The best night lights for girls are dainty and pretty and super cute. We have them here on this list!

Most kids get easily scared in the dark; however, turning on the bedroom light can hinder them from falling asleep, that’s why giving them a night light would be an ideal way of providing them with just the right amount of brightness without disturbing their rest.

To make things a little more interesting and fun for your kid, we feature some night lights which are both cute and safe for kids, so that they can be put at ease whenever they look at these adorable night lights beside their bed.

Note that this list contains night lights for girls. Check this article for night lights for boys.

Cat in the TV Night Light

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Bring light to a little girl’s bedroom with this night light featuring a cat inside a baby pink TV. The dim night light is suitable for a good night’s rest when kids want just enough light to ward off the darkness.

Made with safe materials such as resin, this night light with an approximate measure of 5.3 x 4.5 inches will give any bedroom a sufficient glow.

This item is also portable enough to be carried around if kids need to sleep in other areas and they need the company of a night light with them.

Unicorn on Moon Night Lights for Girls

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Provide a cozy feeling in any bedroom by giving it a warm atmosphere using this adorable night light featuring a unicorn lying beside a pink moon.

With the item target’s demographic are kids and babies, the company uses durable, eco-friendly, and safe materials like synthetic resin which makes it non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

With its low energy consumption, the night light avoids generating too much heat which is ideal to avoid hazards at all times, specifically when this item is put in a room of a little kid.

Cute Portable Star Light

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Have a kid who wants to keep their light closer to them? Then this portable star-shaped light is an ideal gift for those kids who feel comfort in having their night light as close as possible.

Using a soft material suitable for carrying and sleeping together for kids, this soft squishy portable light also uses the latest LED light which ensures that it won’t get too warm to touch so your kids and babies stay safe while they keep these lights close to them while they drift off to sleep.

Pink Pig Table Lamp

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Have a customizable night light that can be adjusted according to a little girl’s preference for brightness in her bedroom. Featuring three brightness settings that can go from 100%, 50%, then 25%, which are easily adjustable by a touch button located at the pig’s navel area.

While this table lamp has a bigger size compared to other night lights (this cute pink pig lamp has a size of 7.67*6.5*9.45in), the glow that it emits is soft enough and won’t disturb the sleep of anyone.

Penguin Night Light

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Shine a warm light to any bedroom cute penguin night light. It’s portable and illuminated a static multicolor which provides enough light in the dark. Made with BPA-free, food-grade silicone material which ensures that this night lamp is safe for usage around kids and toddlers alike.

Also, this portable night light is built with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery which offers 12-hours of battery life, long enough to last from night to morning

Portable Silicone Cat Night Light

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Everyone adores cats, sadly some kids are allergic to them, but don’t let that stop them from admiring cats for this night light takes shape of an adorable little cat.

With its cordless, battery-operated technology, this night light can be taken anywhere, and each recharge can last for up to 20 hours of usage time. This lamp is also remote-controlled and has a working distance of up to 30 feet. The 16 different colors of this lamp will surely fascinate any kid on customizing their night lamp according to their favorite color of the day.