John Wick is one of the best action and thriller movies of all times. Its first movie was shown on theaters back in 2014, while the next installment will be seen on the big screen this 2017. The main character for this movie is Keanu Reeves who is known as one of the best actors in the industry.

The story began as Reeves was introduced as a retired hitman, who was targeted by the Russian gangsters. He started seeking for vengeance for the reason of the theft of his vintage car and the killing of his puppy – which is a gift from his recently deceased wife.

Action movie fans loved the movie because of its storyline, and also all the camera angles are clean and sharp which earned more approval from the critics and the action movie fans.

Do you know a John Wick fan who will be celebrating an important occasion or success? If you are intending to give them a nice gift, you might want to consider this list of John Wick gifts specifically chosen for the hardcore fanatics.

John Wick Art Print

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This is a creative art portrait which was painted digitally using Photoshop CS6 and through the use of Wacom Intuos Pro graphic tablet. The art is printed on a top of the line quality photo paper matte for a more eye-pleasing appearance. If you need something artistic as a gift, this art print will not fail you. It is a digital painting of the male lead, Keanu Reeves, and it looks like the real person. This gift will surely be a wonderful wall decoration.

"I'm Back" John Wick Coffee Mug

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It is a mug made from a high grade ceramic, with a resin coating for a shiny appearance. It is also printed with John Wick, along with the quote, “Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back.” Note that this is microwave safe, but not dishwasher safe. This mug will make a perfect gift especially for the fans who loves indulging into their favorite beverages. With the John Wick design of this mug, they will be able to enjoy their tasty drink even more.

"Specialized Waste Disposal" Shirt

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This is a customized shirt made from a hundred percent premium quality cotton with ultra soft garment upgrade. It is also printed with a John Wick design along with the words, “Specialized waste disposal.” This customized shirt is ideal to be worn outdoors or indoors, regardless of the weather condition. It is specifically made to give a good fit to whoever wears it. Also, the fans can have the privilege to show their outstanding love for John Wick when they watch the second movie installment.

"Protected by Wick" Door Mat

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It is a striking door mat made from black mat and white permanent ink for its design. The measurement of this mat is 27 inches for the length, and 18 on its width. This door mat is also printed with the words, “Protected by Wick.” This door mat is a great gift for anyone especially for the diehard fans of John Wick. Aside from its function, it is also printed with a funny quote which is guaranteed to make any fan proud whenever someone sees their mat. They can also act as if the real John Wick is the guardian of their home.

John Wick Blu-ray DVD

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It is a BluRay DVD of the first movie installment of the hit action thriller John Wick. This is one of the best gifts a fan will ever receive. Through this DVD, they can easily re-watch their favorite scenes whenever they want to, plus they can also keep this and add to their set of collectibles.

John Wick Soundtrack

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This is the full album of the official soundtracks used in the first John Wick movie. If you are intending to give someone a gift, and that person loves to listen to good music, then is the one you should settle for. Aside from the reason that they may be able to use this whenever they are relaxing, they will also be able to enjoy it since it is related to their favorite movie. That is the last one on our awesome list of recommended gifts! Which one do you think would be loved by many fans out there, and what are some gift ideas that you wish would be included in this list? Tell us what you think about our top picks!

John Wick Action Figure (Funko Pop)

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Those who collect toys and action figures will be sure delighted to see this John Wick toy from Funko Pop! Here, he is so clean and well dressed, just like the dashing Keannu!

Bloody John Wick Action Figure (Funko Pop)

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But this is more like it! This John Wick is bloody and it looks like he just assassinated a few undesirables on the way. Very badass. This will be a great addition to one's collection of toys and action figures.