Got a Lady and the Tramp lover? This list of Lady and the Tramp gifts will surely help you in finding the best present!

Lady and the Tramp is a 1955 animated film produced by Walt Disney. It is the romantic story of a female American Cocker Spaniel named ‘Lady’ who lives with an upper-middle-class family and a stray mutt called ‘Tramp’. This 1955 classic is an adorable, animated masterpiece and a hit amongst children.

Join the Disney fan club and bring home happiness, romance, and magic with the Lady and the Tramp clothing, soft toys, posters, accessories, and many more. Disney fans would surely like to explore the best Lady and the Tramp gifts to present to their loved ones and friends. So, here is the list.

Lady and the Tramp Necklace

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If you are looking for wearable Lady and the TRamp gifts, this is surely a hit!

Wear the adorable spaghetti sharing scene from the Lady and the Tramp in your neck! Regardless of age, girls look gorgeous with necklaces, but finding the right one is not a cakewalk. If your special girl loves watching the classic, she will fall for this beautiful necklace and cherish it for years.

The hand-made pendant is made from shrinky dink plastic, painted with colored pencils, and coated with a clear protective sealant. The chain is silver-tone, but a black faux suede cord is also available on request. This pretty necklace would bring a smile on her face!

Tramp Plush

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There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love soft toys! For kids, playing and sleeping with soft toys is normal. Plush toys are gentle and cuddly that makes them safe for kids to play with.

This original Tramp Plush is an adorable gift for your little one. The little one can play with it, and learn to love and be gentle with animals. It is made of faux fur and has detailed and embroidered plush sculpturing.

Lady Plush

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Plush toys are just too cute to resist, and every baby needs a cute plush toy. Isn’t it wonderful when you watch kids smile when they hug their favorite soft toy? Gift the little ones their best friend in the form of this original Disney Lady Plush! This plush is colorful and adorable with soft and floppy ears. Keep your kid entertained with this mushy besty!

Lady and the Tramp Figurine

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The Lady and the Tramp Figurine is a lovely décor item from the Award-winning artist Jim Shore’s Disney collection. It is hand-crafted with high-quality stone resin and decorated with beautiful and intricate hand-painted detailing. It is perfect for creating a suitable romantic environment by emphasizing on the emotions. Enjoy the magic of your favorite Disney film like never before!

Lady and the Tramp Dog Leash

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A lovely present for the four-legged! A dog leash makes a thoughtful and practical gift for people who have a pet in their homes. This sophisticated leash is hand-crafted and officially licensed by Disney.

The printing on the leash is beautiful and durable that will guarantee the colors shine for years. The buckle is made of steel, and the leash is of high-density polyester. It is available in different lengths and widths to suit the size of the dog.

Lady and the Tramp Backpack

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Backpacks make great, useful, and long-term gifts. They are fashion bags not only for school students but also for young women. They are lightweight and suitable for shopping, vacations, and other outdoor activities.

Moreover, such backpacks are perfect for school students, sports players, and even professionals for everyday use. The Lady and the Tramp backpack comes with adjustable, padded straps and a comfortable and breathable sponge mesh design on the back.

Spaghetti Date Painting

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Kids are collectors! One such lovely piece for collection is the Spaghetti Date Painting which is available for instant download after purchase. You can gift the painting with or without a frame for decorating the kids’ room or even the living room.

Also, kids always want to display their collections. Pictures and postcards don’t always have to be stick to a corkboard. If you have space crunch, you can keep them hanging from strings.

Lady and the Tramp Watercolor Painting

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Children love to be surrounded by things they relate to. Wall painting of their favorite cartoon character can make them feel loved. It can also help subtly educate them.

Children can be taught to be kind and compassionate towards animals by having cute wall hangings of animals. This watercolor painting of Lady and The Tramp is a good option. It is a digital printable file.

Bella Notte Printable Poster

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Fill up your home and life with beautiful and romantic home decor items. Posters and paintings can be preserved for ages. Decorating the walls with meaningful posters is a great way to exhibit your feelings and thoughts.

