Jewelry makes perfect stocking stuffers. They are small and people who receive them are left impressed. What’s not to like about jewelry?

Men do not wear too much jewelry. Men have a this rule of two’s (only two jewelry should be present) so if you are married, your wedding ring is one, there is just space for one more.

This list of stocking stuffers for him is suitable for any man: you husband or boyfriend, your brother, your child or your dad.

Watches for a Classy Man

No numbers on this nice wooden watch. Looks cool!

No numbers on this nice wooden watch. Looks cool!

The pinnacle of men’s jewellery. Many men (me included) love collecting watches and he would be excited to see a watch in his Christmas stocking.

  1. A wood watch gives a man’s wardrobe a breath of fresh air. I like the look of this wooden watch… no numbers!
  2. Silver watches are really nice and can blend well into dressy clothes and casual clothing.
  3. Gold watches. These look dressy and should be given to a man who always wear business suits.
  4. Leather watches for his casual wear.
  5. Watches with fabric straps.
  6. A pocket watch. Clearly this is not something to wear, but I love how someone can pull something that looks old fashioned from his pocket and look so cool. This steampunk pocket watch looks geeky.

Necklaces a Man Will Love to Receive

Wolf’s tooth pendants look nice on a man wearing just a T-shirt.

Necklaces can give a man’s wardrobe a nice spin.

  1. A wooden cross necklace. Looks nice when a man wears a T-shirt and this single necklace.
  2. Wolf’s tooth pendant. These look so nice on a man’s casual wear. This wolf’s tooth pendant look really nice!
  3. Chain necklaces. Plain and looks elegant.
  4. Leather necklaces give a man some kind of a rebel look.
  5. Dog tags. Originally these are worn by people in the military (as ID when they die… morbid, but true) but now, guys wear this to get that macho look.

Bracelets, Cuff Links and Other Jewelry Stocking Stuffers for Him

These black onyx cuff links will look well on any color of dress shirt (aside from black and brown, of course!)

These black onyx cuff links will look well on any color of dress shirt (aside from black and brown, of course!)

Other jewellery for men.

  1. Leather bracelets. These look so macho on a man with lean arms.
  2. Wooden bead bracelet. Looks nice on younger men.
  3. Cuff links. This is the classy man’s jewelry. There are many cuff links you can choose from and what I like the most is this pair of black jewel cuff links.
  4. You can also give these super cool wood cuff links…
  5. … Or classic silver cuff links.
  6. Anklets. Obviously he can wear these only when he is wearing shorts.

What About Rings and Earrings?

You can give a single man a ring, but I think a married man should only wear one band around his finger. His wedding ring.

For earrings, young men can get away with wearing earrings. Studs and small hoops work well, but the aesthetic of men wearing earrings diminish with age.

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