets a gemstone. Necklaces with a large gemstone usually denote spousal gift.
  8. “I love you to the moon and back” Moons necklace. Just super sweet. You can give this to a female lover or your mom.
  9. Snowflake Necklace. A young woman would appreciate receiving this!
  10. Drop Crystal Necklace. Very dressy, works well on formal occasions. You can give this to a lover.

Earrings Stocking Stuffers for Her

Normally, statement earrings like these are worn by wise middle aged women.

Normally, statement earrings like these are worn by wise middle aged women.

The other most common women’s jewellery. Earrings can be a safe gift idea if you are friends with a woman and do not want to imply romantic interest, so long as you avoid the more expensive options.

  1. Crystal drop earrings. Very nice and dressy. Perfect for a young woman… your lover, your child or your mom.
  2. Dangling chain earrings. Same as the above. Very dressy. This is basically a lighter version of crystal drop earrings.
  3. Statement earrings. Looks stunning, but very heavy. Like statement necklaces, the looks of this kind of earrings suit the middle age ladies.
  4. Silver hoop earrings. For younger children or your friend (especially of you are a guy).
  5. Studs made of silver. For young girls.
  6. Small gemstone stud earrings. For older children.
  7. Large gemstone stud earrings. For me it has the same effect as statement earrings.

Bracelets and Other Jewellery Stocking Stuffers

Wrap bracelets like these look nice and inexpensive. Most importantly, wrap bracelets typically imply friendship… so you should give this if you do not want to be accused of having romantic interests.

Bracelets and other jewellery a woman might use.

  1. Charm Bracelet. Looks nice and the theme of the charms can be catered to the age and your relationship to the recipient. For example, a charm bracelet with ice creams and leafs and suns can be a bracelet for tweens, while charm bracelets with hearts can be given to a lover.
  2. Wrap bracelet. This is perfect for a female friend, whether you are a guy or a girl. Very cute and definitely implies friendship. It also does nto hurt that most wrap bracelets are inexpensive.
  3. Wire and Chain Bracelets. Can fit any age.
  4. Watches. There are some inexpensive watches you can give her, but I would normally recommend wood watches because they are so unique.
  5. Bead bracelets and anklets. Exudes a bohemian charm.
  6. Broach. Flower broaches, heart broaches, etc. For dressy occasions.

What About Rings?

For me, rings are very tricky. So if your recipient is not a kid, you better give another jewelry.

Let me explain. If the recipient is your girlfriend, she can confuse it to a marriage proposal. Do not do this unless you are ready to get married. If the recipient is your fiancee or wife, it can get pretty repetitive… she already has an engagement/wedding ring. I know you would rather see her wear your token of love (I know I would). Mom already has a wedding ring, too.

Looking for other stocking stuffers for her? I have stocking stuffers for a teen age girls, girlfriend, wife and mom.