Corporate gifts can help businesses win the attention and appreciation of clients and employees. Corporate gift items with printed logos serve as brand reminders and are great in building customer relations.

When you think of printing logos on business gifts, there are various techniques under consideration. These include full-color printing, pad printing, and embroidery. However, there is a superior and reliable printing solution you can consider laser engraving.

Today, it is possible to laser engrave brand logos or brand messages on a variety of gift items, such as electronics, plaques, metal gift items, etc. The following are five laser engraved gifts that will impress your clients and employees, and promote your business at the same time.

Electronic Products

Laser engraved electronic items symbolize sophistication and will distinguish your brand in the marketplace. Employees who are gifted laser engraved laptops, iPads, and MP3 players, are motivated to increase their performance and productivity. Also, engraving the organization’s logo or slogan on an electronic item can help increase its uniqueness and value in the market. It will grab the attention of consumers everywhere.

Metal Keychain Flashlights

Laser Engraved Gifts - Flashdrives and Keychain

Metal keychain flashlights make brilliant business gifts. Laser engraving this product with the company logo can have a positive impact on current and potential clients. These gifts are timeless and can be gifted throughout the year. A quality product like a laser engraved metal keychain flashlight helps improve the trust and presence of the brand. Laser engraving penetrates deep into the surface of the material. This results in the brand logo being visible and legible even after years of use.

Crystal Trophies

Laser Engraved Gifts - Trophy

Logo-shaped trophies are popular corporate gifts. Laser engraved brand messages and employee names complete their charm. Employees will feel proud to be awarded such unique gifts. This will encourage them to remain with the organization and increase their productivity. Also, when displayed in the public, these laser engraved trophies help enhance brand awareness. Thus, these laser engraved trophies will receive compliments every time someone sees them.

Wine Glasses and Photo Frames

Laser Engraved Gifts - Plaque

Wine glasses make adorable personal, holiday, and business gifts. Novelty wine glasses with laser engraved brand logos will become an asset to any wine connoisseur’s collection. The products will receive the admiration of non-wine lovers as well. Personalized photo frames bring uniqueness to a room. Laser engraved personalized photo frames are best to etch memories forever.

Metal Travel Tumblers and Mugs

Laser Engraved Gifts - Coffee Mug

Office mugs and metal tumblers are common gifts offered to employees. They are an ideal product for laser engraving the company logo. As many employees take these products home or carry them while traveling, it can act as a positive brand marketing tool for consumers and potential clients.

Laser engraving can enhance the visual appearance and appeal of a corporate gift. It can also be used to turn these gifts into brilliant marketing tools. Thus, laser engraved gift items can increase business opportunities, improve a recipient’s confidence as well as strengthen the public’s relationship with the brand.

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