Mother’s Day is coming! You have a gift in hand, now you are finding a cool way to present it to her. Do not worry, folks, here are five things that will show you some cool Mother’s Day gift wrapping ideas that will make your mom go, “wow”!

Fan-Shaped Wrap


You can give your Mother’s Day present a crafty, colorful fan-like wrapping using a bit of origami to your wrapping paper. Your present will look really pretty especially if your use wrapping papers with floral designs. The video above will give you step-by-step information to emulate this intricate gift wrapping design.

Kitchen Theme Gift Wrap

This is awesome! If your mom likes to cook or bake and you are gifting her something that connects to her hobbies, why not try doing a kitchen-themed gift wrap? I promise the outcome will look super cute and not scream “domestic duties”. Credit.

Cherry Blossoms Gift Wrap


Flowers will always have an impact to the female eyes. That’s why this cherry blossom wrap is a great way to impress mom with your wrapping skills! She might even unwrap your gift carefully and keep the flower you added as a topper!

[Credit to Youtuber Paper Guru. For the first three ideas. You are awesome.]

Another Paper Flower Topper

Image grabbed with permission from Lia Griffth of Elli.

Another cool paper flower topper you can make is this paper rose. You can see the step-by-step information on this older post about making paper rose toppers.

Candy Shaped Gift Wrap


If mom has a sweet tooth and you are giving her chocolates or your just want to do a little something very unique, this candy gift wrap is the one you should look for. This gift wrap will be super awesome for gifts that are long or cylindrical, like a box of Toblerone or a bottle of perfume.

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