Hey girl! Valentines Day is approaching fast and you know your man does not like the mushy cheesy presents like the ones you see on Pinterest.  Why not check this list and buy him a manly present this Valentines day? Here are 12 very manly Valentines Day Gifts for your boyfriend or hubby.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

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We all know chocolate covered strawberries are women stuff. But guys like chocolate too. And bacon. All guys love bacon. Why not cover bacon in chocolate? Yep that sounds delicious. And romantic. But mostly delicious!

This chocolate covered bacon even comes in a nice box like one of those boxes that contain long stemmed roses. Niiiiice.

Chocolate Covered Jalapeño Peppers

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In the rare occasion that your man is a vegetarian (or someone who likes to eat hot stuff) you can get him a box of chocolate-covered Jalapeño peppers. The hot taste of the peppers complement well with the sweet creaminess of the chocolates, making an unusual but very delicious combination. This is a much manlier alternative than giving your guy chocolate-covered berries.

Art of Shaving Set

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A spa ticket for your man? Pffft. too girly! That place is overflowing with estrogen, lady. While he will be wary of entering that spa, he will shave everyday. Why not give him a set of luxury set of shaving set? The Art of Shaving offers any man the best shave he can give himself. Buy him one!

Beard Care Set

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In case your man is into growing a very soft tuft of manly man hair on his face, then you should go for a set of beard care products. His beautiful 'tache and beard will become even softer with these products, giving you a soft, downy pillow to sleep on during cuddling. This set includes beard brush (made of badger hair!), mustache wax and beard oil. This is for the gentleman. Why not throw in a monocle and a top hat with this set?

Jerky Sampler

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If a woman's snack of choice is candy, a man's snack of choice is jerky. Yes, jerky is the manliest of all snacks. It is like taking a steak and drying it so a man can enjoy his beef when he goes out hunting, camping or fishing. This jerky sampler includes twenty-five(!) packs of different varieties of jerky, waiting for your macho dude to devour them. These are all packaged inside a manly gift box.

Animal Rug

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Instead of plush animals, why not get your man an animal rug? Lion, tiger or bear rugs that make any fireplace or man cave look totally bad-ass? You can always go for real animal rugs, but those can go very expensive (around the price of a lab-made diamond ring) but you can also go for faux animal rugs.

Beer Making Kit

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Because sparkling wine and pink champagne just screams "estrogen' why not give your man a little something he likes? Like the nectar of the gods aka beer? You can give him a beer making kit so he can make that delicious liquid anytime he wants. Plus, the thought of making your own liquor is already drives his testosterone in overdrive. Expect his body hair to increase in just an hour into making his beer.

Flannel Shirt

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Cowboys and Chuck Norris wore flannel shirts. This is the manliest of all clothes and your man would be very happy when he receives his plaid flannel from you. Pair it up with worn jeans, leather belt with large buckle and some boots -- perfect manly wardrobe.

Sex Panther Cologne

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Like in Anchorman, this cologne could be the manliest cologne ever. Unlike in Anchorman, this actually smells VERY nice. Woodsy clean smell, as I put it. (I have this cologne, FYI.) It actually works 100% all the time. My wife loves the smell too. The bottle growls like a panther when you open it, too.

Unbreakable Hatchet

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Women love flowers, men love tools. Why not give him a tool he can use? This unbreakable hatchet is something he can use to chop wood and potentially as a weapon defend your house from burglars. I can almost imagine your card...


In case of a zombie apocalypse... so you can save me from the undead. Happy Valentine's Day! Love you!


Man Can

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Instead of a spa set, you can give your man this man can. This is a bath set that includes manly soaps and scrubs to help your man smell super fresh when he takes a bath. All of these are included in a container that looks like a paint can.

DIY Manly Valentines Day Gift: Love Bucket

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For those who love to do a little bit of labor of love into their gifts, you can make this love bucket. Do this instead of making something girly and colorful your found at Pinterest. Hoosier Homemade got it right: buy the manliest container you can get, fill it up with your man's favorite macho things: multi-tools, beef jerky, a smoking pipe, any from the suggestions I have given above... whatever interests your man. Add a personal touch like a love note from you. For more information, visit Hoosier Homemade blog.

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