Got a Minehead that plays Minecraft all day long? You can make them happy by giving them more Minecraft stuff! Put these into their Christmas stocking and they will go, “hisssssssss boom” with happiness!

Here are some nice Minecraft stocking stuffers for your Minecraft addict!

Pickaxe Bottle Opener

Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener

This is perfect for the Minecraft addict who likes soda pops and beer. Perfect for the endless hours of playing Minecraft or they can just hang it by the bar, ready for that drinking bout with the buddies. Store Link

Diamond Earrings

Diamond Minecraft Stocking Stuffers

Minecraft Diamond Earrings

Oh! You have a gamer girl don’t you!? Let her tell the world she is a geek with these Minecraft diamond earrings! Note that this diamond earrings do not repair their diamond tools. Store Link

Diamond Necklace

Minecraft Diamond Necklace

Another Minecraft jewellery you can give your gamer girl is this super nice diamond necklace. No, it is not a real diamond, but rather a diamond ore found in Minecraft. It will look super nice on that geek girl’s neck and the other Minecraft addicts will wonder where she got it. Store Link

Creeper Necklace

Minecraft Creeper Necklace

This is a nice unisex Minecraft jewellery you can give to the boys. (Because a boy wearing a diamond necklace, not a cute sight.) This particular creeper won’t blow up, I promise! Store Link

Creeper Wallet

Wallet Minecraft Stocking Stuffers for Guys

Minecraft Creeper Wallet

Want more of these bomb creatures? This creeper wallet is a cutesy wallet for the boys who love Minecraft. This creeper wallet is bifold and very durable. Holds money (real, not in-game) and won’t go “hissss-boom!”. Store Link

Treasure Chest Wallet

Minecraft Treaure Chest Wallet

Another billfold wallet to stuff inside his Christmas stockings, in case you do not like to give another creeper gift. Like in the game, this holds goodies. Like money. Or credit cards. Store Link

Creeper Hoodie

Even More Creeper Minecraft Stocking Stuffers!

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

Hoodies to keep his body warm whenever he plays his game or when he goes out (the latter might happen very seldom). Anyway, this super cute creeper hoodie is super comfy, made of 100% cotton and is creeper cruelty free. The wearer can even close the hoodie face and he becomes a creeper! This won’t give him the ability to blow up, though. Just roll this up tightly so you can fit it inside his Christmas stocking. Store Link

Minecraft Socks

Minecraft Socks

Perfect for the working dudes who play a lot of Minecraft. These super geeky socks add a bit of color into his office wardrobe, not to mention playfulness. Store Link

Electrified Creeper, Chicken and Magma Cube Mini Figures

Electrified Creeper, Chicken and Magma Cube Mini Figures

If you have a gamer guy or girl who collects video game toys, you might want to give them this collection of Minecraft character figures. There are actually a lot more of these Minecraft small toys and you can find them at the related section of this gift idea’s product page. Store Link

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