2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey and it is expected that people will want to have anything that has anything to do with monkeys either for luck or just to be part of this year’s trend. The Chinese have these wind chimes with monkey images and red tassels hanging on their front doors and windows to attract positive energy. People from other countries had acquired the custom that’s why monkey themed items are everywhere. But there are those who just love monkeys for their cuteness and cunning so they buy and collect monkey items for the mere fun of seeing those funny faces. If you are looking for monkey themed gifts for all the reasons mentioned, here are some great suggestions.

Cymbal Monkey Shirt

Monkey Themed Gifts For Him

  1. Cigarette Lighter – a refillable monkey designed with an exquisite image of a monkey. Lightweight enough to take with you anywhere and a great conversation piece, too!
  2. Cymbal Monkey T-shirt – Don’t worry, no animal was harmed in the manufacture of these realistic-looking shirts. They just went through an exclusive printing process to come out with this marvelous 3D design. Love it!
  3. Sock Monkey Wine Bottle Caddie – have a fun night with friends as you drink around a bottle of wine covered with this Sock Monkey Wine Bottle Caddie. It also has an attached banana wine stopper for added humor.
  4. Rearview Mirror Cover –drive in style by placing this rearview mirror cover in your car. Looking at this 3D sock monkey head will make driving in heavy traffic less stressful.

Monkey Slippers

Monkey Themed Gifts For Her

  1. Nail Polish Blower – just place your newly-polished nails on the plate of bananas and this helpful monkey will blow cool air on it to dry it in a jiffy!
  2. Monkey Bag – make your friends jealous with this stylish Monkey Purse made of genuine leather. It has a wrist strap for easy carrying and space big enough to hold your valuables. Available in vibrant colors for a more stunning effect.
  3. Monkey Slippers – after a day’s strain of wearing high heels, your feet deserve to relax in these plush monkey slippers. These leisure-type slippers are perfect to wear in the bedroom, living room, and other daily use.
  4. Monkey Necklace – a perfect anniversary or valentine gift for someone you love. A silver-toned hanging monkey together with the infinity symbol which represents your endless love. You can even have your favorite message engraved on it to express your infinite devotion to your partner.

Monkey USB Flash Drive

Geeky Monkey Gifts

  1. Sock Monkey Headphones – Sock Monkey headphones for your kids so they can listen to their favorite music without hurting their ears. Made of plush material for comfortable wear. Perfect for smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and other gaming and music devices.
  2. Monkey USB –this 16G flash memory drive is ideal for storage, transfer, and sharing of photos, videos, songs, and other files. And it’s so cute, too!
  3. iPhone 6 Case –This silicone gel skin cover fits an Apple iPhone 6 4.7 and keeps it protected from accidental drops, scratches, chips, and dirt accumulation. The Happy Monkey design is so cute and trendy you’ll feel extra good whenever you use your phone.
  4. Monkey Pod Games – a collection of beautifully crafted collection of wood puzzles. A puzzler will enjoy the popular mind-boggling puzzles contained in the package that he will surely delight in this gift.
  5. Bluetooth Speaker – designed after the Monkey King Sun Wukong of “Journey to the West” fame, this speaker allows you to enjoy music from your iPhone, iPad, tablet, or computer. The white monkey looks like it’s whistling a tune. An ideal gift for people who like working with music playing in the background.

Monkey Nightlight

Monkey Home Décor

  1. Big Mouthed Mocking Monkey – This chimp’s mouth is expanded in an exaggerated manner to serve as a catch-all tray for your loose change, jewelry, paper clips, and other small items.
  2. Monkey Nightlight – The monkey’s happy face will help your child believe that there is nothing to fear in the night. This cool home décor will look great hanging on a kid’s bedroom, study room, and even bathroom.
  3. Horseshoe Monkey – Bring more good fortune to your home by combining the powers of the horseshoe and the monkey. This home décor is made of vintage metal and will make a good wedding or housewarming gift.
  4. Solar Swinging Monkey – this monkey provides entertainment without using electricity. Just expose the solar strip to light and the monkey will start swinging from a tree branch A cute accessory for a desk, table, or counter.
  5. Accent Rug – enter a room with cheer as you are welcomed by this sock monkey rug. The happy face and color will add life to any room. It will be a great accessory to a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.
  6. Candle Warmer – a cute alternative to candles. This sock monkey mini wax warmer will provide subtle light into your home without the mess and danger that go with candles. The full monkey body has a cross stitch design for a more homey look.

Monkey (And Owl) Lap Desk

Monkey Gifts For Kids

  1. Buddy Lap Desk –perfect gift for our young students who are always on-the-go! They can easily do their schoolwork anywhere with this lap desk. It has a smooth surface, padded base, and easy to carry handle so they can take it anywhere.
  2. Bottle Buddy – you can now be assured that your active kid will always have a bottle of water with him wherever he goes. This bottle buddy can hold a standard-sized plastic bottle with adjustable straps so your kid can hang it on his’ her shoulder.
  3. Backpack and Lunch Box –when your kid reaches school age, he needs school gear that is not only fashionable but also durable. The monkey backpack is both stylish and made of quality material for endurance. With this set, you don’t need to buy items separately. This has a backpack, a lunchbox, a pencil pouch, and a pencil; all sporting that smiling monkey face. Really cute and easy to carry, too!