You have a Zelda geek, I see!

If you want to fill your gaming geek’s Christmas stocking with some Zelda stuff, you might want to take a peek at these Legend of Zelda stocking stuffers, handpicked by this site’s resident gamer, me!

On a side note, you might want to take a look at my Super Mario Bros. stuffers. Those are really cool too.


Ocarina + More Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers

The ubiquitous Ocarina! Seen in three games, Link uses his ocarina to accomplish various task. Your gaming geek can have his ocarina not to travel to various temples in the Zelda world, but to make a sweet sweet music. Even if he does not play, receiving one can push him to¬† learn to play Saria’s song or just keep it as a geeky keepsake.

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Triforce Necklace

Jewelry Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers

Triforce Necklace + More Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers

Another recurring thing in the Zelda franchise is the Triforce, a sought after relic made by the three Goddesses of power, wisdom and courage. Your gaming geek can wear this beautiful symbol around their neck. This cool Triforce symbol is tethered to a nice leather cord, making this a nice accessory for the teenagers. Warning, though. This particular Triforce does not grant wishes.

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Hyrule Ring

Hyrule Ring + More Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers

The crest of Hyrule! Link and Zelda’s home land. Your gaming geek will surely be delighted to see a ring that reflects his geekiness in a ring. The dark color of the ring is something you do not see every day.

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Hyrule Belt Buckle

Hyrule Belt Buckle + More Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers

Another jewelry bearing the beautiful Hyrule crest! The belt buckle is one of the most uncommon jewellery for a man and this one is one rare geeky belt buckle! He will surely wear this on his belt when he finds this inside that Christmas stocking.

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Link Pillow Case

Link Pillowcase + More Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers

This pillow case is awesome. It shows a modern artwork style where the most prominet color of the character (in Link’s case, green) is also the background, making the style a unique, somewhat incomplete but stylish look. Note that this is not a pillow, but a pillow case.

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Hyrule Crest Pocket Watch

Zelda Pocket Watch + More Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers

The pocket watch is another guy jewellery that looks classic but always nice. This Hyrule crest pocket watch nicely adds a geeky twist to the classic gentleman copper pocket watch.

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Link Stained Glass Window Wall Decal

These Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers are Just Amazing

Zelda Stained Glass Window Decal + More Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers

This is a really nice gift for someone trying to make a video game themed bedroom! These decals look like stained glass windows of Link in his adventure. Definitely will look nice on a light-colored wall. Take note that this decal is large, so you can just roll this one to fit into your geeky gamer’s Christmas stocking.

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Zelda Pendant Collection

Zelda Pendants + More Legend of Zelda Stocking Stuffers

This collection of Zelda stuff includes ten different things you can find in the Zelda Universe. I know the package is too large to be a stocking stuffer, buy you can always remove them from the box and package them individually. You do not have to give away these to one friend too. Have many Zelda playes you want to give to? You can slit these among the geeks and maybe keep one for yourself!

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