Wedding is any couple’s ideal celebration. After many years of courting, break ups and make ups, it is the time where both lovers tie the knot and tell others that they are already taken as they build themselves a family truly their own.

For an ideally once-in-a-lifetime celebration such as a monogamous wedding, it takes nothing but the best of gifts to commemorate the occasion especially remembered by the couple who would go through the wedding ceremony.

But when money is tight and the occasion came unexpectedly to your doorstep via an invitation, it is almost impossible to come to the said event empty-handed – at least, not looking embarrassed about it.

Luckily, however, you need not have to spend a fortune just to find the ideal gift for the wedding. The following are some of the money-saving tips when choosing a wedding gift while not looking cheap about it.

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Buy Your Gift Early

This may go contrary to the idea of the wedding invitation “coming unexpectedly” to your doorstep, but if you already had a gist of the event and you know you have a special place in the event, why not buy your gift ahead of time for the said event? Better spend early for something you may or may not be sure about than to panic in finding the resources to pay for them when needed at a shorter time.

Make Your Own Personalized Wedding Gifts

Most traditional wedding gifts are chosen to gear towards the soon-to-be-married couple’s needs as husband and wife. This may involve a lot of things, some of which belonging to the home improvement category which can be pricey. Instead of going for the electronics, go for the kitchen basics instead in a form of a wedding gift basket paired with a recipe book you know the couple will truly appreciate. With a little creativity in presentation, even a seemingly less costly bundle of products can look pricey at the right package.

Frame the Event

While this not mean having full control of the event, you can actually literally put the event in a frame and make it memorable to the couple going through the wedding ceremony. You can use everything that relates to the event like the wedding invitation you received prior to the actual event, some photos of the preparation of the event, and even add it up with a poem that truly warms the heart.

Treat the Newlywed to Movies

Who does not love a good entertainment, especially so after an exhausting event such as a wedding? Give the married couple a time for a night out with a set of movies you may have stored in your shelf you know they would truly love. Be it romance, horror, or comedy, I’m sure the couple would appreciate a good cuddle, a scare, or the laugh.

When in Doubt: Give a Bottle of Wine

Wines taste better with age. Some already are after 10 years’ time. Even a simple wine may make a difference if you highlight on this fact, added with a visually pleasing design.

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