Wow! 13 Years! That is a long marriage! Your first child must be starting to transform into a young adult and your first dog has approached seniority. Of course, your marriage very strong. Congratulations!

On the 13th year of marriage, the traditional theme for wedding anniversary gifts is lace. Lace looks so delicate and beautiful, but surprisingly strong. Just like your marriage.

Are you looking for lace wedding anniversary gifts for him, your husband? Finding lace gifts for men is quite had because lace in nature is very feminine. Look no further! I have compiled a list of nice lace presents you can give your husband.

  1. Take note that this list is intended to give ideas on lace gifts for a man. If you are looking for a lace gift for your wife, check out this other article.
  2. No tie shoe laces

    Licorice laces! These long candy is delicious. Yum!

  3. How about another candy, like this chocolate lace? Delicious!
  4. These no-tie shoe laces are perfect if your man maintains a healthy and active lifestyle. This is great for gym, running, hiking and golfing.
  5. Or, if you are feeling a bit funky, these neon-colored shoe laces! They glow in the dark! Super cool.
  6. Some mesa pants have comfy pants with a lace draw strings. You can get him one so he can use one when he is just lounging around the house and just relaxing during the weekends when he has nothing else to do. Take a look at this lace string mesa pants.
  7. Barong or guyabera look nice! They can also be worn at work.

    A guyabera or a barong is a traditional Mexican shirt. They are embedded with lacey designs but are very masculine to look at. He can wear it at  work or just casually. I like the look of this guyabera/barong shirt.

  8. Some kurta (a traditional Indian shirt) while does not have laces have this lacey look due to the intricate embroidery on the sleeves and neck seam. They also sport this very masculine look like the guyabera. Check this kurta shirt and see for yourself!
  9. Duct tapes are the lace of men! You can gift your man a silver duct tape rose (or three). Super cool!
  10. Not a big fan of silver? Make your duct tape rose even more masculine by giving him these camouflage duct tape roses!
  11. How about this pair couple’s shirts that spell “love” using shoe lace? Super nice artwork? Links: Him & Her.

  12. You can also buy yourself some very sultry, sexy lace lingerie and wear it for him! You might be wearing the lace, but he will surely enjoy your gift!