Timing is very essential especially when you are mixing the perfect blends of spices as you cook.  Time is also important when you bake delicious pastries and cakes.  If you slipped only few minutes then the pastries would be terribly hard or worse they would be burnt.  Kitchen walls need not to be plain and boring, you can make your kitchen walls interesting and be eye catchy after all!   Dress up your kitchen walls and transform them into a pleasant and colorful sight to see.  Check out our list of playful and whimsical kitchen wall clocks from our handpicked favorites below.

On the intro photo: Cutlery kitchen wall clock, #1 on this list.

Cutlery Kitchen Wall Clock

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Have a one of a kind kitchen wall with this cutlery kitchen wall clock. This cutlery kitchen wall clock is a fascinating decoration on your kitchen wall. Every guest would be swooned as they see this creative and modern design of a kitchen wall clock. Spoons, fork and knives can certainly add some edge to your regular kitchen wall with this one!

Bush Beans Seed Package Clock

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If you have a gardener on your list who is also fond of spending time in the kitchen then this bush beans seed package clock is the best kitchen clock for him or her. This bush beans seed package clock has a pendulum shovel that is unique and certainly a conversation starter to begin with!

Turbine Kitchen Clock

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Give your kitchen wall an elegant touch by putting this turbine clock on top. This turbine clock is more than just a kitchen clock. This is also a modern art design that elevates the aesthetic prowess of your kitchen wall. This turbine clock is made of architecturally designed metal that is on an ivory colored clock. Wow your guests with this turbine clock as you host your dinner parties!

Colorful Ball Clock

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Who said that balls are only seen on billiard pools or on a kiddie ball pool? You can also seem balls on kitchen walls through this one of a kind colorful ball clock. You can add a zesty touch to your regular kitchen wall through this playful and colorful ball clock.

Tea Party Kitchen Clock

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Have a colorful kitchen wall with this tea party wall clock. Reminisce your childhood hobby of having a tea party with friends. I can also recall the scene in Alice in Wonderland where in Alice was lost and led to the mad hatter’s place. This tea party wall clock is ceramic and is made by hands. You are assured that this tea party wall clock would add some sugar and spice as you keep track of the time!

Stylish Sirius Wooden Wall Clock

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Create a different dimension in your kitchen wall with this stylish Sirius wooden wall clock. The Sirius wall clock is made of plywood of 6 mm in size. You can hardly see this kind of kitchen wall clock in the market because the Sirius wooden wall clock is made to order.

World Map Wall Clock

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Travel is a great escape! Some people find baking and cooking a way of escape too. If you know someone who is fond of travelling and a kitchen bug at the same time then this world map wall clock would be the perfect kitchen wall clock for them! The neutral tones on this one of a kind kitchen wall clock give your kitchen wall a warm and cozy feeling with every peep.

Contemporary Geometric Kitchen Wall Clock

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Sophistication and elegance can also be achieved in your kitchen through this contemporary geometric wall clock. This contemporary geometric wall clock is made of circular rings that are put together to create an attractive geometrical work of art! This geometric wall clock is made of wood.

Hanging Kitchen Utensils Clock

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Make your kitchen wall stand out through this hanging utensils clock. This hanging utensils clock is made of birchwood plywood that is handmade laser cut and varnished to have that natural elegant look. Keep your cooking be timely and orderly by keeping track of it with the help of this charming hanging utensils clock.

Sunflower Clock

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Add a little sunshine to your kitchen wall through this sunflower clock. This sunflower clock is a bright and cheerful sight to look at as you check if your bun on the oven is done already. A gloomy day can be brightened up just by merely peeping on this sunflower clock.

Looking for more kitchen wall clocks?

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