The topaz stone is the November birthstone and the gemstone of Sagittarius.

It is believed to be filled with positive energy and has been greatly appreciated for centuries.  The name “topaz” is a Greek name that comes from the small island called Tapazios in the Red Sea. Tabazios and is now called St. John’s Island.

Precious topaz, ranging in color from brownish orange to yellow, is often mistaken for “smoky quartz” or “citrine quartz,” respectively—although quartz and topaz are unrelated minerals.  Topaz is a soothing stone that has been said to calm tempers, cure madness and eliminate nightmares. People also believed that topaz could break spells and quell anger. Hindus deemed topaz sacred, believing that a pendant could bring wisdom and longevity to one’s life and African shamans also treated the stone as sacred, using it in their healing rituals.

Specifically, the blue topaz is the 4th anniversary stone. The golden Imperial topaz on the other hand is the 16th and 23rdanniversary stone.

So, if you have are looking for a meaningful gift to give to November celebrants, a fine piece of jewelry could make a perfect gift. Here are some topaz jewelry gifts that he think are gorgeous!

1. Mystic Topaz Earrings

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Topaz will always be an elegant and graceful piece worn in any occasion. This gem which is available in multiple colors add beauty and mystic to the wearer. The combination of yellow, orange, pink, red, violet and green colors is one awesome site to see. This mystic topaz earrings’ comes in oval green lever back 3.2o ct and is crafted in 925 sterling silver. It has 4 prong setting with a width of 6mm and length of 15mm and has 2 mystic topaz stones. Perfect for that special someone to show her that she is one happy thought.

2. Blue Topaz Cluster Earrings with pearls

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These drop earrings with pearls that are exquisite looking is waiting for her rightful owners. This style has a deep London blue Topaz at its base with a top ring of a hand wired cluster of pearls that hung from its elongated open oval. This is capped with a single pearl and an ear wire. All on 14K Gold filled wire and materials but is also available in sterling silver. Each pair of earrings include a set of clear rubber stoppers and the earrings are placed on a presentation card inside an elegant chocolate brown box to surprise the one who will unbox it.

3. Full London Blue Topaz Teardrop Necklace

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This delicate necklace was handcrafted and designed by Susan Michelson. The handmade chain features the beautiful and exquisite London blue topaz gemstones. This necklace is 18 inches in length, and can be made in either sterling silver, gold fill, 10k gold but prizes will vary depending on the materials to be used. This necklace will make the perfect gift for birthdays (Topaz is November's birthstone) and bridal parties as well as the most wonderful way to say "I love you," on Valentine's Day.

4. Mystic Rainbow Topaz Heart Pendant Necklace for Women

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This stunning necklace made from 925 sterling silver in plated rhodium is the ideal gift for promises such as engagement, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Its main stone which is the mystic rainbow topaz measures 15 mm x 15 mm in heart shaped design. This piece is finely cut in high quality lab created stone that makes it one sparkling and stunning pendant to give to a loved one.

5. Oval Green Mystic Topaz Ring with White Diamond

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This wonderful ring is made of solid and genuine 14k white gold with 14k stamp. This composition makes this ring extremely tough making it suitable for everyday use. This ring is perfect in professing ones affections for that special someone or can simply be just a “thinking of you” kind of gift. It can be worn with any outfit and is a truly gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection. Gift this beautiful piece to yourself or to someone you love. Available in size 5,6,7,8,9 ring sizes.

6. Natural White Topaz Oval Ring

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This ring is made of a natural white topaz gemstone. The main stone measures 6 mm x 8 mm oval cut and weighs about 1.47 carats. The basic metal is sterling silver and plated with rhodium. If you want to customize it and change it to a solid gold in white rose colors and even platinum for a more valuable and elegant look, just ask for the quotation and will be delivered right at your Anniversary or birthdate itself.

7. London Blue Topaz Bracelet

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This stylish bracelet is made of sterling silver in rhodium nickel finish with 5.50 carats in a wonderful classic design. Its main gem is London blue topaz in midnight blue hue that has a brilliant sparkle. This exceptional ring style underwent top quality craftsmanship and is assured of its quality. Thus, making it one perfect gift for the One.

Looking for More Topaz Jewelry Gifts?

You can see this Etsy Search. They have tons of beautiul Topaz jewelry you can give to November birthday celebrants!