You may mistake the manatee for a mermaid from a far because of its shape and silhouette.  This creature is mostly loved by many because of its warm vibe.  The manatee is a symbol of gentleness, trust and clarity.   They say when a manatee swims to you on your dreams that means you need to let your feelings come out instead of keeping them to yourself.  If the manatee is your favorite animal in the whole wide world then we understand how you would go nuts when you see our prepared listing of manatee gift ideas below.

Manatee Hat

Manatee Lover Gift!

If you are looking for an extraordinary hat then you need to check out this manatee hat.  This manatee hat is handmade.  The materials used to make this one of a kind cool looking hat are buttons, acrylic yarn, fiber fill and polyester.

This manatee hat is perfect for the manatee lover!

This manatee hat come with a sweet happy face, equipped with tail and flippers.  This manatee hat comes in gray which resemble the real manatee color.  This manatee hat comes in a variety of sizes.

Manatee Boppy Cover

Cool Manatee Neck Pillow for Anyone who Find Manatees Cute!

Even your baby can enjoy manatees with this manatee boppy cover.  This boppy cover stands out among the rest because of the manatees that graces its overall design.

This manatee boppy cover comes in blue color and is perfect for any standard sized boppies out there!

Big Face Manatee T-Shirt

Surprise your favorite person with this big face manatee shirt.  Any manatee lover would be delighted to have this unique shirt for sure!  This big face manatee shirt is made of pure cotton that is so comfy to wear.

The print is made of water based ink that is perfected to achieve the photo realistic image.

This shirt comes with a variety of sizes to choose from to accommodate most manatee lovers out there!  It comes from small up to 5XL.

Manatee In Water Tote Bag

A Perfect Manatee Present for the Stylish Women of Our Lives

Take your shopping experience to a different level with this manatee in water tote bag.  This tote bag is made of 100% cotton that is washable and durable.  Plus the superb design of the manatee in water is made to be fade resistant that is tested to be vibrant for a long time.

This manatee in water tote bag is perfect not just for shopping but also for travel, school and to keep your valuables intact wherever you go!

I Love Manatees Shirt

Funny manatee shirt!

We all know how much love you have for the sea mermaid that we call manatee and you just can’t hide it!

Be loud and proud with your love for manatees with this one of a kind shirt which says “I love manatees and three other people”.  This would be a funny gift for your manatee fanatic friend.

Oh The Hu-Manatee Socks

Keep your feet warm and fashionable with this pair of Oh the Hu-manatee socks.

You can enjoy the beauty of manatees while being comfortable and warm by wearing this one of a kind pair of manatees socks.

This pair of manatees socks is made with crew-cut style that fits perfectly at the calf.  The welt cuff is also self-adjusting which makes it indeed a comfortable pair of socks.

Manatee Travel Mug

Even if you are on the go, you can still catch up on your favorite beverage through this beautiful travel mug.  This manatee travel mug is custom made for the right or left handed peeps.  The manatee fanatic would go crazy about this design for the vibrant colors do make this travel mug stand out!  This manatee travel mug can house up to fourteen ounce of your favorite beverage without spilling it because of its resilient plastic lid.  This would be a perfect manatee gift for your favorite buddy who is always on the go!

ManaTea Infuser

Super Cute Manatee Gifts for Just About Anyone!

Tea time can be more fun with this manatea infuser.  No more burnt hands and finger when it comes to steeping tea when you have this manatee infuser.  It is so because heat can’t be transferred on the manatee and you can squeeze the tea all you want.  This would be the perfect gift for the manatee lover and tea drinker at the same time!  This manatee infuser adds no taste nor color to your tea because it is made with food grade silicone that is BPA free.

Manatee Necklace

Manatee jewelry gift!

Keep your favorite creature close to your heart with this manatee necklace.  This manatee necklace is a  charm necklace that comes with a geometric design.

This would perfect to wear from casual Fridays to corporate Mondays.

Manatee Earrings 

Bring out the lighter side of you with this pair of manatee earrings.  This pair of manatee earrings is funny and brings out the good vibes.

This pair of manatee earrings is made of polymer clay and would fit perfectly to your ear lobes!  This pair manatee earrings is light to wear and would be perfect to wear any time of the day!

This would be a perfect gift idea for the ladies who love to accessorize and share the love for manatees as well.

This pair of manatee earrings is crafted by hands and is a show stopper indeed!

Manatee Looking at You Wall Clock

Embrace the beauty of the sea with this manatee looking at you wall clock.

You can keep track of the time while enjoying the beauty of manatees.  This extra ordinary wall clock is perfect for your living room, office or even on your man cave.

It is refreshing to look at and such a true image of beauty at one sight!

Manatee Plush

You don’t need a partner to cuddle during the cold nights.  All you need is this adorable manatee plush.  This manatee plush is made perfect for cuddling because of its finest fabrics inside.  This manatee plush is not just a cuddle buddy since you can be amazed with its detailed design which resembles the real manatee.  This manatee plush comes in twelve inches which is just right for cuddling.  You can also put this on your favorite couch to make your couch look more interesting.