Ah! Lego! These building blocks have captured the hearts of kids from all time, even when those kids have turned adult (including me!). People who played Lego never really outgrow them.

Do you know someone who is very fond of Lego? Someone who secretly keeps a bucket full of Lego in his house? Then you should get them a Lego-inspired present. This list of Lego gifts do not include packs of Lego blocks because really… someone who loves Lego have them at the house. No need to get redundant!

Lego Slippers

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No, you won't injure your feet on this one. In fact, these are very soft plush slippers, in the shape of Lego blocks. These Lego gifts are very cute and comfy, even celebrities like Harry Styles have been trotting in these super cool slippers. (In fact, shown in the picture are his feet. No kidding!) These Lego slippers will protect your feet from actual Lego blocks that hurt a lot.

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Lego Coffee Mug

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Who would have thought that Lego gifts can come in the form of coffee mugs? The Build-on Lego Coffee Mug is a drinking mug that has holes and bumps that can accommodate standard Lego building blocks. This is perfect for kid-at-heart adults (like yours truly) who want to change the look of their coffee mug every time. This is a perfect present for someone who loves coffee or tea and works at a home or business office. What a super fun gift idea!

Lego Heart Necklace

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What a nice Lego gift idea for lovers! The Lego Heart Necklace are two necklaces similar to dog tags, but they can be locked together to form a very geeky but very cute heart that will make Lego lovers go, "aaaaw". This is a perfect gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend who cannot seem to let go of their childhood Lego. Fashionable. Sweet. Cute. Childish. Minimalist. Who would want something else?

Here Are Some More Lego Necklace You Can Give as a Present for a Lego Lover!

Do not like the idea of a heart necklace? Maybe for someone you are not romantically related to? No worries. Here are some more Lego necklaces you can give as a neat present for a Lego lover.

Statement Lego NecklaceBuilder's Crest Lego NecklaceMinimalist Black Lego (Recommended for Men)

Lego USB Flash Drive

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Know a Lego lover who works with computers very often? You can give them this very functional Lego USB flash drive. These flash drives look like plain Lego bricks but have a removable end to reveal that it is indeed, a data storage device. Oh, and they stack like normal Lego blocks, too! These Lego gifts are also a perfect present for students, so they can fashionably store the research the copied off Wikipedia. :D

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Lego Handbag

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Do you have a fashionista girl friend (or girlfriend)? Then you should get her one of these super geeky, super cute Lego handbag! They are very unique! This bag will be the envy of her friends and will be a a nice conversation starter for her. This is one highly functional Lego gift for a woman who is still a girl inside.

Build-On Lego Bookends

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Got a bookish Lego lover? You can help him organize his tomes of knowledge by giving him this Lego Build-On Bookends. Much like the mug I mentioned earlier, this set of bookends have bumps that can accommodate standard Lego bricks. Your bookworm will have so much fun building a custom bookend then taking it down and making another one when he feels tired of the look. It is like giving him an unlimited supply of bookends! So cool!

Lego Cuff Links

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A boy who loved Lego will always love those building blocks, even when he grows up. Why not let a man show a bit of his childhood with this set of Lego-shaped cuff links? They look too cool and are minimalist enough to not violate any office rules but are fun and geeky enough to be a convo starter in the office. Maybe wearing this will push that hot chick in HR to talk to you, hmm?

Lego Spoon, Fork and Knife

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This one is for the children! These Lego utensils will help a kid eat better by making lunch fun! This is especially helpful when your child goes to schools and you send them with pack lunches. Eating: More fun with Lego!

Lego Build-On Light Switch

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Another cool build-on stuff! This time it is a light switch. Like the other build-on stuff (mug and bookends) I mentioned above, those light switch plate has bumps where you can use standard Lego blocks on. This makes this light switch super fun and super customizable. Furthermore, this is a great addition to any child's bedroom, so you can potentially lessen the time he spends on video games.

Lego Brick Alarm Clock

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Want to give someone a geeky alarm clock? This Lego brick alarm clock will do nicely! This is a plain digital alarm clock that is shaped like a Lego. Too cool! A Lego geek can also make use of this on a work table, to show the world his fun side and also to tell the time (doh!).

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Create a Lego Portrait of Someone

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Want something customized? You can send this seller a picture of someone you want to give a Lego gift to and he will transform him into a Lego character! He will even paint it on canvass and frame it and ship it out to you or your recipient's house! Isn't that cool? He can even work on couples and families! Just put up instructions upon ordering.