Congratulations on the upcoming ninth year anniversary! Couples who reach this stage are very established and the couple are very comfortable with each other?

Traditionally, the spouse can give a gift that is made of willow, which are used to make baskets. This represents the tight-knit the couple had through the years, and the fact that the couple are strong together and can hold even the heaviest baggage… as long as they are together.

Pottery is also another traditional gift idea for the ninth anniversary, so if you missed giving clay materials last year, now is your chance. For a more in-depth list of pottery gifts, you can check out our articles for pottery gifts for him and pottery gifts for her.

Modern gift ideas include leather-made gifts, as suggested by Chicago Public Library. You can also give romantic non-themed gift ideas, if you want.

Here are my ideas for Ninth Wedding Anniversary Gifts!

Willow Basket With Goodies Inside

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Since willow is the traditional theme for ninth wedding anniversaries, you can buy this willow basket and gill it up with goodies like fruits or sweets and wine. You can also opt to do a picnic celebration of your ninth wedding anniversary, complete with a whole meal contained in this beautifully crafted willow basket.

Willow Furniture

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Another traditional gift idea that is well appreciated is willow furniture. If you want it to look cutesy, you can opt to buy this bear willow chair. Not only that the chair is made of willow basket knit, it also looks like it is being hugged by a cute plush bear. It makes for an interesting furniture, right? It is a great gift idea especially if your spouse is a kid at heart.

Willow Tree Figurine

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Following the willow theme, you can also give a figurine carved from the wood of a willow tree. Demdaco offers quite a handful of willow sculptures but this "Promise" willow statue seems to be the cutest. Each of the willow figurines were handcrafted by artist Susan Lordi, and you can actualy see the beautiful craftsmanship in this piece of art. This item is about nine inches tall and will look good as decoration on a desk. Also, since the title of this statue is "Promise", you can promise your partner you will be with them and will never leave them.

Pottery Rose

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If you want to give themed roses, just like our recommendations in our past anniversary gifts lists, you can give your wife a pottery rose this ninth year wedding anniversary. This Pottery Rose is made of polymer clay and is around seven inches tall. this will look good as a decor on her desk and she will enjoy looking at this until you give her another themed rose for next year.

Clay Vase

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When pottery is in mind, people will always think of clay vases. Why not give your spouse one? Something like this clay vase looks good. The native American style of decoration is just astounding, making this clay vase look good as a decor in the living room or at the porch, together with larger clay vases.

Clay Pendant

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A clay pendant looks very cute and it looks like an indigenous Native American created this. If your spouse is of Native American descent or they like stuff like these, you should give this pendant. This will suit the look on both gender.

Pottery Classes

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If you missed inviting your spouse to a pottery lesson last year, now is your chance. A private pottery lessons is a great and unusual date that differentiates itself from a movie night or dinner. You can also keep the works for arts you created to display them at home. Experience and keepsake gifts in one thing!

Leather Jacket

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Leather is the modern gift idea for ninth anniversary. A leather jacket looks cool and will keep your husband warm during those very cold winter nights. He will still feel your warm hugs whenever he goes home from work. He will look like the action star guys of the 80's wearing this. This jacket looks like it was purchased for 500 dollars but the price tag says otherwise. Buy your man this jacket!

Leather Handbag

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Ladies have an insatiable appetite for bags, so why not give her one of these leather handbags? This bag looks classically beautiful and will look good hanging on your wife's arms. This leather bag is big enough to carry many things, like books, makeup or a small dog, if your wife is that kind of lady. This looks expensive but the price tag says otherwise.

Private Chef for Two

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What could be more fine than having a chef come to your house and cook dinner for the both of you, at the comfort of your own place? This dinner date consists of the chef (featured in various magazines) cooking a delicious three-course meal for the two of you then clean up afterwards. This is a gastronomically fulfilling experience that will make you and your spouse feel special, loved and rich.