It is always a bright idea to present posters to loved ones and friends to bring smiles and create memories. This Bella Notte Lady and the Tramp printable poster is ideal to give any wall a beautiful meaning.

Spaghetti Heart Shirt

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Be unique! No need to scratch your head for a gift idea. Buy this cool t-shirt and demonstrate your originality and flair. Such funky graphic shirts look great even on adults and depict their humor and personality.

This Lady and the Tramp Bella Notte T-Shirt is officially licensed by Disney. It is lightweight, double-needle sleeved, and bottom hem with graphic artwork. It is available in various sizes and colors.

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Tony's Restaurant Shirt

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Say no to boring gifts! If you are looking for a special gift to surprise your loved ones, choose something exclusive. A T-Shirt with unique print or quote is within that bracket. A thoughtful and distinctive gift is always a special token of love for the receiver.

If one is not able to decide what to wear during a night out, your gift can become a savior. Graphic T-shirts are always famous amongst kids and youngsters. This Disney Lady and the Tramp Tony’s Restaurant poster T-shirt is a cute and classy choice.

Realistic Fine Art Bella Notte Painting Treasure on Canvass

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A lovely gift for any Disney fan! Make their home trendy with this beautiful treasure on canvas. The painting captures the two love birds in their famous romantic spaghetti scene, and it will suit every type of interior. The bonus is that it comes with a certificate of authenticity. The gift receiver will be impressed by the artistic side you possess.

His Lady / Her Tramp Couple's Keychains

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Why get separate gifts when you can buy one? Couple gifts are the perfect way to celebrate their love. A keychain not only resembles nostalgic value but also offers practical value.

The His Lady/Her Tramp couple keychain is a gift that your favorite duo will love, use, and won’t secretly re-gift. This decent accessory is made of high-quality stainless steel which gives it a sophisticated and classy look.

Lady and Tramp Mug

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Everyone favors gifts that are personal to them, and mugs often hold a special place in life. Coffee mugs are incredibly versatile and can be used in many alternative ways such as planters, candle holders, microwave cook-wares, etc. They are perfect for most age groups and for all occasions.

This Lady mug is substantial enough to make an impression on the recipient, especially on a child. The fine ceramic quality, painted character, and contrasting colors make it more attractive. It is an authentic Disney store item.

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Bella Notte Pop Up Card

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What if you don’t have a large amount of money to spend on gifts? Bring out the best greeting card with touching words from the bottom of your heart. Let your spouse or significant other know how much they mean to you by gifting this special Pop-Up love card.

The card cover features ‘Love You’ along with a metallic foil heart. On opening, pops up the famous spaghetti scene from the Lady and the Tramp with the lovely message “so glad our hearts found each other.” Moreover, this card is eco-friendly and of high quality for making a lasting impression.

Dog Family Blanket

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Who doesn’t want that cozy feeling of being wrapped up in luxury? Soft blankets are universally loved; not just adults but children love them too. Choose the gift everyone will cherish for the seasons.

This flannel fleece blanket is made from 100% microfiber and brushed to create extra softness on both sides. This blanket intends to bring not only a smile but also happiness and joy. With a delicate print, soft touch, and lovely pattern, this blanket is a perfect companion for a comfortable sleep. It is available in three sizes. This is a great Lady and the Tramp gifts for rest and relaxation.

Disney Dogs Tote Bag

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Enjoy the versatility of a tote bag! You can pick a nice zipped canvas tote bag and fill it with goodies that everyone will appreciate. Or fill it with seasonal fruits. You can try plenty of new and unique ideas with tote bags to make an impression on the recipient.

Likewise, the super cute Disney Tote Bag can be used in a variety of ways for an exquisite experience. This officially licensed Disney tote bag is made of polyester canvas with double shoulder straps and hook-and-loop closure. It is perfect for everyday use. This bag, while adaptable to any person and any occasion, is a luxury gift.

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