If you are looking for a list of the best night lights for boys, you need to check this list!

Night lights are a great way to give sufficient illumination to a child’s bedroom during night times, where they tend to get uncomfortable from the darkness. Give your boy a sense of comfort by providing a warmth of glow in his bedroom using these night light gift ideas suitable for little boys and their little bedrooms.

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Rocket Launch Lamp

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If you know a kid who’s a fan of space and the sky, then this lamp with a hand-painted, rocket ship base will be a sure hit for them.

With a 3-dimensional rocket ship base that acts as the support for the energy-efficient CFL light bulb, covered by a custom blue and white star printed lamp. With a size of 14 inches tall and 7 inches across the body, this night lamp fits any bedside table that needs some extra light every night.

Minecraft-Themed Bedside lamp

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If you are looking for video game-themed night lights for boys, this is the one to consider!

This Minecraft-themed lamp is suitable for any kid who loves spending their time by lettering their creativity run wild in the world of Minecraft. Let them take on to the real world a piece of an item they usually only see on their gadgets by giving them this lamp which takes after the visual design of Minecraft’s iconic potion.

The kids would surely love the potion lamp flashing with eight different colors, which changes whenever the lamp is being shaken, making it double purpose as light and short entertainment for kids.

Mushroom Plug-in Night Light

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Give a boy’s bedroom that warm light during the night hours with this plug-in mushroom light. Using a US plug type, ensuring that it will fit common household plugs.

This night light is also integrated with an intelligent LED light that automatically detects night today; it sensors the amount of light within the room; therefore, it only lights up during night time and automatically goes off during day times, freeing parents the worry of plugging and un-plugging this device.

Portable Plug-in Car Night Lights for Boys

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Provide a soft glow on any dark room by plugging in this light in a mini car design. This light just needs to be a plugin and it’s ready for use, the lack of complicated mechanics also makes it kids friendly.

In addition, this portable plug-in car night light features annual power consumption of 0.3w, which saves the parents the hassle of replacing batteries every now and then. Utilize with power-saving technology makes this device an eco-friendly option for lighting the night.

Spiderman Mini Bedside Lamp

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If you are searching for a superhero-themed night light for boys, the search is over.

This spiderman mini bedside lamp might be smaller in comparison to the usual lamps use in bedrooms, but it’s a cute miniature of spiderman and the little light it provides is enough to be enjoyed by any kid who needs a bit of light in the night and indulge their love for their favorite superhero.

This mini lamp is made of resin making it more durable than plastic-made items. The lamp is also perched in a bendable pole making it easier to adjust the light to where your kid prefers it to face.

Portable Soccer Ball Night Lights for Boys

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This portable light in the form of a soccer ball comes in a mobile size of 13 cm, making it easy to carry around by a child.

The ball is made with BPA-free washable silicone material making it safe to use for babies. This night light is equipped with sensitive touch making the light bright or dim easily with the slightest touch.

It uses a high-quality lithium battery 600mAH which takes 1-2 hours of charging time via the USB cable included in the package of the item.

Hulk Fist Night Light

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Hulk Smash! If you are looking for nightlights for boys who love the Avengers, then this hulk fist is the one you should be looking at. It will look just awesome on the wall because it even has a shattered wall effect on it. Superb!

Astronaut Night Lights for Boys

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If you have someone who would want to be an astronaut one day, you can fuel this dream even more with a night light of an astronaut travelling through space.

Just look at this little astronaut! It looks like it is travelling in the cold, dark space when it is just in your child’s bedroom. Imagination and creativity will be triggered!