“So, being a ladybug automatically makes me a girl. Is that it, fly boy?!”
– Francis, A Bugs’ Life

While we all know now (thanks to A Bug’s Life) that not all ladybugs are females, the unique beauty of this marvelous insect appeals to the ladies. In fact, many women love collecting stuff that are inspired by the appearance of a ladybug. If you are here to look ladybug-themed gift ideas, then you are in luck, because here is a list of the best ladybug gifts we could find.

Ladybug Jewelry: Necklace

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What can I say? This is gorgeous! This perfect little jewelry is going to be the joyful favorite of a young woman (maybe your girlfriend) or a young tween girl (a daughter, perhaps?) and will be the center of compliments of her peers. This jewelry is dainty and small, which perfectly projects how you see her.

Ladybug Bracelet

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Another awesome ladybug jewelry is this bracelet with ladybugs as beads and charms. The ladybugs come in different colors (not only red) so it adds a splash of playfulness and color into an otherwise bland wardrobe. Again, this is perfect for young women and tween girls. Superb!

Ladybug Earrings

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Lastly, you can buy this set of stud earrings that look like tiny ladybugs. This is a great way to add a bit of preppyness into your outfit without going too strong. You can give this as an addition to your wife or girlfriend's collection of jewelry to add variety to the make and colors of her collection. Wearing ladybugs as jewelry is super fun!

Ladybug Gift for a Baby Girl: Onesie

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This is super cute! If you are going for a baby shower, a baptism or a kid's birthday party and the baby is a girl, this would be the perfect gift for the mom or the baby. Colorful and cute and comfy and cool. The baby will be the center of attention.

Ladybug Gift for a Baby Boy: Three Piece Baby Suit

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Of course the baby boys have their lady bug themed gift ideas too. Here is a three piece baby clothes, suitable for baby boys. The red hat and pants are beautified with back dots, which is obviously inspired by a ladybug. The wite shirt has a cute ladybug toon on it, too. Super cute!

For Males (And Females, Too): Ladybug Coffee Mug

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The ladybug pattern can be masculine, too. Take a look at this ladybug-inspired coffee mug. A guy can use it and not look too girly. This is the perfect gift idea for the guy who likes insects and who also likes coffee. Also makes a great company giveaway or a gift for a coworker.

Girly Ladybig Coffee Mug

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If you want to gift a coffee mug to a woman, then this girly ladybug-themed coffee mug will be the perfect gift idea. It has cute ladybugs printed all over the mug, along with tiny hears. Come to think of it, it also can be a very cute ladybug-inspired Valentines day gift, doesn't it?

Ladybug Kitchen Timer

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If your ladybug lover likes to create masterpieces in the kitchen, then this ladybug kitchen timer is going to be perfect! Perfect for those who keep forgetting the time, is impatient and likes to cook (these characteristics are the recipe for burnt food, and describes me in a nutshell) to avoid kitchen disasters like burned cookies or overmixed cream.

Ladybug Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Most housewives love collecting kitchen stuff like pots and pans, tea sets and salt and pepper shakers. Like these ladybug shakers. Why not give her these cute shakers so she can keep them displayed on the kitchen counter until she is ready to use them?

Teeny Bopper Ladybug Wristwatch

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For cutie patootie girls and tween girls, you can get them this pink ladybug wristwatch. It will look so cute together with a pink press or a preppy pre-teen outfit. She will be the envy of her friends when they notice this cutesy piece of accessory on her wrist!

Looking for More Gift IDeas for Ladybug Lovers?

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