Oh wow! Congratulations on your approaching 13th year of marriage! That is a really long and strong marriage you have going.

Traditional wedding anniversary presents call for themed gifts. The theme changes each year and on the 13th year, the theme is lace. If you are a man looking for some lace wedding anniversary gifts for her, this list of presents is what you are looking for.

This list is divided into useful, romantic and fun lace gifts. Also, take note that while the ladies can find ideas for presents that they can give to their husbands, this list is intended for things to be gifted to the wife. If you are a woman looking lace gifts for her hubby, you can check out this article.

Useful Lace Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Some ladies would want to receive something she can use every day. And I know most men want to give something useful, too. Here are some useful lace gifts for your special lady.

Lacy dresses like this one make great lace wedding anniversary gifts for her.

1. The first and most obvious choice would be a lacy dress. Give her this sexy and elegant evening lace dress in the morning of your wedding anniversary so she has something to use on your anniversary dinner.

2. Not a big fan of evening long gowns? You can also give her a nice, boho dress. It is casual and it looks very nice.

3. There are many dangle earrings with a lace design. One cute example is this lacy leaf dangle earrings. This will pair nicely with the dresses I mentioned above. Why not get her this one, too?

4. This teardrop necklace has a real lace embedded inside it. You can choose to give this one if you want to give your wife a real lace gift and not something that just has a lacy design or print. This is actually quite clever!

Lacy statement necklace. Looks Gothic.

5. This statement necklace with a lace design looks super gorgeous. It even comes with a matching pair of lace-design earrings. A one-two themed gift. Awesome!

6. How about these galeo-lace earrings? They look cute, with the red vine-like design. I am sure your wife will be the only one wearing something like this if she wears it on your anniversary date.

7. You can also give her this pair of black tribal-design lace earrings. It is black, so it will go well with many of her dresses.

Lace design bronze ring for women

8. How about a bronze lace ring? This one is extra special if your wife is the kind of woman who likes to wear her engagement and wedding rings only on special occasions.

9. This lace bracelet has that boho or bohemian look and feel of it. Take her back to the 70’s!

10. Women are a big fan of shoes! You can get her this pair of lace ballet flats that she can use on ordinary casual days.

Remind her that she should use flats whenever she can because wearing high heels all the time will destroy her feet.

Lace Kimono Coat

A lace kimono coat!

11. How about a lace kimono coat? Very fashionable and this will not overheat her during the summer days.

12. Is your woman the slim type? You can get her these cute lacy shorts!

13. Lacy accessories for your house are also a good idea. Something like a lace table runner will give your house a new look.

14. … or lace curtains.

15. … or lace pillow covers.

Romantic Lace Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Of course, the ladies want to be romanced! Here are some romantic lace presents you can give your wife.

A wedding anniversary greeting card with a lace design. Perfect for 13th anniversaries.

16. How about a cute greeting card with a real lace design on the front? This is a lace gift where you can be romantic with words. Maybe write a poem or just a short heartfelt message for her.

17. Lace Roses. One cool example is this lace rose decor from JustPaperRoses. The lace rose is embedded in a pot that can stand on its own. She can put this on display on her work table until next year when you give her another themed rose.

18. You can also give her an entire bouquet of lace flowers if you wish!

19. For a DIY gift, you can also make the flowers from lacey fabrics! Here is a tutorial to make your gift of labor.

20. These lace heart necklaces look very nice! You should her your wife one of these, too!

Fun Lace Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

There are also gifts that can excite her or put nostalgia feelings in her heart. Here are some exciting gift ideas made out of lace.

Lace barefoot sandals. Such a retro lace wedding anniversary gift for her!

21. Barefoot sandals made of lace. It looks too cute. If she was one of those flower children then this lace gift idea will take her back to the 70’s.

22. This super cute lacy bikini cover. She will definitely look up to your next trip to the beach so she can get a chance to wear the lacy cover-up you gave her!

23. Lacy lingeries will make her feel sexy and wanted. Of course this is also a gift for yourself!

24. Lace chemises are sultry and sexy and very comfy! She will surely wear these to bed every night. *wink wink*

25. Visit the Venice Lace Museum in Italy.